5 Best Horse Knee Boots for PROTECTION in 2023

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Experts say – Getting the best horse knee boots for horses who race, are prone to kicks and falls, or are restless in the trailer should be among your top #3 priority.

So, what do knee boots do? Knee boots are used to cover the knees on the front legs to protect your equine knees from any damage suffered during transport, and they can also be used if you are out and about riding on the roads.

Is your HORSE suffering from post-injury? Your vet can recommend it so as to protect the damaged area and prevent the injury from getting worse, while some are simply used as a precaution.

With no further ado, let’s check out the best knee boots for horses

Best Horse Knee Boots on the Market

It doesn’t matter what your reason for searching for the top-recommended horse knee boots is, we’ve got a range of best-performing products on the market today:

RatingsBrand (Product)
#1TOP PICK: Professional’s Choice Equine Knee Boot
(Best universal horse knee boots)

Fantastic protection without adding too much bulk
#2Back On Track Therapeutic Knee Boots
(Best Horse boots for injured Horses)
Great, protective and preventative boot.
#3Classic Equine Knee Boot (Best bulky horse knee boots)
A well-designed, well-made, value-for-mone

PROFESSIONAL’S Choice Equine Knee Boot Pair Review

Sold as a pair, these “professional choice” knee boots will protect your horse’s knees from bruises, bumps, and knocks. It is recommended by experts too.


  • Sold as a pair – Unlike other boot brands that sell singly! This one comes in a pair. That means you only need to make one order, and it will save resources – time and money.
  • Slim, lightweight yet comfortable boots –  So Your Horse Is Not Carrying Extra Bulk as they move! These boots offer high protection while being slim enough to be comfortable.
  • They stay up well – No one wants to arrive at his destination and discover that his horse knee boots have slipped off along the way. These dome with strong loop and hook fastening, keeping them in place for as long as you want them on.
  • Offers good knee support and protection – Bumping and bashing  with these ones on guarantees that your horse won’t  take any damage.


  • Not the best for field use – Although these are strong, sturdy EQUINE boots, it is not recommended to turn your horse out in them, as with the vigorous movement of running around in the field they may slip down.


A great pair of knee boots that offers wonderful protection without adding too much bulk to the legs of your hose and restricting its movements.

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Back On Track Therapeutic Knee Boots Review

This is an ideal knee boot for both traveling and quickening the healing of an injury.


  • Offers heat therapy that speeds up injury healing – The innovative technology and desig of this boot helps your horse recover from an injury to the knee much faster than with a standard pair of boots.
  • Carefully crafted to fit the shape of the knee for easy fastening – From experience, the knee is quite hard to strap up. These boots are fitted to the knee, with strong hook and loop fastening to prevent them from slipping down.
  • Sold in pairs – It comes in pairs! That’s how thought the manufacturers are! That way, you save more $$$ and time.
  • Multi functioning Boot – It is good for preventing injury as well as healing
  • Long lasting-  These boots are strong, sturdy and tough.


  • They are a bit pricey – Their added healing properties makes them a bit pricey when compared to competitors but trust me, they are worth every penny spent.


These boots have been said to improve the leg joints even on horses who have suffered from many years of a knee injury.

They are both preventative and protective and will make a nice addition to your horse’s accessory.

Best Horse Knee Boots

Classic Equine Knee Boot Review

Over the years, the reviews left by satisfied customers on Amazon speak for themselves.

This great yet fitted knee boot offers value and protects your horse from bumps and knocks.


  • 100% neoprene construction with strong hook and look fastening – Neoprene is long lasting, durable, strong and water resistant as well. The fastenings are solid, meaning that boot doesn’t slip when in use.
  • Fitted uniquely for the knee – Keeping boots or bandages on the knee can be tricky, as it is where the horse’s leg bends. This one is formed in a knee shape, meaning it shouldn’t slip down even if a fastening becomes loose.
  • Can be used whilst riding – Some knee boots are meant to be used on horses that are mostly stationary, but because of the shape of this one you can use it out and about too.
  • Tested and approved by well-known riders – Don Murphy, Todd Sommers and Andrea Fappani use and love this product, which is a great recommendation!


  • It adds some degree of bulk –  This horse boot is chunky but offers great protection, and may irritate the horse, especially if he’s wearing one on each side.


This well-designed and the well-made boot will protect your hose against any knocks or injuries while stabled, traveling, or even on the trail.

It is designed to stay up well too and will keep your equine knees healthy and happy.

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