Best Horse Saddle for COB for Sale

If you do a quick Google search you will discover plenty of COB saddles for sale online. These will range from saddle for cob pony to short backed horse to large horse breed types.

However, we have compiled here a list of the best horse saddle for COB we are certain will meet your needs.

Personally, I love the Thrrowgood cob saddles. They are cheap, effective and are crafted to support flat backed wide horses. If you desire a fancier version then you should opt for the Masters Cob and Kent saddles that are the same, just leather.

My friend uses Black Country for her wide as she rides a tall gelding.

Best Horse Saddle for COB Riding

Take a quick look at our pick of the best saddle for a traditional cob below – all tried and tested by experienced horse riders:

  • Thorowgood T4 Cob Gp Saddle – Best Horse Saddle for COB

This is an all-around saddle that has been crafted to suit the rounder build of a cob-type horse. The seat depth is medium; making it great for various activities.

The knee pads and suede-effect seat covering are comfortable and non-slip. Using this horse saddle for cob pony means you feel close-contact with your equine.


To maximize the saddle’s stability, this saddle features 4 girthing options. I found that it suits Arab horses perfectly.

It can easily be adjusted using its changeable gullet system. It offers security and safety while riding too. The leather-looking material is easy to clean –  simply wipe it over with a damp sponge.

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  • Albion K2 Gp Saddle – Best Saddle for Short Backed COB

The K2 GP has been made for riders who are looking to be super comfortable whilst riding an high quality, all-round saddle, perfect for al primary disciplines.

The Albion K2 GP saddle come with plenty fitting options including the much loved Ajusta-Tree Technology that lets riders enjoy a secure, supportive leg and seat position.


On first trial, this top saddle for traditional cob will suit your horse well. Being a “GP” means you can use this saddle for al disciplines.

It is great for both jumping and jacking, and helps you maintain a correct posture as you ride. It is comfortable to ride in.

  • Wintec 500 All Purpose Saddle Cair – Top cob saddles for sale

The Wintec 500 AP is great for many disciplines. This saddle has a seat that provides support and a strong balance to a rider.

The leather material is soft and offers softness so care is simple and painless. The Adjustable Flexibloc system lets you to personally tailor your knee and thigh support and the CAIR Cushion system combined with an anatomically shaped tree and performance panel, ensure your horse’s maximum comfort for freedom of movement and your peace of mind.

Being one of the best saddle for cob horse means it boasts of an EASY-CHANGE Fit Solution feature that allows you custom-fit your saddle in a couple of minutes for the best performance and comfort.


The Easy-Change Fit Solution is most useful if your horse frequently changes its shape all through the year. It is more than perfect for a young horse who is still growing. The wide panels mean your weight is spread across a wider area of the horse’s back for comfort.

The saddle is light in weight and comfortable to ride in too, whether you’re hacking, doing dressage or jumping, this saddle will secure you tightly.

The Equileather material doesn’t require much cleaning. It is lightweight, comfortable and lasts a long time.

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  • Bates Isobel Dressage – Best Horse Dressage Saddle for COB

The deep seat of the Bates Isobel Dressage places you in a central balanced position that allows you correct your back alignment.

The CAIR cushion system, comfort shaping of the tee and plenty panel design will give you freedom of movement and comfort too.

The EASY-CHANGE Fit Solution lets you alter the saddle quickly and with ease too – all thanks to its EASY-CHANGE Gullet System, and EASY-Change Rider system.

A Flexiblocks knee roll and the adjustable ergonomic stirrup bar lets you enjoy security and comfort. This cob saddle for sale can be quickly altered to fit your horse shape.

It is long lasting and is safe yet not restricting.

Best Horse Saddle for COB

  • Ideal Impala Professional Jump Saddle – Best Horse Jump Saddle for COB

This single flap horse saddle allows you enjoy close contact with your animal. The tree has a flat rake cantle for a more open seat making it a great fit for cross-country riding.

It also allows you enjoy a free-swinging girthing system that gives room for a greater flexibility when fitting.

This saddle speaks of comfortability and security. The saddle is easy to care for and the leather cleans up well.

  • Heather Moffett Flexee Finesse Dressage – Best saddle for a Traditional COB

This saddle is made on a leather tree, an old fashioned method of creating a flexible saddle. It is designed with comfortability in mind and allows the rider (beginner, intermediate, or experienced) to sit in the correct ear/shoulder/hip/heel alignment with ease.

Its flexible tree allows it preach versatility. The holes on this saddle’s girth straps are quite little so it can be hard to adjust your girth.

The Finesse synthetic material is hard to tell apart from real soft hide. Each saddle features a complete set of gullet plates.

The material used to build this traditional COB saddle is synthetic but actually looks like leather. It is easier to are for. A fast wipe over with a damp cloth and it comes out looking brand new.

  • Gfs Monarch Dressage – Top recommended Dressage saddles for COB

This is perfect for all levels of dressage. Why? It helps improve your leg and seat position. It is an extremely comfortable seat that is well balanced with a supportive block and additional padding on the knee.

It is built on a lightweight, flexible tree with a simple fit gullet system to the saddle that can be adjusted with ease.

The gullet can be changed with ease. That means if your horse changes shape, you can easily change the shape to fit him. I’ve noticed that my horse loves the freedom of movement it provides.

The seat and knee rool shape allows you to sit comfortably in the correct position. This presents you with a secure feeling as your ride.

The leather can be cleaned easily by adding conditioner and it has a long service life.

  • Kent And Masters S-Series Dressage Saddle

The low profile panel design this saddle offers lets rides enjoy a close contact with their horse alongside wonderful stability.

It’s moveable under-flap thigh blocks can be repositioned as needed. The changeable gullets system of this saddle is super helpful especially when you own a young horse that changes shape often.

With this saddle, fit adjustment becomes easier. I also believe this saddle is extremely comfortable to ride in, and I love the fact that you can move the knee roll to suit and support you where you need it.

Once cleaned, the leather comes out looking brand new.

So, what do you think of our best horse saddle for COB review? Did we miss your favorite? Let us know in the comment section below!

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