5 Best Horse Saddle for Heavy Rider [Plus,Larger,Big Guy]

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Being on the extra side, it is fairly normal to want to get the best horse saddle for heavy riders.

Horseback riding becomes an enjoyable experience when the horse and its saddle are suited to your weight, size, and riding abilities.

No matter the best horse saddle for larger riders that you pick, know this – It must fit the horse first! But then must be comfortable for the rider too.

Both Western and English plus-size rider can find saddles to accommodate their height and size.

Heck, we have simplified the process of picking the best most comfortable western saddle for a heavy rider.

Best Horse Saddle for Heavy Rider [Western, Dressage and Trail]

As earlier stated, a saddle must first FIT your horse, so I would consider that area first, regardless of whether it’s English, Western, Aussie, or any other.

My brother who is on the plus-size uses one of the horse saddles for big guys called “ Wintec” and it fits him well. Also, he uses Thinline pad too.

Duetts – Best most comfortable Western saddle for Heavy Riders

This is our #1 pick when it comes to the best saddle for plus-size riders.

For English saddles, I’d recommend checking Duetts out.

They make a range of dressage, AP/trail saddles and specialize in fitting wide flat-backed horses.

Need I add that they also have seat sizes that reach up to 20”.

My neighbor (who is on the plus size) tried a Fidelio dressage saddle – 34cm tree, 20” seat and it fits her Appy majestically, and when she tried it on her Arab, guess what? It worked too!

She even trails ride in hers (for more than 5 hours).

Wintec Pro Endurance – Best saddle for plus size rider

My brother purchased a Wintec Pro Endurance around 10 years ago, while searching for the best saddles for plus-size riders, although he was much heavier than the saddle worked!

After he tried it on, it seemed to fit his TB gelding really well and he did talk about how super comfortable it was (and still is).

He used it for lower-level trail riding and dressage.

Best Horse Saddle for Heavy Rider

Dressage Saddle – 17.5 Laser Equestrian “Trident” – Best horse saddle for larger riders

While a friend was looking for big guys horse saddles, she met a saddle fitter that told her that a Western saddle wasn’t the best bet.

She was heavy and felt the responsibility of getting her horse a saddle that fits really well while also distributing her weight best.

So, he recommended Laser Trident and her horse loves it!

This saddle has huge flocked panels and a wonderful spine clearance. She also uses a thin line most of the time.

Factors to Consider Before Buying Horse Saddles for Big Guys

Seat Size

Ensure the saddle is big enough so that you can sit comfortably.

For the Western saddle, the seat size is measured from the top of the cantle to the hole right in front of the saddle horn.

Western saddles also consider the skirt and cantle length. English saddles can be measured from the pommel to the cantle.

Your saddle will range from English to Western saddles, with seat sizes in the Western saddle an inch or two smaller than similar sizes on English saddles.

English Saddles

Normally, English saddles include all-purpose, jumping or flat, saddle seat, and dressage.

Being a big guy, you can pick any of these types of saddles, depending on your riding area.

Flap length differs among saddle markers and you should take into consideration for big or tall riders.

A longer flap often means additional security for a larger rider.

A tall or big rider will need English saddles of at least 17 inches.

Western Saddles

The top western saddles for heavy riders vary in seat sizes, skirt sizes, and cantle heights.

Big or large riders may discover that saddles with lower cantles can be mounted and dismounted easier and faster as compared to other saddle types.

Large riders will need a Western saddle with a 17-inch seat or larger.

Used Saddles

Finding used saddles for big riders can be hard. However, if you really want a used horse saddle for big guys, then I recommend checking on eBay.

When shopping for used saddles, I recommend checking the steams, girth, and sticking buckles closely too, ensuring they’re in good condition.

Lastly, a plus-sized riding community such as Eighteen Hands may be able to help you locate a secondhand saddle that fits you and your hose comfortably.

I’m pretty sure that by now you should have picked at least one from our range of products recommended in this best horse saddle for heavy riders’ review.

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