What is a 5 Way Vaccine for Horses? [Plus Side Effects]

5 Way Vaccine for Horses

We get asked questions about the 3, 4, 5 and 6 way and we’d be answering them all today.

What is a 3 Way Vaccine?

The 3-way vaccine is used to describe the combination vaccine containing Eastern Encephalomyelitis (EEE), Western Equine Encephalomyelitis (WEE), and Tetanus.

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What is a 4 Way Vaccine for Horses

Add “Influenza” to 3 way and you get a 4-way shot.

The 4-way shot is generally reserved for the vaccine containing influenza and not West Nile.

What is 5 Way Vaccine for Horses

A 5 way vaccine for horses offers protection against WEE, EEE, Tetanus, Influenza and Equine Herpesvirus (“rginopopneumonitis”).

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5 Way Vaccine for Horses

What are 5 Way Shots for Horses Side Effects?

Some 5-way vaccine for horse’s side effects include:

Decreased appetite.

Fatigue or decreased energy.

Low-grade fever.

Tenderness at the injection site.

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What is a 6 Way Vaccine for Horses

A 6-way vaccine contains all 5 components of a 5-way shot, but with West Nile. Yes, there is a combination vaccine that includes tetanus, West Nile, EEE, and WEE but the combination of tetanus, EEE, WEE, and influenza was on the market for years before the introduction of the combination with West Nile.

Do You understand?

Ensure it is an experienced vet who administers the 3-way 4-way 5-way 6-way equine vaccination.

You can contact an animal clinic first to determine what vaccinations would be best for your horse. Stay tuned and subscribe if you haven’t for better information on these diseases and why we advise you vaccinate against them