Best Horse Feed for Hard Keepers

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Not all horses have the same nutritional needs. Some horses require more energy than others, and may require special feeds to reach their optimal health. These horses are known as ‘hard keepers’, and they require different feeds than other horses. Read on to discover the best horse feed for hard keepers, and how to ensure your horse is getting the nutrition they need.

What is a Hard Keeper?

A hard keeper is a horse that cannot easily maintain their body weight, despite regular meals. This can be caused by a variety of factors, including poor digestion, illness, genetics and a lack of exercise. A hard keeper will typically need more energy than other horses to sustain their weight, and they may require special feeds to gain the nutrients they need.

Best Horse Feed for Hard Keepers

When selecting a feed for a hard keeper, it is best to look for one that is high in digestible energy. This will ensure that your horse can absorb the maximum amount of energy from their feed. It is also important to choose a feed that is high in fibre, as this will help support your horse’s digestive health. Additionally, look for a feed that contains high quality proteins and fats, as these are essential for providing your horse with the energy they need.

Tips for Feeding a Hard Keeper

When feeding a hard keeper, it is important to provide them with regular meals throughout the day. This will ensure that they are getting a steady supply of nutrients, and will help them to maintain their body weight. Additionally, it is important to provide your hard keeper with access to hay or pasture, as this will provide them with essential fibre and roughage.

Enhancing Your Horse’s Nutritional Balance

In addition to providing your horse with the right feed, it is important to ensure that they are getting the proper balance of vitamins and minerals. A high-quality supplement can help to ensure that your horse is receiving the essential nutrients they need, and can also help to boost their digestive health. Additionally, consider introducing probiotics to your horse’s diet, as this can help to improve their gut health and overall vitality.

Hard keepers require special feeds to ensure they receive the right balance of nutrients. Look for feeds that are high in digestible energy, fibre, proteins and fats, and consider adding in a supplement and probiotics to ensure your horse is receiving the nutrition they need. With the right nutrition, your hard keeper will be able to maintain a healthy weight and reach their optimal health.

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