3 Best Donkey Shelter/Stable for the Money

Are you looking for the best donkey shelter? You’re in the right place!

A good donkey shelter should have a minimum of 3 sides and a sloping roof, sited in a sheltered area, preferably with a concrete base.

The shelter should also feature solid walls from the ground up, be waterproof, and be free from draughts.

If you have more than one donkey, then you need to allocate at least 40 feet of space for each donkey.

Slip-resistant materials or dirt-covered floor is one bedding you should not ignore for a donkey.

That is because falls and slips could lead to joint damage and torn ligaments.

Best Donkey Shelter for the Money

Best Barns Woodville 10′ X 16′ Wood Shed Kit

This particular model comes in two versions: 10×16 and 10×12.

If you want to place the door on the side, then be prepared to cut down some pieces of the siding and layout the studs on the siding. It is a simple process.

The doors come assembled. You should have a few extra 2×4’s to make everything work.

For people new to building structures, this is a straightforward building.

To use as a donkey shelter, you should move the doors to the center on the side and optionally make another set for the center on the other side.

In my experience, it took me less time to slide the pieces through the table saw to have everything prepared.

I had lots of material to make these changes. I also put dual windows on one side.

Once your order arrives, I recommend sorting the contents, emptying, and disassembling both pallets.

It makes the whole process of “setting up” way easier since you are able to find the right board in time and not have to stop and dig through the other pallet.

Best Donkey Shelter

All of the materials came straight, no warped 2×4’s! I had only two 2×4’s that were split on the ends from being screwed to the pallet.

Next, I recommend checking the sheeting overhangs! Nothing spoils your mood than having to take the sliding off to drop it a quarter of an inch.

Give yourself a bit of additional room because it comes with a trim board, it will cover the gap!

This is a wonderful shed that is cheaper than the same exact one at my local store with no shipping or tax.

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LIFETIME 60127 20 x 8 Ft. Outdoor Storage Shed, Desert Sand

The Lifetime 20′. X 8′. The outdoor shed is built for the highest durability and strength.

Its design is attractive to spice up your yard.

The centralized doors give “convenience” a whole new meaning. It lets you gain easy access to your herd.


  • It has vertical sliding
  • Comes with two entry eight pane doors with a slider latch
  • It has dual windows
  • 2 sets of shutters
  • snow load kit, Full Ridge SkyLight,
  • Two large skylights,
  • Dual Windows,
  • (2) sets of shutters, (1) 90 in. X 9 in. Shelf,
  • (18) hooks, (2) tool storage pouches, & (4) decorative corner trims.
  • Floor & Installation hardware included. Comes in (4) boxes.


It has a low-maintenance design with a lockable steel-reinforced door for extra security.

It has customizable shelving and space for storage

Its roof has heavy-duty steel trusses for extra roof strength.

Its high-pitched roof drains snow and rain quickly

Storage building exterior Dimensions: 240 in. L x 96 in. W x 96 in. H; Interior Dimensions: 234 in. L x 90 in. W x 70 – 94 in. H

Sturdy steel-reinforced dual-wall High-Density polyethylene (HDPE) construction


To install, it requires you MUST do so on a flat hard surface (wood or concrete).

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Arrow WR106 Woodridge Low Gable Steel, Coffee/Woodgrain 10 x 6 ft. Storage Shed, Brown

This is yet another best donkey stable you can buy today. It requires two people to install and comes with a clear instruction manual.

Prepped hardware can help tighten panels. I installed my neighbors own on an existing 10×13′ concrete pad. It took us about 7-8 hours but we are meticulous.

This donkey shelter is unbelievably sturdy. It comes at a fair price too with a better value since wood brand sheds costs $2000 upward for a similar size.

This donkey sable will last many years to come before it requires another paint job. No wood rot! The galvanized metal means no rust!

It is a good buy, no doubt. The seller delivers fast too! Happy customer.

You can pick from our list of best donkey shelters reviewed here today and you won’t regret your decision.