TOP 10 Best Horse Saddle for Mountain Riding

TOP 10 Best Horse Saddle for Mountain Riding

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When it comes to trail riding, the importance of getting the best horse saddle for mountain riding cannot be overemphasized.

The comfort you will enjoy if you select the right saddle for you and your horse will be worth it.

Best Horse Saddle for Mountain Riding

First, you should ensure your tack properly fits your horse before you saddle up.

A bad fitting will be painful and even harmful to you (bad back) and your horse (sore back).

Here is some mountain horse saddle that we recommend:

Allegany Mountain Trail Saddles – Best Trail saddle for Mountain Riding

The Allegany Mountain Trail Saddles Cascade Wade is made up of Steel trees that are carved out of Southern yellow pine encased in resin and fiberglass.

All of their saddles can be adjusted to custom fit your horse thanks to their Fit-to-be-seen form system that was designed by Steel Saddles.

These saddles are close contact ones, to fit your horse first and then you. The leather here is handmade.

Each leather of the Allegany mountain trail saddle is made by just one guy and not built on a production line. So, a lot of care and attention is given to it.

It weighs in at only 26 pounds. At the moment, you can select any of the three rigging options, including adjustable.

The 7/8 dropped ring can also be set up to have a three-point endurance saddle rigging or a rear cinch, depending on your preference.

The standard saddle often comes with a pair of tie strings in the back, and tie and extra strings can be placed anywhere.

Optionally, you can opt for the option of customizing your saddle in whatever form, shape, or way.

Abetta Saddle – Best Saddle for Horse Mountain Riding

The tree used on this saddle is the “Ralide tree”, which is a mold-injected polyethylene.

The advantage of this is that when you put on sewed parts to cover it, they fit perfectly.

This brand produces trees that fit lots of horse breeds, including draft and gaited horses.

The outer shell consists of strong 1000-denier nylon, filled with a closed-cell foam that is completely waterproof i.e both the outer shell and inner cell foam do not absorb moisture.

All materials used on this saddle are synthetic including the fleece situated at the saddle’s bottom. If it ever gets wet, it dries out quickly.

It spots an Acu-suede seat. A synthetic leather-like vinyl is a material over the pommel and cantle. It weighs around 17 pounds.

A trademarked nylon leather half-breed rigging connected with a nylon strap from one end of the saddle to the other and secured into the tree itself is used here.

If the rigging ever gets ripped out, the saddles are still secured to the horse because the rigging is wrapped around – and is still connected by this patented safety strap across the top.

Tex Tan TNT Trail Blazer – Top Mountain horse saddle

The Tex-Flex tree is made with high-density polyethylene bars, crafted to hold its shape, yet protect it when the horse moves against it.

The materials used here are made of different colors and Western styles. The weight range from 25-to 28 pounds.

The TNT Trail Blazer saddle features a deep seat and a 5-inch cantle, alongside a Visco memory foam cushion in the seat.

The seat is made in a way that keeps you properly seated while going downhill on steep terrain and during the occasional “spooks” you may face on the trail.

This top horse saddle for mountains also comes with a convenient pocket sewn into the billet for your hood pick.

You will see a buckle strap on the swell for a compass, or to hang your additional rope or spurs.

A flashlight can conveniently fit the “clever leather”. It is positioned in a way that they’re always accessible when needed but does not get in the way of things.

On the back, you will see additional saddle strings and snaps on the back strings for securing all other items you might need.

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Best Horse Saddle for Mountain Riding

Best Lightweight Western Trail Saddles

Depending on your terrain, Trail riding can last many hours. That is why it is important to properly fit a saddle that will give you a smooth ride.

With comfort in mind, these are some of the best lightweight trail saddles for Western riding:

Acerugs Western Pleasure Trail Saddle – Most Comfortable Western Saddles for Trail Riding

The Acerugs Beautiful Western Pleasure Trail saddle speaks of both beauty, style, and comfort.

It is one of the most comfortable western saddles for trail riding out there.

This lightweight trail saddle is produced from synthetic Cordura material that does not require much to clean and maintain.

This soft padded seat will keep you comfortable most of the day.

For your equine’s comfort, this horse saddle spots a synthetic fleece underside and a dual reinforced fiberglass tree.

No doubt, this saddle is affordable and is available in various colors.

King Series Synthetic Trail Saddle – Best Simple Western Trail Saddle

The King Series Synthetic Trail Saddle is crafted to withstand long hours of riding while still providing your unmatchable comfort.

It is produced from synthetic that is both lightweight, comfortable, and easy to clean.

The shock-absorbing form and suede padded seat help prevent you from getting sore after a day out on the trail.

It also is one of the most budget-friendly Western trail saddles on the market.

Wintec Full Quarter Western Saddle – Best Western trail saddle for Light Riding

This horse saddle possesses an EZ fold fenders system and full quarter bars, that offer elite comfort, fit, and quality.

It is a synthetic type of leather that allows for simple cleaning and is scratch-resistant too. It handles every weather condition well too.

The fleece-lined panels offer a cozy and snug fit on your horse.

The suede padded seat lets you enjoy a smooth ride, while also offering you the additional grip you need.

This sleek-looking saddle is available in brown and black.

Wintec Western Trail Saddle – Best Non-heavy Western Trail saddles

The Wintec brand is a well-known brand in the world of horse riding.

It offers a comfortable and secure ride. This synthetic saddle is perfect for all trail riding expeditions.

Thanks to EZ fold fenders, this saddle is simple and perfect for long rides.

The seat is made with memory foam that offers the best comfort while riding.

This attractive saddle comes in black and brown color variants.

Acerugs Leather Comfy Trail Saddle – Best lightweight western trail saddles

The Acerugs All-Natural cowhide Western Leather Horse Saddle Comfy SEAT Pleasure Trail is one of the best lightweight western trail saddles beautifully designed to allow you and your horse to enjoy the best comfort.

It is produced from high-quality leather so the service life is long. The quilted suede seat and underskirt offer the rider and horse support they need.

The fiberglass-reinforced tree and custom wood reinforced tree are made with air cooling channels that keep your horse cool during hot, summer rides.

There are more than “O” rings for attaching any saddle accessories or bags you may need for your trail ride.

Circle Y High Horse Eldorado Saddle – Best Premium Lightweight Trail Saddles

The Circle Y High Horse Eldorado Saddle offers the highest comfort to your horse and you while still being lightweight.

It is produced from high-quality handcrafted leather that will last well and is worth your money.

The smooth padded leather seat will offer you hours of support in the saddle.

The Ralide flexible tree gives you room so you feel both secure and comfortable.

With the fleece-lined skirt, this saddle keeps your horse happy for hours.

King Series Jacksonville Trail Saddle Reg

The King Series Jacksonville Trail Saddle Reg is crafted with beauty in mind. It is a dark oil saddle.

It boasts of a suede seat and rawhide covered in fiberglass trees.

This saddle is meant to offer long hours of comfort on the trail.

This durable saddle is made to withstand even the harshest of conditions while offering security.

With a flair of the “Old West”, this saddle is perfect for trail and pleasure riding.

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