Best Ariat Riding Boots: Top Picks for 2023

Best Ariat Riding Boots: Top Picks for 2024

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Horse riding enthusiasts understand the importance of quality footwear that is both stylish and functional. Ariat, a renowned equestrian footwear company, offers a range of riding boots designed to provide unparalleled support and comfort while holding up to everyday wear. Just like the steed under you, your riding boots are essential partners in accomplishing your equestrian goals.

Ariat riding boots offer the perfect blend of time-tested craftsmanship and innovative technology, resulting in boots that are not only visually appealing but provide riders with exceptional performance and safety. What makes Ariat stand out from other brands is its passion for incorporating advanced technology into their designs, providing riders with the utmost stability, comfort, and durability.

When choosing the ideal pair of Ariat riding boots, critical factors such as the type of riding discipline, fit, material, and style should be taken into consideration. Investing in the right pair of boots can ultimately ensure a comfortable and secure experience while catering to your individual riding style and needs. For any rider, the perfect boots are those that fit well, are ideal for the intended discipline, and suit their personal style preferences.

After dedicating hours of research and testing various Ariat riding boot models, we’ve compiled a list of the best offerings available to help you make an informed decision. Discover the ultimate pair amongst our top picks and find the perfect riding boots that fit your lifestyle like a glove.

Best Ariat Riding Boots

Ariat is a renowned brand for quality and comfort in the equestrian world. In this article, we have compiled a list of the best Ariat riding boots available, ensuring you make a well-informed decision for your riding needs.

ARIAT Women’s Heritage Contour II Riding Boot

ARIAT Women's Heritage Contour II Riding Boot

A perfect choice for equestrians looking for a comfortable and stylish boot that delivers premium quality.


  • Imported full-grain leather upper
  • 4LR footbed system for superior comfort
  • Moisture-wicking sock liner


  • Could be long in the calf for some users
  • Premium price tag
  • Limited color options

The ARIAT Women’s Heritage Contour II Riding Boot is designed for those who demand style, comfort, and durability. With its imported full-grain leather upper, it not only looks good but also ensures a great fit and sturdy construction. As someone who has used the product, I can attest to its attractive appearance and attention to detail.

One of the standout features of this boot is its new 4LR footbed system, which provides exceptional comfort during long days in the saddle. The ultra-contoured fit through the ankle helps to prevent pinching or discomfort, while the moisture-wicking sock liner keeps your feet dry and comfortable. With these features, I have found that these boots are reliable companions on riding adventures.

However, it’s essential to note that these boots could be long in the calf area for some users. While this may not be an issue for everyone, it’s worth considering before making a purchase. Additionally, the premium price tag might not suit all budgets, and the limited color options could deter those seeking more variety.

In conclusion, the ARIAT Women’s Heritage Contour II Riding Boot is an excellent investment for riders who value style, comfort, and durability. The boot’s high-quality materials and thoughtful design make it well worth considering for your next riding escapade.

ARIAT Women’s Heritage IV Paddock Boot

ARIAT Women's Heritage Iv Paddock Boot 8 Black

The ARIAT Women’s Heritage IV Paddock Boot is a perfect blend of style, comfort, and durability for extended hours of walking, working, and riding.


  • Superior comfort aided by 4LR technology
  • Durable and slip-resistant Duratread outsole
  • Made with 100% full-grain leather


  • May require a break-in period for some users
  • Sizing might feel smaller than expected
  • Pricing may be on the higher side for some buyers

The ARIAT Women’s Heritage IV Paddock Boot is designed to provide ultimate support and comfort using Ariat’s innovative 4LR comfort technology. These boots offer stability and cushioning, making them suitable for extended hours of work or casual wear. The breathability and moisture-wicking lining ensure your feet stay dry and sweat-free.

With a sleek and stylish design, these boots showcase a full-grain leather upper that adds to their durability. The padded collar and Eelastic twin gore fit add to the overall comfort, and the boots feel comfortable throughout the day, even with regular use. The Duratread outsole promises long-lasting traction, making it resistant to barnyard acids, oils, and slips.

The ARIAT Women’s Heritage IV Paddock Boot, however, may require a break-in period for some users, leading to initial discomfort. Additionally, some customers have found the sizing to be on the smaller side, making it essential to choose the right size carefully. While the boots may be on the pricier side, their quality, durability, and comfort make them a worthwhile investment for those looking for a sturdy and reliable pair of riding boots.

In conclusion, the ARIAT Women’s Heritage IV Paddock Boot is an excellent choice for those in need of a comfortable, durable, and stylish riding boot. With its superior cushioning, support, and traction, this boot is built to last, ensuring you can enjoy your time in the saddle while looking your best.

ARIAT Women’s Heritage IV Zip Paddock Boot

ARIAT Women's Heritage IV Zip Paddock Boot

These ARIAT Women’s Heritage IV Zip Paddock Boots provide excellent comfort, support, and durability for riders seeking quality footwear.


  • Comfortable and stable fit with 4LR technology
  • Highly durable Duratread outsole
  • Moisture-wicking and breathable lining


  • May rub on the Achilles tendon while riding
  • Front zipper may not work well for all ankle shapes
  • Possible decline in quality from previous models

The ARIAT Women’s Heritage IV Zip Paddock Boots are a perfect choice for riders who prioritize comfort and performance in their footwear. These boots are designed with full-grain leather and feature 4LR technology, which provides superior cushioning and stability. This ensures all-day comfort, whether you’re just riding or working in demanding environments.

One standout feature of these boots is their Duratread outsole. This rubber sole offers maximum wear resistance and flexibility, which is essential for tackling tricky terrains with confidence. Additionally, the moisture-wicking construction and breathable lining ensure your feet stay dry and comfortable throughout the day.

However, some riders have experienced discomfort at the Achilles tendon area while riding, and others found that the front zipper doesn’t fit well for every ankle shape. It’s essential to consider these factors when deciding if these boots are the right choice for you. There are also mentions of a possible decline in quality from previous models, but this may vary between individual pairs.

Overall, the ARIAT Women’s Heritage IV Zip Paddock Boots deliver excellent performance, comfort, and durability for riders. With their advanced technology and thoughtful design, these boots are a worthwhile investment for the dedicated equestrian.

Ariat Hybrid Rancher Western Boots – Women’s Square-Toe Leather Work Boot

Ariat Hybrid Rancher Western Boots

The Ariat Hybrid Rancher Western Boots are perfect for those seeking style, comfort, and durability in a western work boot.


  • High-quality full-grain leather construction
  • Excellent support and comfort with 4LR footbed technology
  • Oil- and slip-resistant Duratread outsole for safety and durability


  • Might require break-in time for the perfect fit
  • Limited color options
  • Might be tight in the toe box for those with wider feet

The Ariat Hybrid Rancher Western Boots are designed not only to provide a rugged, eye-catching style but also to serve as a reliable work boot for long days on the ranch or farm. The boot features intricate embroidered detailing and a contrasting color collar, adding a touch of classic western flair to your wardrobe.

One of the standout features of this boot is its 4LR footbed technology, which offers excellent support and cushioning for all-day comfort, even during the most demanding tasks. The lightweight shank also provides additional stability and support, so you can focus on your work without worrying about foot discomfort.

Safety is a priority with the Hybrid Rancher, as it comes equipped with an oil- and slip-resistant Duratread outsole. This ensures maximum traction and grip, giving you the confidence to navigate various terrains and surfaces with ease. Additionally, the Duratread outsole offers wear resistance and flexibility, making it perfect for heavy-duty use.

One aspect to consider when purchasing these boots is the potential for a tight fit in the toe box, particularly for those with wider feet. However, the leather may stretch over time, providing a more comfortable fit with regular use. Overall, the Ariat Hybrid Rancher Western Boots offer a great combination of style, safety, and comfort for anyone in need of reliable, high-quality work boots.

Buying Guide

When choosing the best Ariat riding boots, there are several factors to consider. This buying guide will help you make an informed decision by examining the essential features and their importance in selecting the right product.

Comfort and Fit

The most important factor to consider when purchasing riding boots is the comfort and fit. To ensure a secure and comfortable fit, pay attention to the following:

  • Footbed: Look for cushioned, moisture-wicking, and contoured footbeds that provide comfort and support for long hours of riding.

  • Heel: A suitable heel height is essential for safety and control. A 1-1.5 inch heel is recommended.

  • Width: Make sure to choose a boot width that fits your foot comfortably, as too tight or too loose can cause discomfort and affect your ability to ride efficiently.

Material and Construction

Riding boots should be made of high-quality materials for durability and resistance to wear. Consider the following materials and construction:

  • Leather: Full-grain leather, with its natural breathability and durability, is the ideal choice for riding boots.

  • Soles: A sturdy sole that offers grip and stability is essential. Rubber soles or combination leather and rubber soles are recommended.

  • Stitching: Reinforced stitching and quality craftsmanship are vital for boot longevity and performance.

Style and Function

Choose a boot that fits the specific type of riding you do, whether it’s dressage, show jumping, or trail riding. Functionality varies based on these factors:

  • Height: Tall boots are suitable for dressage and show jumping, while short boots are ideal for trail riding and everyday use.

  • Closure: Zippered or pull-on boots are available. Zippered boots offer ease of use, while pull-on boots can provide a more traditional look.

  • Protection: Advanced safety features like steel-reinforced toes or impact-absorbing insoles can be beneficial for certain riding disciplines.

By considering the comfort, fit, material, and style of the boots, you can confidently choose the best Ariat riding boots that suit your riding style and needs.

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