What is the Best Horse Hay Seed Mixture? in 2022

the Best Horse Hay Seed Mixture

To reduce feed costs, it is crucial to keep your horses healthy and feed them a balanced ratio of food that fits their nutritional needs.

That is exactly what the best horse hayseed mixture does and today we’d be sharing with you our top 2 picks of the best horse seed hay mixture and their composition.

Ready? Let’s go!

Best Horse Hay Seed Mixture for the money

No.ProductWhere to Buy
2.Nature’s Seed 1 AcreCHECK PRICE NOW
3.Nature’s Seed 2.5 AcreCHECK PRICE NOW

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X-Seed Pasture Land Equine Mixture with Micro-Boost Seed, 25-Pound, Orange (New)

This premium quality yet affordable hay, seed mix offers great support for idle horse, breeding stock, or hoses used recreationally.


Its Micro-Boost enhances germination, develops longer more fibrous roots, and creates larger seedlings

Grows into high-quality grass hay for horses

It is endophyte-free

Covers up to a single acre

Nutrient Composition

White Clover1%
Meadow Brome4%
Forage Bluegrass6%
Gulf Annual Rye10%
Intermediate Rye14%
Timothy 18%
Forage Perennial Rye33%

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Best Horse Hay Seed Mixture

Nature’s Seed 1 Acre Mid-West/Mid-Atlantic Horse Pasture Blend

This pasture mix will thrive in both the cold, snow and hot humid summer season.

The legumes and grasses included in this blend are rich in nutrients, palatable, and can withstand heavy grazing by horses.

Nutrient Composition

10% Alfalfa

20% Orchardgrass 20% Smooth Brome

20% Perennial Ryegrass

30% Kentucky Bluegrass

  • Nature’s Seed 2.5 Acre Great Plains Beef Cattle Pasture Blend

In this mix, only seeds from the most trusted wildland seed collectors and growers are included here.

So, be rest assured of a unique nature’s seed blend that caters to the needs of your horse or other equines.

Nutritional Composition

30% Smooth Brome 25% Tall Fescue (endophyte free)

15% Perennial Ryegrass 15% Orchardgrass

10% White Clover

5% Alfalfa

Seeding Rate: 20 lbs. / Acre