Best Equestrian Helmets

Best Equestrian Helmets: Top Picks for Safety and Comfort in 2024

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Equestrian sports are both exhilarating and demanding, requiring the perfect blend of skill, strength, and synergy between rider and horse. As thrilling as horse riding can be, safety should always be a top priority. One of the most crucial pieces of safety equipment for any equestrian enthusiast is a well-fitted, high-quality helmet.

Equestrian helmets not only protect the rider’s head from potential impact injuries but also provide comfort and style. These helmets are specifically designed for horse riding, with features that account for the unique challenges and movements encountered in this sport. A good equestrian helmet should be lightweight, well-ventilated, and possess the right balance of durability and shock absorption.

When selecting the best equestrian helmet, consider factors such as the material, size, weight, and certifications that meet safety standards. It’s essential to invest in a helmet that fits securely for optimal protection and comfort while ensuring it adheres to international safety guidelines. Additionally, some riders may prefer certain designs or materials to suit their style preferences or specific riding disciplines.

After considering the importance of safety, comfort, and style in equestrian helmets, we conducted extensive research and testing on a variety of models to bring you our top recommendations for the best equestrian helmets on the market.

The Best Equestrian Helmets Revealed

Equestrian helmets are crucial for rider safety, offering protection and comfort during horse riding activities. We have compiled a list of the best equestrian helmets available, ensuring you make an informed decision when purchasing one.

Unknown Equestrian-Helmets Deluxe Schooler Lightweight Low Profile

Unknown Equestrian-Helmets Deluxe Schooler Helmet

This Ovation Deluxe Schooler Helmet offers a comfortable and secure fit, making it an excellent choice for equestrians in need of a lightweight and versatile helmet.


  • Easy adjust dial for a snug fit and increased helmet life
  • Effective ventilation system to keep the rider cool
  • Comfortable YKK adjuster clip and buckle


  • Manufacturer recommended age is 12+ years
  • Brand name is unknown
  • The removable visor may not appeal to all riders

The Ovation Deluxe Schooler Helmet is a lightweight and low-profile choice designed for schooling and show ring use. Its easy-adjust dial ensures a snug and secure fit, making it ideal for riders of various ages. Additionally, the helmet’s extra strong adjustment teeth contribute to its durability, extending the helmet’s life.

Equipped with high-flow vents, this helmet promotes cooling airflow for added comfort during horseback riding activities. The removable and washable liner helps maintain hygiene, while the breakaway visor offers an extra layer of security. Moreover, the exclusive YKK adjuster clip and buckle are strategically positioned to avoid irritation on the rider’s face.

In summary, the Unknown Equestrian-Helmets Deluxe Schooler Lightweight Low Profile is a practical and comfortable option for those in search of an equestrian helmet with essential features and a sleek look. However, potential buyers should ensure its suitability for riders below the recommended age of 12 years before making a purchase decision.

Ovation Deluxe Schooler Helmet

Ovation Deluxe Schooler Helmet

The Ovation Deluxe Schooler is a lightweight and low-profile equestrian helmet that provides optimal protection and comfort for various riders.


  • Lightweight and low-profile design
  • Easy-to-adjust dial for a snug fit
  • ASTM F1163-15/SEI certified for maximum safety


  • Visor may be prone to breaking
  • The fit may be too oval for some head shapes
  • The matte finish may not be as attractive as a shiny finish

The Ovation Deluxe Schooler Helmet offers riders a comfortable, lightweight, and low-profile option that doesn’t compromise on safety. With its ASTM F1163-15/SEI certification, you can be confident that this helmet will provide the necessary protection during your ride. The easy-to-adjust dial ensures a snug fit, adapting to various head sizes and shapes.

One downside of this helmet is the visor, which some users have noted can be prone to breaking. Additionally, the helmet’s shape may be more oval than round, which may not provide the best fit for everyone. Lastly, the matte finish may not be as appealing to some riders who prefer a shinier appearance.

In conclusion, the Ovation Deluxe Schooler Helmet is an excellent choice for those seeking a lightweight, low-profile equestrian helmet that offers both safety and comfort. However, it’s essential to consider the potential issues with the visor and the helmet’s shape before making a final decision.

TuffRider Starter Horse Riding Helmet

TuffRider Starter Horse Riding Helmet

The TuffRider Starter Horse Riding Helmet is a trustworthy option for equestrians seeking protection and comfort during their training sessions.


  • Durable ABS outer shell and black EPS liner
  • Carbon-looking ABS ventilation for breathability
  • CoolMax washable lining for easy cleaning


  • Sizing may differ from other helmet brands
  • No option for exchanging products without additional fees
  • Protective carrying case not included

The TuffRider Starter Horse Riding Helmet is designed with a strong ABS outer shell and a black EPS liner for optimal safety. While wearing this helmet, riders can enjoy the carbon-looking ABS ventilation system that promotes airflow and keeps them cool during long hours of training. Additionally, the interior lining is made with CoolMax material, which can be easily removed and washed for better hygiene and comfort.

However, it’s important to note that the sizing for TuffRider helmets may differ from other brands. Make sure to check your measurements carefully before making a purchase, as the return policy may not be as accommodating as with other companies. Exchanging the helmet for a different size could entail extra fees, and a protective carrying case is not included with the purchase.

Overall, the TuffRider Starter Horse Riding Helmet is a solid choice for equestrian riders who need a helmet that is both protective and comfortable. Its durable construction and ventilation features make it a worthy investment, but be aware of potential discrepancies in sizing and less-than-flexible return policies.

Troxel Liberty Horseback Riding Helmet Small (6 5/8 – 7) Ruby

Troxel Liberty Helmet

A comfortable and adjustable riding helmet with ventilation, making it a great choice for equestrians of all levels.


  • Lightweight with a low-profile design
  • GPS II dial fit system for easy adjustments
  • Mesh covered vents for good airflow


  • Fit might not be ideal for long oval head shapes
  • Adjustment band can pinch for users with long hair
  • Color may slightly differ from the photo

The Troxel Liberty Horseback Riding Helmet is commendable for its comfortable and secure fit, thanks to the GPS II dial fit system that makes adjusting a breeze. The matte Duratec/gloss finish adds a touch of style to the helmet without compromising its functionality. Equestrians will appreciate the lightweight design, making it easy to wear during long rides.

One of my favorite features of this helmet is the mesh-covered vents that provide ample ventilation, keeping you cool even on hot days. This feature is particularly significant for riders who spend a lot of time on the saddle during warm weather. The helmet is designed with a low profile that many riders appreciate for its aesthetic appeal and comfort.

However, there are some caveats to consider when purchasing the Troxel Liberty Horseback Riding Helmet. Riders with a long oval head shape may find it less comfortable; it’s essential to try it on and ensure that it suits your head contour. It’s also worth noting that the adjustment band can pinch users with long hair tucked underneath the helmet. Moreover, the helmet’s color might deviate slightly from the one shown in the photo; it’s essential to account for this discrepancy when making your purchase.

In conclusion, the Troxel Liberty Horseback Riding Helmet Small (6 5/8 – 7) Ruby is a reliable, comfortable, and stylish option for equestrians. Its ventilation and dial fit system make it a practical choice for regular riders. Just be mindful of the fitting and color aspects while making your purchase decision.

Xiaozxwlhq Adjustable Horse Riding Helmet

Xiaozxwlhq Helmet

The Xiaozxwlhq Adjustable Horse Riding Helmet for kids offers excellent protection and comfort for those budding equestrians, aged 2 to 6 years.


  • Adjustable and comfortable fit
  • Provides excellent protection
  • Fully ventilated design


  • May not be true to color
  • Limited size range
  • Basic model for beginners

The Xiaozxwlhq equestrian helmet is a well-designed protective gear, specifically catering to the needs of young horse riders. Its adjustable and comfortable fit makes it suitable for children aged 2 to 6. With its tough PVC outer shell and padded inner lining, the helmet ensures optimum protection for the little ones while they indulge in their passion for horse riding.

One of the key features of this helmet is its ventilation system. It is fully ventilated, with vent holes around the edges and at the top, providing adequate airflow to keep the child comfortable during rides. Furthermore, the adjustable chin strap makes it easy to put on, take off, and ride safely with ease.

Despite its many advantages, there are a few downsides to the Xiaozxwlhq Helmet. Some customers have reported the color being different than what’s displayed, which could be disappointing for children who prefer specific hues. Additionally, the size range is limited, making it suitable for children with head sizes between 48 and 54 cm only. Moreover, it’s essential to remember that this is a basic helmet designed for beginners, so it may not offer all the features or protection required by more experienced, older riders.

All in all, the Xiaozxwlhq Adjustable Horse Riding Helmet is a great option for young riders who are just starting their equestrian journey. With its safety features, comfort, and affordability, it makes for a smart choice for parents looking to invest in protective gear for their little adventurers.

Buying Guide

When searching for the best equestrian helmet, several factors should be taken into consideration. Your primary focus should be on safety, fit, comfort, ventilation, and style.

Safety Standards: It’s essential to ensure that the helmet you choose meets the required safety standards. Look for certifications like ASTM, SEI, or CE marking. These indicate that the helmet has been tested for safety and will provide a high level of protection in the event of a fall.

Proper Fit and Comfort: A helmet that doesn’t fit correctly can compromise your safety. Measure your head circumference before purchasing and refer to the manufacturer’s sizing chart to make sure you select the right size. Choose a helmet that has an adjustable harness and padding to ensure a snug and comfortable fit.

Ventilation: Adequate airflow is important as it helps to keep your head cool and comfortable during rides, especially in warm weather. Look for helmets with vents or air channels that promote good airflow.

Style: Helmets are available in various styles, colors, and designs. While style is a personal preference, it’s important to pick a helmet that reflects your taste and personality without compromising safety or functionality. Remember that darker colors can absorb more heat, so consider this when selecting your helmet.

Key Features to Look For

  • Outer Shell Material: The outer shell should be made from high-quality materials like ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) or polycarbonate plastic, which provide impact resistance and durability.

  • Liner: The inner lining of the helmet should be made from an impact-absorbing material, like EPS (expandable polystyrene). This material is designed to crush upon impact, absorbing the force and reducing the risk of head injury.

  • Retention System: The retention system (chin strap and buckle) is an important safety feature that ensures your helmet stays in place during a fall. Look for a helmet with a secure, easy-to-use buckle, and adjustable straps.

  • Removable and Washable Liners: A helmet with removable and washable liners can be more hygienic and easier to maintain. Liners should also offer sweat-wicking properties to keep you comfortable.

  • Visor: A helmet with a visor can provide extra protection from sun glare and rainfall. However, visors are not essential and can be an individual preference.

    By considering these factors and emphasizing safety, fit, comfort, ventilation, and style, you can confidently choose the best equestrian helmet for your needs.

Equestrian Helmets – Frequently Asked Questions

What are the top riding helmet brands?

There are several reputable riding helmet brands that offer safety and style. Some of the most popular brands include Charles Owen, Samshield, Troxel, GPA, and One K. Each brand has its lineup of helmets, with different designs and features catering to various preferences and budgets.

Which equestrian helmets provide the best safety features?

Helmets with advanced safety features typically offer better protection than basic models. Some key features to look for include MIPS (Multi-directional Impact Protection System) technology, adjustable fit systems, and proper ventilation. Brands such as Charles Owen, GPA, and Troxel are known for incorporating innovative safety technologies in their helmets.

How do MIPS helmets differ from traditional ones?

MIPS helmets include an additional low-friction layer that allows the helmet to rotate slightly upon impact. This rotational motion can help reduce the forces applied to the brain during falls, potentially reducing the risk of concussions and other brain injuries. Traditional helmets lack this patented feature, focusing primarily on protecting the head from direct impacts.

What factors should be considered when choosing an equestrian helmet?

When choosing an equestrian helmet, prioritize safety, fit, and comfort. Look for a helmet that meets or exceeds current safety standards, such as ASTM/SEI or PAS015 certification. Ensure the helmet fits snugly and securely on your head, without pinching or discomfort. Consider additional features like ventilation, removable padding, and style based on your personal preferences and riding discipline.

Are expensive equestrian helmets always better?

While higher-priced helmets often feature advanced safety features, materials, and designs, a more affordable helmet can still provide solid protection if it meets the necessary safety standards. It’s crucial to balance your budget with your desired features, comfort, and style, but ultimately prioritize safety above all else.

Which equestrian helmets do professional riders prefer?

Professional riders often have personal preferences for helmet brands and models based on factors such as fit, comfort, style, and experience. Since professionals usually prioritize safety, they tend to gravitate toward reputable brands like Charles Owen, Samshield, and GPA, known for offering advanced protection technologies. However, it’s essential to choose a helmet that works best for you and your specific needs, regardless of professional preferences.

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