4 Best Ever Saddle Pads for Sale REVIEWS – REAL & HONEST

Like you, many are constantly on the lookout for the best saddle pads for sale on the internet.

We at ownthehorse.com take every review and experience seriously and this is why we’re recommending some of the best ever saddle pads for sale here.

So, sit down, relax as you enjoy our reviews and ratings of each saddle.

Best Ever Saddle Pads Reviews

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5 Star Horse Saddle Pad

1″ Thick Western Contoured Natural Pad – The Performer Full Skirt 32″ X 32″ Free Sponge Saddle Pad Cleaner Included

This is one of the best saddle pads for ropers, Reiners, Cutters, Trail Riders, and is wonderful for Larger Skirted Saddles.

The back is a bit rounded to create more room for hips. The completely pure virgin wool felt wicks away moisture, easy to clean, and keeps your saddle stable with limited cinching.

The leathers on this product offer protection and durability. It is hand-made in the USA!


  • Improved Saddle Fit

With this contoured saddle pad, you need no additional blanket or pad.

The double padding creates slippage and movement.

This slippage is typically compensated for by over cinching.

The contoured fit of our pads means a limited need for cinching with almost no saddle movement.

The square-cut pads do not follow a horse’s back contour.

This can cause unneeded pressure and improper saddle fit that may lead to injury or pain to your mule or horse.

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Why Use 5 Star Wool?

The unique structure of wool fiber lets it press together with steam and heat to form a dense mat of ELASTIC yet FLEXIBLE, AND RESILIENT fiber called felt.

This ALL-NATURAL material features kinetic properties that let it to ABSORB MOISTURE and WICKS it to drier areas as the increase of concentration.

This wicking is what aids in the process of HEAT REMOVAL.

These wool felt pads offer the BEST COMPRESSION for properly or improperly fitted saddles.

Best Ever Saddle Pads for Sale

Southwestern Equine OrthoRide All Purpose Trail Riding Black Saddle Pad

This kidney-shaped All-Purpose bottom saddle pad relieves underdeveloped top line and prevents sore back.

This OrthoRide All Purpose Saddle Pad for Barrel Races can correct many saddle fit issues while still offering better stabilization.


It Lessens Horse Anticipation Works great with Treeless Saddles Less Slipping – Stays Snug Lightweight

Since I began using it, the turquoise bloom has been beautiful and my horse loves the comfortability it brings.

Kavallerie Saddle Pad

Helps with Saddle Bridging, Sore Back, Swayed Back, High Withers – English Bareback Pad for Horses, Protective, Perfect for Eventing, Schooling, Dressage, Jumping- Seat Saver

I first tried this saddle pad on a horse with a sensitive back and I was super impressed with the functionality and quality of the pad.

It has proven to be flexible, strong yet offers many shock absorption features. I totally recommend you try out this product.

At the first trial, my horse moved with ease. I tried it on my friend’s horses and achieved similar results. I ride dressage in it and it fits great under my 17″ and 17.5″ saddles.


It wasn’t as sticky as I’d expect it to be after going through several reviews, but any initial stickiness went away after two-three rides in it.

I use the standard model, and I am already thinking about adding the front-rise version to my collection for horses that have small di’s behind the withers to help reduce the saddle impact as their muscles develop.

It seems really durable and it is SO MUCH EASIER to care for than a pad with fleece, simply hose off and go!

Great product, I would recommend it to anyone – and have recommended it to a few at my own barn!

Total Saddle Fit Perfect Saddle Pad – Western Pad

At first glance, I didn’t want to try this pad since it is thick but I have to say I was amazed at how well it sat on my horse and had no issues with it staying in place and holding my saddle perfectly in position.

Neither slid backward or forward as some less performing pads of the same material I have tried in the past.

Lastly, my horse was kept 100% dry along her spine with even sweat marks on her back. I will buy more for my parent’s horses when other color options are available.

As earlier stated, these are some of the best-ever saddle pads for sale in the world. Let us know if you’d like us to add something to this best-ever saddle pads review.