4 Best Donkey Blankets for MAXIMUM WARMTH

In my opinion, the best donkey blankets are Weatherbeta and Derba Originals.Tough-1 too is an amazing blanket that gets the job done too.

They both do the job super well, are long-lasting, and are cheap. Weatherbeta cost more but the quality is better than Derby.

Each of these brands are not perfect but they do get the job done well.

I also use Derby fleeces if the weather outside is extremely cold. I use it and then shut them in at night so they cannot run around in the night.

My friend, Bella uses a rug here when it gets cold or cold plus wet.

Best Donkey Blankets on the Market

Weatherbeta Horse Blanket

I recommend weatherbeta horse blankets for horses (irrespective of size).

Their blankets come in different sizes, shapes and lengths so no matter your horse breed, you will find one that fits perfectly.

They are pretty to look at too and make your horsie appear like the king or queen that they are.

Tough-1 320D Rain Sheet with Neck Cover

The Tough-1320D Rain sheet with neck CoverNavy34-6320 is great to use over your tacked horse no matter where it is. It works well at a show or on a trail too!

It has fast grip closures, comes with a reflective piping and a mesh storage bag that makes this sheet a smart addition to any trail or trailer bag!

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Best Donkey Blankets

Derby Originals Fleece Cooler for Horses All Season Sheet & Blanket Liner with Neck Cover

The Derby brand is one of the leading ones when it comes to crafting the best blankets for bedding. This super high quality product is wonderful.

I own one of these and I exceptionally love the stripe down the middle of the back. It is really soft with simple Velcro closures.



It is made in the USA


It is super-duper comfortable (even when worn for long periods).

It keeps your equine cool without overheating.

Made with soft polar fleece and a layer of plush for additional warmth

It works as a dryer too. It dries water off your wet horse.

It is designed for indoor use too.

It is available in various colors (Navy Blue and Hunter Green) and sizes (small-X-Large).

Winter Coats for Elderly Or Sick Donkeys

If you have owned a donkey long enough, you’d agree with me that many young and healthy donkeys are unlikely to require a winter rug or coat as their coats naturally thicken as winter is approached.

However, if you own an elderly or sick donkey then they may struggle to keep their body heat maintained.

In addition to picking the best donkey blankets, old donkeys may also enjoy the benefits of having a heat lamp in their stable for additional warmth.