Top 6 Best Donkey Breeds in India & Price

Best Donkey Breeds in India

For some time, there has been certain debates about the best donkey breeds in India and why they’re the best.

Although some breeds are more important than others, we cannot deny the presence of three unique types of Indian donkeys and these are: white, black and even piebald colours.

The Indian wild donkeys can be purchased at Rann of Kutch. Kiang on the other hand is available in Ladakh, Sikkim, and Himachal Pradesh, and is dark red brown with white underparts.

Of the many types of donkeys in India that have been characterized and evaluated, these are currently the best:

Breed Name Home Tract
Spiti Himachal Pradesh
Halari Gujarat
Kachchhi Gujarat
Kiang Unknown

Best Donkey Breeds in India

Best Donkey Breeds in India

First off, getting the best and biggest donkey in India can be gotten only in one plave – Vautha village. There are more than 70 donkey breeds each from Jamnagar and Kutch region.

Recently, each donkey breeds in India became genetically profiled and may soon become a separate bred!

Aside from this, Kathiawari horse, Banni buffalo, and Kharai camel have already been granted independent-breed status by the National Bureau of Animal Genetic Resources (NBAGR), authority for registration of new breeds.

These are all good news for people searching for top Indian donkey breeds to buy. Ramesh Bhatti who is a programme director of Kutch-based NGO, Sahjeevan, took on the responsibility of identifying and documenting Gujarat’s native breeds by the state government.

At the moment, the Guhurat has two major donkey breeds namely Halari and Kutchi. Halari donkeys can be sold up to RS. 15,000 and Kutchi sell for as much as Rs 8,000.

Kutchi donkeys are way smaller and are darker in complexion. They are super rugged and are used for long travles and for climbing mountains.

Halari breeds, on the other hand appear like a small horse and feature snow white fur. The are mainly used by brickkilns.

There you have it – The top 4 best donkey breeds in India