Best Donkey Clippers for Body Clipping

Here’s a quick review of the best donkey clippers for the money. Each of the donkey clippers reviewed here have proven to deliver efficiency, smooth trimming and long service year.

Top Clippers for Donkey Body Clipping

Here is a list of top horse clippers for body clipping:

Brand/Model Rookie Rating Ideal Usage Cord Speeds Where to Buy
Andis AGC2 Super 2-Speed Clipper Best Overall Donkey Clippers
  • Completel-body clipping
  • Precision trims
  • It is suitable for al coat types
16 ft Two See at Amazon
Oster Variable Speed Clipmasters Best Donkey Clippers for Thick Hair
  • whole-body clipping
  • Precision trims
  • It works best for dense coats
15 ft Variable See at Amazon
Wahl Professional Animal Arco Equine 5-in-1 Cordless Horse Clipper Best Cordless Donkey Clippers
  • Full-body clipping
  • It supports Precision trims
N/A Single See at Amazon
Double K Industries Groomer’s Edge Power Clipper 401 Best Heavy Duty Donkey Clippers
  • Whole-body clipping
  • Especially good for dense coats
5-7 ft Variable See at Amazon
Wahl Show Pro Plus Best Budget Donkey Clippers
  • Muzzle and Face
  • Whiskers and Ears
  • Legs and Fetlocks
  • Bridle Path
  • Finish Work
  • Touch Ups
8 ft Single See at Amazon

Best Donkey Clippers for Coats and Hooves

  • Andis AGC2 Super 2-Speed Clipper (Best Overall Donkey Clippers)

When it comes to making clippers for Equine and horses, Andis is an household name known for durability, power, and quality.

The Andis AGC2 Super 2-Speed Clipper is majorly designed for livestock grooming (a.k.a. you won’t need to struggle to body clip your donkey with a product made for grooming dogs.


This top donkey clipper brand has detachable blades, interchangeable blades and shatter-proof housing nit that makes us give it the title of the best overall horse clipper.


  • Cuts through thick donkey undercoats with ease, while staying (pretty) quiet and (pretty) cool.
  • Light and small enough to hold with a single hand (without needing to hit the gym).
  • The blades can easily be switched/replaced, which also allows yoi handle both body clipping and touch-precision with the same clippers.
  • It no doubt is one of the quietest clippers for donkeys. Even better than most clippers with the same size or power.
  • It is a great choice if your donkey is sensitive to noise.


  • You need to constantly clean around and under the blade mount to keep these running well.
  • It lacks a storage case.
  • It’s still a good idea to stop periodically and spray with Kool Lube.

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Best Donkey Clippers

  • Oster Variable Speed Clipmasters (Best Donkey Clippers for Thick Hair)

Do you need both precision and power? We present to you the answer you have been praying for – The Oster Variable Speed Clipmasters is created to handle big jobs (e.g clipping your whole flock) without needing to hire a professional.

This clipper is the real deal and is the best donkey clipper for thick hair.



  • If you’re body clipping large donkey breeds, this is your go-to.
  • It is durable, powerful and is high-quality
  • It features a sturdy storage case, grease, and a cleaning brush.
  • This clipper type is powerful for complete body clipping (more than one donkey) and precision trimming before you go to show your pet.
  • Variable speed settings and a 3” head helps get the job done fast.
  • Its body is shatter-proof incase you drop them.


  • It might be expensive to some but if you can afford it, it’s a good thing!
  • Its increased power means more noise so this might not be the clipper for you if your horse is sensitive to noise.
  • It sure is an heavier and larger housing unit (13”).
  • If portability is what you crave for, you might be disappointed.
  • The weight and size also make it less maneuverable for precision work (e.g. face, ears, legs).

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  • Wahl Professional Animal Arco Equine 5-in-1 Cordless Horse Clipper (Best Cordless Donkey Clippers)

If you need a great clipper that is both easy to use at home and away, then the Wahl Professional Animal Arco Equine 5-in-1 Cordless Horse Clipper is what you need. It wins “Best Cordless Clippers for Donkeys” on our Rookie Rundown, and it’s a convenient and affordable option if you aren’t clipping an entire barn that has many donkeys.



  • It is quiet enough for donkeys that are sensitive to noise.
  • At only 7.9 oz, this ergonomic clipper is light.
  • It lacks cords. That way, your donkey cannot get its legs entangled
  • It boasts of removable batteries so you can clip with one while the other recharges.

Each battery charges for 75 minutes and runs for 80 minutes. That means you can clip continuously with two.

  • It is one of the top clippers for sensitive donkeys
  • It features 4 combs guides, blade oil, cleaning brush, charging stand, carrying case, and a how-to DVD that shows beginners how to clip.
  • It comes with Wahl’s signature 5-in-1 blade armed you for complete body clipping, fine face clipping, and everything in between.
  • Wahl comes with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee and limited 1-year warranty (USA) in case things go South.


  • This donkey clipper cannot handle multiple horses and/or really thick coat donkeys. You might need the power of the Oster Variable Speed Clipmaster.
  • If you dislike keeping track of and charging batteries, you’ll need a clipper with a cord.
  • This clipper cuts donkey hairs quick, so beginner should move especially slowly and carefully to avoid accidentally cutting off more hair than intended.

NOTE: 5-in-1 blades should be used with blade oil only.

  • Double K Industries Groomer’s Edge Power Clipper 401 (Best Heavy Duty Donkey Clippers)

If you dislike the task of body clipping donkeys and want to be dine already then the Double K Industries Groomer’s Edge Power Clipper 401 is your best bet.


  • This clipper comes with 5 times the power of conventional clippers, so it packs a punch.
  • You should face no issue cutting via thick, wet hair, or matted on large horses.
  • This donkey at lower speeds, so it’s good for sensitive horses.
  • You can wall mount the motor if needed (and it has an additional safety chain).
  • The separate motor unit feeds power to the hand unit without the risk of overheating.


  • The cable between the motor and hand unit
  • This isn’t a grab-it-and-go clipper. The separate power unit and motor means that this is a convenient option if you need to take your clipper for a fast touch up or to shows.
  • The cable between the motor and hand unit is only 5-7 feet. That means it is short
  • These are commercial clippers that need more proactive maintenance to keep them in great condition (and repairs will be more expensive).

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  • Wahl Show Pro Plus (Best Budget Donkey Clippers)

If you’re not sure if clipping will suit your donkey (or you) then it’s totally fine to buy more of a “starter clipper” until you want to upgrade.

The Wahl Show Pro Plus wins “Best Budget Donkey Clippers” and can take on lighter clipping jobs. However, do not try full body clipping with this one.


  • This model costs way less than other heavier-duty clippers on our list.
  • It will work fine on bridle paths, ears, face, fetlocks, and other detail work.
  • It is a small clipper (only 6.5”) and light in weight (16 oz.), so they’re really portable.
  • This clipper is super quiet and it features a 2-year limited warranty
  • It is made in the USA.
  • They’re great for touch-ups and competition finishing work.
  • These clippers come with a how-to DVD for body clipping rookies, cleaning brush, horse face brush, and blade oil.


  • If your donkey’s hair is wet, dense, or matted hair, think again. You’ll require way more power.
  • If you clip for certain periods, then the hand unit and blades can get overheated. Have Kool Lube on hand and take frequent breaks.
  • This should only be your primary clipper for complete body work, but it’s a solid supplemental unit.

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