Arabian Horse Diet in 2022- WHAT TO FEED THEM!

There are several breeds of horses, as this is distinctively known by an arched neck, wedge-like shaped head, wide nostrils, slim, and masculine body type.

Her forebears dominated the Arabian deserts, where the temperature is high in a dry regions, and desert-like climates. The nostrils help for the passage of air, and the dispersal of heat as well.

Nowadays, you find them in several regions of the world, where they are used as pets or for leisure riding, jumping, endurance competitions, riding, dressage, and a couple of other things.

As against being used strictly for pulling chariots, traveling, hunting, and war, in the medieval days, with a 30-year life span.

They are amazingly intelligent, and social as well. This horse’s body type gives a balance of strength, as it is highly athletic, and can endure for as long as possible. They do excellently well in all competitions they fall in place.

Arabian Horse Diet

Arabian horses need feeds that contain a reasonable amount of fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, proteins, minerals, and water.

These nutrients are crucially needed in their diets for balanced health. You can as well include fruits, hay, grains, veggies, and grass, they serve as quality nutrients for exceptional performance.

It is important to note that unlike other breeds of horse, the Arabian horse, does not need too much to be fed per day.

Little will be fine, but ensure that all daily feed comes with a mix of the most nutritious contents to have a normal weight. You know what overfeeding that causes, right?

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To keep Arabian horses’ skin and coat in optimum condition, you will need to brush the body on daily basis, especially after an exercise.

Exercise helps to channel oils and sweat, so you will need to smoothly detangle the hair, as the tail and mail are gorgeously kept. You ought to look out for any injury on the body, to ensure it is healthy enough.


  • Friendly
  • Love athletics
  • Intelligent and smart


  • Only a professional handler would give a peak care
  • Boredom sets in not difficultly

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Arabian Horse Diet

Common Health Problems & Behaviour Problems

Some of the health issues attached to the Arabian horses are either severe or treatable in nature, others could lead to death, namely:

  • Combined fatal immunodeficiency: it is a disorder where a foal is produced without an immune system. In this case, a swift dead is assured from infections.
  • Cerebellar abiotrophy: this is when series of endangering neurological disorder impacts a foal’s coordination and balance
  • Lavender foal syndrome: similar to cerebellar abiotrophy, the only difference is that is always severe and deadly.