2 Best Dressage Saddles for Short Backed Horses that FITS!

The choices of dressage saddles for short backed horses out there are few. With only a small handful out there, which one do you think you shoud get?

Best Dressage Saddles for Short Backed Horses

Here are out top 2 we think fits your needs:

  • Stubben

We vote the Stubben brand for a short backed horses everytime. The padding below their saddle’s cantle has an upward curve not a downward curve so the saddle doesn’t sit as long as other makes.


Everyone I recommend this brand too has always come back with testimonies. You should give this a trial. You won’t regret it.

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Best Dressage Saddles for Short Backed Horses

  • X-D1 K

The X-D1 saddleoffers comfot and close contact communication with your horse as you ride it.

This saddle is perfect for short backed horses since the design, panels are created for that unique purpose.

Over the sweat flaps, you’d find a special insert that is filled with a thermosensitive material that compresses once it warms up letting your leg be even closer to the horse.


The front billets are secured to the saddle with heavy-duty elastic, which expands and contracts with the horse.

The rear billets are attached using a ā€œVā€ shaped nylon system that stabilizes the saddle on the back of the horse. This saddle features a F23.0 Trapezium Pad for a perfect fit.

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