5 Best Dressage Saddle for Draft Cross

Getting draft crosses and Drafts to fit a saddle can quickly go from hard to depressing.

However, if your horse is just wide not “ginormous”, an Australian saddle will be a great fit.

Other alternatives include English brands that are perfect for wide horses.

  • Brands like Thorowgood Broadback,
  • Cob Saddles,
  • Duett, Black Country,
  • Wintec Wide Saddles,
  • Lovatt & Ricketts,
  • some country, and some of the Thornhill saddles.

Top 3 Dressage saddle for Drafts or Draft cross

Australian SaddlesCHECK PRICE HERE
Wintec Wide Saddles  


Big Horn Saddles 


Typically, you should opt for one with a “hoop tree”. They fit better on wide horses.

Note: I wouldn’t recommend going after “draft tree” Aussies and English saddles on eBay.

Almost 95% of them are Asian/China-made pieces of crap. The only mid-ranged Aussie saddle I could vote for are Wintec’s synthetics.

In the case of Western saddles, both Big Horn and Abetta made draft saddles that would do well.

I believe Big Horn’s is labeled as a “Haflinger” saddle, but it will fit drafts well too.

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Best Dressage Saddle for Draft Cross

Best Dressage Saddle for Draft Cross

I would recommend you give an Australian saddle on her if you’re wondering what saddle would fit a draft cross.

In my experience, on a wide, or a Friesian/Percheron cross, an Aussie saddle can be quite unstable and inclined to roll.

In Summary

However, that wouldn’t be an issue if you have a really secure set and are well balanced, but if you ever want to put someone else on your horse – well, in an Aussie saddle, good luck even getting them up there! A really good tall mounting block will be a must.