Best Hay Bags for Horses-Where to Get Them in 2022

Best Hay Bags for Horses

Why Should we give a Hay about Hay Bags?

Studies show that about 40% of the hay you are feeding your horse will be wasted! Maybe even more if you are feeding Alfalfa.

While hauling, we will do just about anything to save a dollar; so cutting back on your wasted hay is just another way to accomplish that.

Best Hay Bags For Horses

We’ve got a great line-up of hay bags to show you and some great prices to go with them.

Best Horse Hay Bags

Classic Equine Hay Bags

Product: Basic Classic Equine Hay Bag

Where to buy it cheapest: Classic Basic Hay Bag at Amazon

Size:  5″ x 22″ x 20

This bag comes with a large, wide top flap that makes it very convenient for filling and can hold up to three flakes.

This bag is equipped with two adjustable straps and quick snaps to make it easy to hang just about anywhere.

Made from tough nylon to ensure you won’t have any rips to deal with in the future.

This bag is one that you will be able to use for a long time, which is why we think it is a great buy.


  • Long-Lasting
  • Hangs anywhere


  • Basic colors only
  • Hay waste still possible

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Classic Equine Top Load Hay Bag

Where to buy it Cheapest: Classic Equine Hay Bag at Amazon

Size: 24″ X 9″ X 20″

The Classic Equine Top Load Hay Bag offers a different style for different needs.

if your horse likes to pull the hay out of the bag; this will be a better option for you than the basic bag.

This hay bag is Not a slow feeder, but the extra straps will help keep your horse from making a mess.

The top will close securely and open up large enough to place hay inside.

This bag is made from high-quality nylon so you won’t need to worry about rips.

Another great feature of this bag is you have numerous designs to choose from.

Pros –

  • Durable
  • Large carrying capacity
  • Multiple colors and designs


  • Kind of expensive
Best Hay Bags for Horses

Professionals Choice Hay Bags

Product: Professionals Choice Equisential Hay Bag

Size: 21″ x 21″ x 11″

The Professionals Choice Equisential Hay Bags are equipped with diagonal openings which not only make it easier to put the hay in the bag but also help eliminate waste.

The diagonal straps create a smaller opening which makes this bag a medium-slow feeder.

The top opening is extra large to accommodate easier loading but has a secure flap to keep your horse out.

Another great addition is the mesh bottom, which aids in allowing dirt and dust to work their way out of the hay. This bag will hold approx. 5-10 Ibs. of hay.


  •  Mesh Bottom
  • Slower feeding


A little small

Professionals Choice Scratchless Bag

Size: 22″ x 23″

This bag has the same basic features as the Equisential bag, minus the hardware.

The Professionals Choice Scratchless Hay bags are designed without hardware to make them great horse trailer hay bags and also offer access to the hay on both sides due to the turning of the bag.

The medium feed design encourages horses to eat slower which aids in digestion and reduces waste.


  • No hardware
  • medium feed design


easily tossed around

Derby Slow Feed Hay Bag

Where to buy it Cheapest: Derby Hay Bag

Size: 22″ x 25″ x 8″

The Derby Slow Feed Hay Bag offers a great opportunity to try out a new brand.

This bag is backed with a 1-year warranty to ease your mind.

The slow feed bag is equipped with the smallest holes you can get to achieve slower eating.

We can’t say much about the durability of this product, but with a 1-year warranty, you got to lose.

Take it for a test ride!


  • Warranty!
  • Slow Feed Design


  • Not name brand