5 Star Vs Best Ever Saddle Pads – Which is better?

Which is it going to be, 5 Star vs best ever saddle pads? Although I find it hard to decide between the two because they are both quite great quality, I’d still vote for 5-Star and I’d tell you why below.

But first, which do you prefer, if you have a preference, and why?

Summary: Personally, I have owned both Best Evers and 5 stars for 5 years. I own a Kush pad that’s about 4 years old and it has held up very well.

My 5-star felt was soft from day one, and feeling other “felt” pads, it is noticeably softer and smoother with no rough things in it.

They are still soft yet cushy. 5 stars are awesome too and have better resale value. Plus, they have flex fit option as well. Best ever have better custom options and don’t cost as much as 5-star. I also like the fact that every pad comes with the leg cutout as is the case with 5-star too.

However, in the end, 5 stars are the BETTER QUALITY PAD, but if you don’t want to spend as much, you can opt for a best ever Kush.

5 Star Vs Best Ever Saddle Pads – Which is better?

  • 5-Star Saddle Pads Review

I choose 5 Star over Best Ever.

Here is why: This saddle pad is more durable tough, but still looks awesome. I have a 3/4″ thick, and it does the job, never slides or slips, never have my horse gotten sore from this.

They can get hot under it in the summer. However, it would seem to avoid them running in sweat, and it stays soft and pliable during the depths of winter.



On this saddle pads, I have ridden from 30 degrees C with it (86*F to -22*F).

It also survived the nasty ordeal of my QH hold of it and stomping all over it, while he pulled on it with his teeth, not a mark on it.

5 Star Vs Best Ever Saddle Pads

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My experience: I have a Best Ever saddle pad that has seen 4 years’ worth of light riding use. It peeled up early on and is seeing light use after two months.

It now sits in my tack room since it was too expensive to throw away. Lols!


My cousin experience: Personally, I own two Best kush pad and using it for almost two years now and is still in great shape. I use it for daily riding. My 3 horse love it too.

Both are still a great pad, either way you decide will be worth it, IMO.

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