5 Best Horse Trailer Brands in UK, US [and More]

Anyone can purchase any horse trailers for sale but only horse owners who consider their horse precious would opt for the best horse trailer brands in UK, US, Canada or Australia.

With countless horse trailer manufacturers out there, it can be hard to know which one is right for you and your equine. Some designs have proven to be more fitting than others, so it is crucial you explore options out here.

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Best Horse Trailer Brands in UK, US, Canada and Australia

Here are our most recommended Horse Trailer brands:

  • Sundowner Trailers

Sundowner company is one of the big boys in the horse trailer industry. Their products include high-quality goosenecks and bumper pulls.

They even provide you custom designs (if you want) that meets certain needs with durability in mind.

All of the Sundowner trailer products are designed with equine comfort in mind and can include living quarters for humans.

With strong aluminum build, floor mats, padded dividers, and proper airflow, among several features, your horse will be happy, safe and have a thrill.

They are so good at what they do that the American Quarter Horse Association has made them their official horse trailer supplier.

  • Featherlite Horse Trailers

I love the while White Featherlite gooseneck horse trailer so much for its design and space.

Whatever your needs are, you are sure to find a horse trailer from this brand that meets it. Whether you need a bumper pull, gooseneck, living quarters or custom design, Featherlite has all of these in stock.

Their models speak of comfort and horse convenience.

Safety is top of their priority, and they include cushioned rubber mats, drop down feed doors for ventilation and slam latch dividers too. With long-lasting aluminum construction and aerodynamic designs, they are forged to last.

Produced with equestrians in mind, they offer a smooth, safe yet fuel efficient ride.

  • 4 Star Horse Trailers

The 4Star Runabout horse trailer is a beauty to behold.

4-star Horse trailers are leading at the top when it comes to discussion of the best horse trailer manufacturers in the US.

They have proven to deliver safety and quality with each model time after time. Their goosenecks and bumper pulls are crafted with detailed attention so the comfort of your hose is guaranteed.

Rubber walls, tack storage, rubber walls, and floor mats are among the plenty features they have to offer. You can even enjoy deluxe living quarters built to meet your particular needs, with the ability to upgrade features you want.

The all-aluminum construction ensures durability and fuel efficiency on the road.

  • Trails West Trailer for Horses

Trails West trailer horse trailers are designed to last a lifetime. They offer a wide range of horse trailer styles that meets your needs.

It is safe and stylish, so your horse is guaranteed a pleasant ride.

The aluminum body and solid steel chassis build can withstand tough conditions. The unique mat covered wood floors are designed to prevent heat transfer from hot roads.

You can pick from the list of unique features to meet certain needs of you and your horse.

  • CM Trailers for Horses

If you are searching for an affordable yet durable trailer, then CM horse trailers is an ideal option for you. They provide quality construction on all of their models, with lightweight, aluminum builds.

Each build is made with the safety of horses in mind. The many unique features can be added to create your dream trailer., whether it’s drop feed doors or a tack room.

The dependable designs will last you for several years.

Best Horse Trailer Brands in UK

  • Exiss Horse Trailer

Each Exiss Horse trailer is built with all equestrians in mind. Each of these are quality, long-lasting yet affordable trailers.

Whether you need a gooseneck or a two-horse bumper pull, you can create your own dream trailer reality. They build every model with safety as top priority.

Like Featherlite, they are a part of the Universal Trailer Corporation, so you can rest assured you are getting an excellent product.

  • Titan Horse Trailers

Not only do Titan offer a wide range of designs to meet your travel needs but they’ve also earned themselves the reputation of building durable, long-lasting hauling cans.

The safety and comfort of your equine is highly considered in each build. You can pick from a list of add-ons, like Stud gats, rear tack space, and AC.

The hardy yet comfortable construction will provide you with peace of mind as you travel with your beloved.

  • Merhow Trailer Brand

For over 64 years, Merhow has been focused on supplying equestrians with strong, trustworthy trailers. They have various models you can pick from.

They’re an industry leader with safety and comfort of horses in mind. With each model, you will see durability and safety is their core values.

Their horse trailer models include different features

  • Cimarron Horse Trailer Brand

Regardless of your trailer needs, Cimarron has you covered. The trailers they produce have track records of being safe, hardy and ensuring your horses are comfortable as you haul.

You have the power to pick from various add-ons that lets you create your dream design. Whether living quarters is what you need, or a hay lift or padded dividers, you have many custom features you can choose from.

The sturdy aluminum of their goosenecks and bumper pulls lets them to last for years.

  • Hawk Trailer Brand

At Hawk, their primary goal is to make only the finest horse trailers.

Like 4-star horse trailers, their design gives attention to detail i.e. each model is carefully built.

Being one of the horse trailers for sale means this horse trailer comes with galvanized steel frame designs on all of their trailers.

This secures your equine as it is hauled. They are big fans of customization so if you want roof vents, kick wall pads, or even living quarters, you can pick any from this best horse trailers with living quarters.

So, what do you think of our best horse trailer brand review? Did we miss anything out? Do not hesitate to let us know!