Top 5 Best Horse Saddle for Hunting in 2022

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Having to end rides because your body aches sucks! Before I was introduced to the right saddle, I only went on short rides as longer rides often mean body pains for me!

Picking the best horse saddle for hunting creates comfort for the horse and the rider and extends trail riding time.

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Best Horse Saddle for Hunting

Top 5 Best Horse Saddle for Hunting

Hunting can go from a few minutes to long hours in the saddle, so it’s quite crucial to use a saddle that keeps you and your horse very comfortable.

Hunting involves road work, jumping, and off-road work so whichever saddle you pick needs to be suitable for all of these!

A jumping saddle may sound ideal, but they usually feature smaller weight-bearing surfaces than GP’s, so could lead to discomfort for your horse if you go out for hours and hours.

Not only that, the seat is usually smaller too. That means unlimited soreness after riding in a jump saddle for hours!

Some may fit the purpose but others may not.

Your top priority is finding a saddle that fits your horse and a close second is a saddle that fits you!

17 Inch Used Albion All Purpose Saddle

This Albion all-purpose saddle is made in England and has super soft leather for maximum comfort you and your hose can enjoy all day long.

The short skirt offers you both the freedom to move and ride better. The saddle is lightweight and comes with leathers and irons.


Why we Like this

It has a comfortable and supportive seat

It can fit a large variety of horses

Made with quality leather

It is comfortable for the horse

Medium knee rolls which are soft for comfort, along with helping maintain a good leg position

Adjustable up to two width settings (for Adjusta models)

19 Inch Used Antares Jumping Saddle

The Antares Jumping Saddle is extremely lightweight and features a cover. It boasts of a short, round, close contact cut skirt.

The leather is soft and provides you with a broken-in feel right out of the box.


Why we Like this

The leather is soft and it offers the maximum rider comfort

It is both comfortable for the horse and rider

Good quality leather

18 Inch Used Stubben Jump and Hunt Saddle

This Stubben Jump and Hunt saddle is lightweight and has a soft knee block built right in for security!

The flap features layers of comfort that will help mold you with your horse.


We can’t recommend this enough.

Used Cliff Barnsby Lacroix Show Saddle

Made in England, the Cliff Barnsby dressage saddle was manufactured in England and it has a seat size of 21 inches.

It is lightweight, lovely, very much easier to balance in all day, and comes with a cover.

17.5Inch Used Kent and Masters All Purpose Saddle Teqnic GP

Handcrafted with elegance, this beauty brings comfort to your hose and you!

Why we love this Saddle

The seat is soft and it comes with knee rolls for your comfort

Moveable knee blocks for customization to the rider’s leg, maximizing support

Broad panels for a greater weight-bearing surface

Adjustable gullet – change the width of the saddle as your horse changes shape throughout the year and leading up to the hunting season

AceRugs All Natural Cowhide Western Leather Horse Saddle – Overall Best saddle for horse comfort

High-Quality Equestrian Saddles

The AceRugs Western leather horse saddle sits at only 12-18 inches in the seat and weighs only 26 pounds.


The seat is well padded

100% premium leather seat

Features many ties

It sports a beautiful hand-carved floral and basketweave tooling

It has adjustable Blevins Buckles


It does not fit high-withered horses.

KLS Barrel Racing Trail Leather Western Horse Saddle TACK – Top saddle for hunting horses

The KLS barrel Racing western horse saddle has 15-16 inches in the seat and weighs in at around 30 pounds.


It comes with a free matching headstall breast collar

Nylon reinforcement on stirrups


It might be heavy to move around for people with small hands


15 16 Barrel Racing Comfy Show Trail Tooled Leather Western Horse Saddle Tack

Premium Western Barrel Racing Horse Trail Saddle Tack – Best horse saddle for hunting

The Premium Western horse trail saddle sits at only 14 – 16 inches in the seat and weighs about 25 pounds.


It is made with drum-fried leather

Has a padded suede seat

It is made with a basket weaved leather


It lacks a bit

Fiberglass tree

Has a dramatic curve in the saddle

AceRugs Texas Silver Western Trail Show Horse Barrel Saddle Tack – Best Endurance Horse Saddle

The AceRugs Western pleasure trail saddle measures 15-18 inches in the seat and weighs about 18 pounds.

High-Quality Equestrian Saddles


Includes free breast collar, reins, and headstalls

Features silver corner plates

It has D-rings for accessories


It is produced from synthetic materials

The tree is brittle

It lacks cinches


King Series Synthetic Trail Saddle – Comfortable Horse Saddle For Trail Riding

The King Series Synthetic Trail Saddle is a 20 inches seat that weighs about 18 pounds.

High-Quality Equestrian Saddles


It is lightweight

Features a suede seat

Has rawhide covered bars


It cannot be adjusted

It does not handle heavy riding well

It is produced from synthetic materials

King Series Synthetic Trail Saddle

So What is the Best Saddle for Hunting Animals?

Of the many saddles reviewed here, our favorite is the AceRugs Cowhide Western Leather Horse Saddle.

In our experience, it is the best if a comfortable trail riding experience is what you want.

The premium leather gets better with age and the hand-crafted designs and style element help you stand out among many.

Plus, the amount of this available on the saddle lets you add many bags so you need not worry about leaving any essential supply behind as you go hunting.

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