22 Best Horse Movies On Netflix for Kids & Adults

Best Horse Movies On Netflix

Netflix has got massive of great horse movies that you might likely find very entertaining; either you own a horse, or you are a lover of the horse, I assure you there is something in there for everyone.

Whichever genre of horse movie you are looking for, Netflix has got you covered; we have horse movies ranging from horse racing movies to romance. There are several options for kids, teenagers, and adults.

Most horse movies teach us perseverance, determination, and loyalty, and if you can incorporate these three virtues in your daily activities, I am sure your life will improve.

Best Horse Movies on Netflix

Let’s dive into some of the best horse movies on Netflix that you can watch and learn one or two things from.

First, we will be looking at Best horse movies for Kids

Horses tend to have significant impacts on children starting from a very young age; most feel they have for horses stem from the kind of movies they watch about horses. Movie producers have been incorporating some amazing horse stories into movies for a very long time now; having your kids watch horse movies can entertain and at the same time teach them one or two moral lessons simultaneously.

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Some Best Horses for Kids Are:

  • Darkhorse:

Darkhorse, released on the 7th of March 1992, follows the story of a teen Allie, who wants so bad to feel in control of her life; this is one of the challenges teenagers face in school.

Allie, while mourning the death of her mother, was moved away from her friends and the familiar environment she was used to; this led her to hang out with people that were bad influences, and she made unwise decisions.

After drinking and driving, she was given a community service ordered by the court to be carried out at a horse ranch.

Allie found her way again after meeting an equally troubled horse; their bond grew more potent when they were both involved in another auto accident and took the time to heal each other by overcoming their emotional and physical challenges to a far greater degree.

This movie teaches your kids that no matter the obstacles and challenges faced, there will always be a brighter light at the end of the tunnel.

  • Storm Rider:

Storm Rider is an epic movie produced in 2013. Storm Rider, as a movie, teaches your kids perseverance and commitment despite whatever they may be going through.

The movie follows the struggles from separation in a family, pains, loss, and feelings of being alone.

Dani was had to sell off her beloved horse and move to stay with relatives. When her father was convicted and sent to jail for security fraud, she separated from her half-brother Jordan to live in the sticks with her uncle.

At first, she felt all hope was lost for her until her uncle stepped in and gifted her a mule to train.

With training, a mule comes responsibilities, and Dani could find loyalty, a sense of belonging, and a family.

  • Flicka:

To prove herself to her father and let him know she is cable of running their family ranch, sixteen-year-old Kathy Mclaughlin set herself up to train a wild mustang named flick. In the process, she found out she and the horse are more alike than she ever thought. After the flick was sold by her father, Kathy

  • The Secretariat:

The secretariat tells the story of a housewife and mother, penny, who had no prior knowledge about horse racing, but soon takes over her father’s stables when her father fell ill; she went ahead to join the horse racing competition and together with her horse secretariat, they were able to create history by winning the first triple crown in 25 years.

  • Black Beauty:

Black beauty tells the story of a wild horse rounded up and brought to Birtwick Stables, where she met and forged a bond with a spirited teenager Jo Green. Together, they went through different life challenges and adventures that ended up shaping up their lives for the better.

  • Misty:

Misty is a family-friendly movie released in the year 1961. Misty is based on a.true life story; this movie passes messages on love, responsibility, and patience, all of which are needed if you are to have a good relationship with your fellow Humans.

This movie also teaches children how to treat animals, most especially horses. The story follows the lives of two orphans that grew up to love and have an extraordinary bond with a wild pony living off the coast of Virginia.

The movie was based on a children’s book called Misty of Chincoteague, it won an award in 1947, and the movie misty was shot in 1961.

  • Spirit Untamed:

The story follows lucky young Prescott, who befriended a wild mustang horse named spirit, who also showed her a kindred spirit when a heartless wrangler plans to have spirit captured; lucky came to the rescue with her friends, her life was forever changed. The movie was released on the 4th of June, 2021.

  • Elliot, the littlest reindeer:

This is the story of Elliot and his best friend Hazel; Elliot set out to prove himself to Santa that he is the best horse for the job when Blitzen suddenly announces his retirement. As they both took over the job of the reindeer tryouts of the north pole, hazel discovered that Christmas might be heading to disaster. Elliot was faced with the most significant decision of his life when he found out that a sinister lady was threatening the lives of their friends.

  • Wendy:

Wendy tells the story of a twelve-year-old girl that strikes up a unique friendship with a horse that was saved from being slaughtered after she was forced to spend her summer holidays at her grandmother’s ranch.

  • Windstorm:

Windstorm depicts the story of a horse whisperer Mika, she never knew who she was, and she was never found of horses till she met the wild stallion Ostwind and formed a unique friendship with him.

Best Horse Movies On Netflix

Horse movies on Netflix for Adults

If you love horses and you sure do not have one, there are movies about horses that can tickle your fancy and entertain you all simultaneously; listed below are some movies just for you.

  • Being Ap:

Being Ap tells the story of jump jockey Ap; the story is about sacrifice,  doubts, failures, injury, and ultimately finding a way to leave the stage. The movie generally depicts relationships, decisions, and ultimately, sacrifice.

  • Walk.Ride.Rodeo:

This inspirational tale tells the struggles of Amberley Snyder Whom after getting in an accident that almost claimed her life and made her paralyzed from the waist down, still did not give up on her dreams but still fought hard to earn back her place doing what she loves.

  • A champion Heart:

This tells the story of a wounded horse and a troubled girl who found each other, and together, they found healing, faith, and hope.

  • Horse Girl Riding Faith:

After her father’s passing, a young girl decided to keep her father’s ranch business together with her mother afloat with the help of a horse she shares a special bond with.

  • The World We Make:

It tells the story of an 18year old Lee and Jordan whose love was tested after the presence of racial bias showed up in their little progressive town.

  • Spirit: Stallion of the Cimmaron:

This is the story of a stallion traveling across the frontiers of the Old West; he found true love with a mare and got to befriend a young human.

  • War Horse:

Warhorse tells Albert and his horse Joey and the special bond of friendship between them; even through the war, they could both find their way.

  • Racing Stripes:

Stripes is a baby zebra who a retired horse trainer rescued, stripe’s dream is to race against thoroughbreds, and he could live out his dreams.

  • Phar Lap:

Phar Lap was a champion New Zealand thoroughbred; when phar lap was brought into the stable, he formed a strong bond with Tommy woodcock, a young stranger. Together they both won different racing contests even when the odds were stacked up against them.

Horse Movie Classics for Sad People

Horse movies have always been a hit from their inception till now; there is something about horses that we find enchanting. Horses can teach us some things about humility and respect.

Listed below are some classic horse movies that can lift any sad spirit.

  • My little pony:

the story follows alicorn Twilight Sparkles, her dragon friend, her five pony friends, embarking on an adventure to save their home from an evil conqueror and, in the process gaining new friends in their journey.

  • The man from the snowy river:

This is the story of loss, love, and redemption. The plot follows proud young Jim Craig, who, after the death of his father, sets out to become his own man. He was treated poorly by other experienced cowboys after taking a horse rancher named Harrison.

He won the heart of the Rancher’s daughter, Jessica, after helping her break a high-strung colt and saving her life. Craig had to prove he was worthy of Jessica and restore his honor after he was blamed for the loss of an expensive horse unfairly.

  • All pretty horses:

After losing everything, including the ranch he grew up in, John Grady and his Pal embarked on a journey that will very much change their lives forever.

  • Warhorse Lean on Pete:

Lean on Pete tells the story of a teen Charley, living with his single father; he finds work caring for an aging racehorse, but when he finds out that the racehorse Pete was headed to the slaughter, the two embark on a journey looking for a place to call home.

  • The black stallion:

It tells the story of a young boy and a stallion stranded on a deserted island after the ship they boarded suffered a wreck.

  • Horse whisperer:

This is the story of Tom, a horse whisperer who helped grace and their horse recuperate after they met with an accident that almost took their lives.

  • Dreamer:

Dreamers talk about Dave’s shaky relationship with his daughter, but when he adopted an injured horse, their relationship was mended as the horse became a bridge that Dave used to reach out to his daughter cale.

  • Champions:

It talks about Bob Champion, a steeple chase Jockey who was diagnosed with cancer at the height of his career but never gave up; he went on to win the 1981 grand National with his horse Aldaniti after he managed to recover miraculously.

Horse movies for great People

Let’s get right into horse movies for great people, and they are horse movies for great People, and they are:

  • Unbranded:

Unbranded follows the adventurous journey of four friends traveling on wild horses from the Mexican border to the Canadian Border.

The movie depicts the difficulties faced in managing wild horses throughout the western states.

  • Sylvester:

It tells the story of a rodeo horse taken to the Olympic trials in Kentucky by a spunky texas girl and an old westerner.

  • Warhorse

  • Miracle of the white stallion:

The story centers around the evacuation of the Lipizzaner horses from the Spanish riding school during the second world war.

  • The Mustang

  • Flicka

  • The Derby Stallion

  • Bite the bullet

  • Secretariat

  • Buck

Horse movies based on a true story

Some horse movies that were acted based on true-life stories are:

  • Casey Shadow

  • Champions

  • Moondance Alexander

  • Wild hearts can’t be broken

  • Serger

  • All the pretty horses

  • 50 to 1

  • Ruffian

  • Miracle of the white stallion

  • Seabiscuit

Horse Racing Movies

If you love racing, listed below are fantastic horse movies to set your imagination spinning.

  1. Hildago

  2. Phar horse

  3. Seabiscuit

  4. A gamble for love

  5. Let it ride

  6. The cup

  7. Champions

  8. National velvet

  9. 50 to 1

  10. The black stallion

Best Horse TV Shows On Netflix

The following are the best horse Tv shows you can watch on Netflix. These shows are filled with stories of friendship, love, romance, suspense, and family.

  • Centaur world

  • BoJack Horseman

  • The pony sitters club

  • Spirit riding free

  • Heartland

  • Free reign

  • The saddle club

  • Wildfire

  • The adventures of Black Beauty

  • Mr. Ed.