Best Donkey Bedding

Best Donkey Bedding for COMFORT

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Donkeys are wonderful animals. They serve as wonderful pets and as protectors of your flock.

So, now you’re probably wondering what is the best donkey bedding for the money? Read on to find out!

Top 3 Bedding for Donkeys

Best Donkey Bedding for the Money

The best bedding for donkeys we recommend is BARLEY STRAW.

This bedding is healthy for donkeys (mares, geldings, and stallions). Barley straw has minimal feed value than oat straw but is higher than wheat straw. It is comfortable for donkeys to lie on and it drains quite well.

In the absence of barley straw, you can use OAT or WHEAT STRAW. As you may already notice, straw is the cheapest bedding for donkeys.

If your donkeys have respiratory issues or need dieting often, we recommend seeing your veterinary surgeon so he/she can recommend dust-free, particle bedding.

Donkeys battling respiratory illness require an alternative to barley straw.

It is advised that you provide your donkeys with a floor-level feed bin or corner floor feeder. That prevents feed from being soiled and then spoilt.

For DIY enthusiasts, you can try small hole hay nets, but they should be tied at a height that is comfortable for your babies (while still being accessible) but also not too low that your donkey(s) run at risk of getting tangled up in it.

Next, place some straw in the feeder so they can have their pick; there can be no wastage since the leftover can be converted to bedding.

If possible, you should place the feeder so that the donkey’s feet are not on the bedding while they eat their meal. This allows them to have a chance to dry out.

When winter comes and you notice your donkeys are not maintaining their body condition with the grass and straw-based diet, it may be wise to a bit of hay to the straw in the feeder.

Now, you know the best bedding for donkeys is Barley Straw. Kindly share this article if you found it helpful.

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