Best Horse Deshedding Tool in 2023 [VET’S CHOICE]

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Horse shedding season occurs yearly, but there is a time it becomes so intensive that the only solution is a de-shedding tool. 

Horse’s winter coat sheds naturally, though, quickening the process is a good way to go, so it wouldn’t look like a grey clown or too hairy like Esau, some wouldn’t like that, you know?

Meanwhile, you need to take some things into consideration to have the best result. One of which is the seasons of the year.

There is a huge difference between the horse’s hair growth between the summer and winter season, therefore, long-teeth tools are good for horses with lengthy winter coats.

As shedding brush or blade is perfect for those that just need to get their shine back during summer. Here are the top three:

  • Original Shedding Blade
  • Equigroomer
  • StripHair Gentle Groomer

Best Horse Deshedding Tool For Horses

To aid your decision on getting the best on the market, you are about to get a hold of a list of the best horse de-shedding tool for horses.

Do us well by going through, and make go get your favorite as soon as you are satisfied.

We have spent a lot of days compiling these products for you.

SleekEz Original Shedding Blade

Standing as the world’s first de-shedding tool, this distinct tool is made with a wave pattern blade that would patiently clear away dirt, dander, and fur without panic. I can assure you that no other tool does it better.

Another advantage is the tiny teeth that make up the shedding blade, it handles your horse most safely without any headache on injury and the like.

Just grab the horse’s hair at the tip, as you brush it from the peak downwards. 

I’m pretty sure your horse will love the feeling, you could have heard whispers if animals talk like humans too.

You don’t need to pick up the hair in the process of using the tool, it independently falls off once the move is completed.

Nothing else than to pick up the strands the blades could have taken off, from the ground.

Another incredible fact is that the SleekEz original shedding blade works on any pet  Available in various sizes.

Why wouldn’t it make the list of the best horse de-shedding tool for horses?


  • Wave pattern blade
  • Tiny teeth
  • 5-inch to medium


  • Gentle and easy to use
  • A tiny tooth that will never get your horse or pet injured
  • Not difficult to clean
  • Simple to handle without panic the body is made of wood and metal
  • Versatile in use


  • Expensive to purchase

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This tool is made after a traditional shedding stone manufactured for horses, but amazing works for several animals like dogs, and cats. Safe to use without cause for alarm.

It impressively de-sheds all dead, and unwanted hair from cats, dogs, horses, and other sheddable animals.

Unlike other tools, this groomer works by heading straight to the old hair around your horse or pet, loosening them right from the base, as the tiny burrs on the shredded perfectly handle the remover.

It doesn’t damage the topcoat nor remove the healthy hair. You can make use of it for as long as possible without any worries. In fact, the more you use it, the more your horse shines.

Your horse will never know they are being groomed whenever you are ready to make use of this. Equigroomer has been endorsed by several experienced groomers in the field.

More reason we added it to the list of best horse de-shedding tools for horses.

Don’t let this product go off your grip.


  • 2-piece set
  • Tiny burrs
  • Smooth handle
  • Blades


  • Easy to handle blades styled in waves
  • Reusable without getting sharpened
  • Durable for all animals, not horses alone
  • Ultimately guaranteed
  • It can be used on the chest and belly of your horse
  • Versatile in its use, unlike other de-shedding tools that are solely for an animal
  • Styled after diverse hair structure and design
  • Unslippery handle


  • It does not work poodle dog
  • Not for intensive brushing
Best Horse Deshedding Tool

StripHair Gentle Groomer

Ideal for any horse, despite its breed; good for dogs as well. Intended for daily use.

Numerous use like grooming, massaging, shampooing, shedding, currying, and slicking.

It has therapeutic advantages which increase blood circulation, better health, and body comfort.

It also removes stains, cleans coats, and keeps them shinning. You get to enjoy incredible versatility both in the summer and winter seasons.

Any task can be done with a 6-in-1 unique design. The muds attached to your horse’s skin are removed during the wet season.

All dry muds are perfectly removed without harming your horse.

The groomer is made with an optimum grip design that will never get off your palms while using it.

It gentle get its way into dead hair and automatically cut it away from healthy parts.


  • 34kg
  • 63 x 2.99 x 1.1″
  • 9″ dimension
  • Blades


  • Blade-free
  • Multi-purpose de-shedding tool
  • Unharmful for legs and face contact
  • The diamond features to loosen the process of shedding hair
  • Perfect to use in wet condition, make sure you rinse off the water afterward
  • As it distributes natural oils, it helps to circulate blood
  • Excellent for removing dry and muds during the wet months
  • It is not battery-operated, a full charge will last up to a week
  • Increases blood circulation and strengthens horse’s muscles
  • Keeps body tissues at optimal performance and health


  • It does not perfectly remove dog’s hair, does better for horses
  • Takes a while before the battery gets fully charged
  • Not price-friendly

FURminator Horse Deshedding Tool

A properly groomed horse is one wind healthy. This unique de-shedding tool for horses effectively removes specks of dirt on dry skin and keeps the body of your horse relaxed. 

Designed to perfectly fit your hand.  Unlike another de-shedding tool, this is made of rubber which helps to lessen the height of injury.

You have your horse’s fur healthy and clean, shedding is reduced to the bearest level, as it develops. FURminator has proved to be innovative, and dynamic with a series of hair-care, waterless, hygiene, and animal’s nails products. That is why it is one of the best horse de-shedding tools for horses.

Make sure you cross-check for bruises, sores, and skin conditions before applying furminator.

These injuries can be covered by the horse’s coat, hence, do visit a veterinarian as soon as possible. Then apply furminator on your horse, afterward.


  • Rubber teeth
  • Anti-microbial Plastic
  • 15 pounds
  • 8-2.05″
  • Balck handle with green-coloured body
  • Rubber & plastic material


  • Removes hair from your horse and loosens the knot
  • Perfect handle with the swift result
  • Anti-microbial plastic body
  • Comfortable and secured grip


  • Periodic cleaning good look

In summary

Conclusively, there’s nothing that gladdens a pet lover than having his horse or pet good and healthy. Having a horse de-shedding tool is one of the ways to get this done.

Hence, you have a few products that made it the best horse de-shedding tool for horses, do make your purchase to get a great experience for your horse.

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