Best Horse Poo Picker Machine/Collector to try? in 2022

Best Horse Poo Picker Machine

The best way to pick up horse manure is to use a top recommended horse poo picker.

We have analyzed different manure removal tools to get the job done irrespective of your present situation.

Note: For large pastures, you will need a pasture scooper or drag, while for stalls and smaller paddocks, you might require a manure fork. We have handpicked the top choices of horse manure scooper based on substrate and size.

What is the Best Horse Poo Picker based on Experience?

Manure forks make the removal of manure quick and stress-free.

Best Horse Manure Fork for Shavings

This manure fork for shavings works best for pelleted bedding but will work well for regular or even economy shavings.

Once your horse is in shavings in its stall or somewhere else, this basket-type manure forks.

Basket type of manure allows you to pick up horse poo’s and shake off the excess shavings leaving only the horse poop behind to add to your bucket.

Note: The size of your beddings does matter. If you have really thick, premium horse shavings, they may not fall through the tines on this manure fork.

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Best Horse Manure Fork for Sand Paddocks

Sand paddocks are great because they are perfect for sand as their name implies.

This scooper is just plain; plastic manure fork you see typically at barns.

It is sold on Amazon and is a great 3-package. The downside of this is that they’re not great when it comes to hard surfaces or mud.

If you attempt to try and pick up wet, saturated manure, the tines may break.

Hitting a rock or hard surface may break a tine off.

The good part is that you can purchase replacements heads and, honestly, they still work fine in many cases with one or two tines broken off.


Steel Impact Resistant Muck Rake

A better alternative would be to buy a wave fork.

This offers better quality but is a tad expensive than a regular plastic manure fork.

Best Manure Fork for Grass or Rocky Paddocks

For rocky or grass paddocks, including paddocks with areas of gravel, I recommend using a metal tined manure fork.

Do they cost more? Yeah, but when cared for in longer times, they give the best value for the money.

Since the tines are metal, they would bend when under powerful weight but might not break (in fact they rarely break).

In my experience, the metal manure fork handles suffer most of the heat before the head is replaced.

If you have different stall types and want just ONE solution, this manure fork is the way to go.

It can be used on all of the softer substrates like dirt and shavings, but is rugged enough for rocky paddocks and won’t even bulge if it gets caught on grass.

Best Horse Poo Picker Machine

The Best Pasture Scoopers for the Money

Having a large pasture would require you to use top-rated horse manure removal equipment such as a pasture scooper.

One such device I found really helpful is the Super Scooper Horse Manure Collector.

This device is a pull-behind manure collector mounted on a quad or tractor to collect poop with ease.

The cool part is that you need not go into your pasture with a wheelbarrow and manure fork.

To use a tow-behind manure collector, you simply hitch up and drag the super scooper horse manure collector behind you.

The only con to enjoying the best value is that this device does not work well for dirt or sand pastures.

It will collect dirt and sand just like manure if the ground is not packed hard.

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