5 Best Horse Trailer Camera Systems [Wired & Wireless]

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We all get to a certain point where we are away from our horses but still want to keep a watchful eye over them. Getting the best horse trailer camera system makes that a possibility.

Towing a trailer with a horse in it can be hard. As an owner, you should take responsibility for their comfort and safety during travel which is why a horse trailer backup camera technology is so important.

A wired or wireless camera for the inside trailer lets you monitor your horses during transit, taking immediate action if anything out of the ordinary is noticed.

Trust me, the last thing you need after a long journey is an injured or distressed animal.

You can rest assured while your drive knowing your handsome stallion is safe.

A good camera also lets you enjoy additional visibility when reversing or parking, which is super helpful and helps avoid blind spots.

Overview of the best horse trailer cameras we’ve chosen:

  • iStrong FHD 1080P Digital Wireless Camera (Our Top Choice)
  • eRapta Backup Camera 2.0 with Split Screen Monitor
  • Trailer Eyes Wi-Fi Trailer and Barn Camera
  • Swifthitch SH04 Wireless Battery Camera System (For Iphone)
  • Yuwei RV Rearview Wireless Camera

5 Best Horse Trailer Camera System Review

iStrong FHD 1080P Digital Wireless Camera – Best Wireless Horse Trailer Camera

Topping the list of our best horse trailer backup camera reviews is the iStrong FHD 1080P Digital Wireless 2 Backup Camera that provides great value for money and comes with everything you need in a wireless horse trailer camera system.

It features dual wireless night vision cameras that can also record events through the built-in DVR.

This recommended wireless camera for the inside trailer has a working range of up to 450 feet with a viewing angle of 150 degrees.

The system boasts 4 different monitoring modes with an IP69K rating for being thoroughly dust and waterproof.

Installation is simple and it has proven to withstand all weather conditions.

Pros & Cons:

  • It comes with installation manual and a YouTube video
  • Comes with a two year warranty
  • FHD 1080P 7-inch monitor
  • Different mounting options

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Swifthitch SH04 Wireless Battery Camera System – Best Horse Trailer Camera for iPhone

This top iPhone horse trailer camera is versatile i.e it links and can be viewed directly on your tablet or smartphone.

There is no need for a data plan or internet connection as it creates its own mobile hotspot perfect for no signal areas.

In addition to that, you can also receive text messages and receive calls while in camera mode without any issues allowing you to use your phone should you become lost.

All of these features and more make it the best horse trailer camera for iPhone.

It has water-resistant features and the design is sleek. It comes with a hands-free holder, charger, and an adaptor for connection.

You also enjoy a full warranty should you face issues and include full tech support.

This camera is ideal for different types of applications including keeping an eye on your horses in the trailer, parking, and blind spots.

Pros & Cons

  • It does not need internet connection
  • Has proven to be high-quality, durable horse trailer camera system
  • Display alert when battery needs recharge
  • Featyres magnetic tablet/smartphone holder for better mounting on the dashboard.
  • Onscreen guidelines for backing up view
Best Horse Trailer Camera System

Yuwei RV Rearview Wireless Camera – Best Portable Horse Trailer Camera

The Yuwei RV Rearview is a highly portable horse trailer camera that can perform its duties from the cigarette lighter on your vehicle’s dashboard, making it simple to take out and about.

Produced by Yuwei, the system is fast and straightforward to install.

The 7-inch screen supports up to four wireless cameras letting you keep an eye on your horses and reverse without any problems.

The waterproof rating for this camera is IP69, and Yuwei tests all their devices under 3 meters of water for 2 hours before they leave the factory.

You can rest assured that this system will work with no glitch even while it is raining!

A big advantage to purchasing the RV Rearview is the lifetime technical support.

Pros & Cons:

  • Installation is less than 40 minutes
  • Has a 12-month replacement warranty
  • Worry-free after-sales service

eRapta Backup Camera 2.0 with Split Screen Monitor – Best Waterproof Horse Trailer Camera System

This device gives you crazy value for money and features four cameras allowing you to customize the system according to your needs.

You can place the cameras in whatever location of your choice, including the inside of the trailer to monitor the activities of your beautiful horses.

This is a wired camera for inside horse trailer so you always have a prominent image on the 7-inch-high quality LCD screen that has a four-channel display.

The system is waterproof and weatherproof, letting you use it whatever the conditions are outside.

The cameras also need night vision to reverse safely in the dark.

Installation of this horsebox trailer camera is quite simple, and the whole component is built to last!

Pros & Cons:

  • It comes with an instruction manual
  • Has night vision
  • Warranty lasts up to two years
  • It features a 5mm aircraft grade cable

Trailer Eyes Wi-Fi Horse Trailer and Barn Camera – Best Trailer Camera for Horses

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Being one of the best wireless horse trailer cameras that supports a 360-degree view and sends an image to a tablet or SmartPhone within a range of 150 feet.

These devices are meant for trailers that are 30 feet or less in length. For those on a budget, this device is the perfect fix as it is in the lower price range.

One of the best advantages of using this trailer camera for horses is that it works even without phone service, so you need not use up all your data package.

Unlike certain systems, you can make and receive text messages and calls even with the camera in full size.

Plus, it also has intercom ability, although the speaker and mic come separately.

Pros & Cons:

  • It comes in a weatherproof metal casing
  • 1-year warranty
  • Infrared night vision
  • For use in the trailer or barn
  • Includes Booster antenna
  • Compatible with nearly all horse trailer brands and styles

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Wired vs wireless horse trailer camera

Although a wired camera system works in any vehicle type, it still needs more involvement in the setup.

These can be costly, but you need not worry about losing signal giving greater rest of mind.

Wireless cameras are both cheaper and easier to install.

You can simply plug the device into a 12-volt DC connection or cigarette lighter and BOOM! It gets to work! Some less well-known brands can prove less effective though.

What Features Must I Consider When Buying?

When buying a wireless or wired horse trailer camera, you should consider:

  • Monitor Quality

Pick one with a high-quality monitor that shows a clear picture, so you can see what is going on.

  • Waterproof

Your system should be able to withstand all weather types. You should pick one with an IP69 waterproof rating, which is the highest standard.

  • DVR Recording

Having a recording facility is super useful, as you can go back over your footage to see what happened during an accident or incident.

  • Number of Cameras

Opt for one with at least two cameras – one for inside the trailer and the other for an outside trailer when reversing.

  • Night Vision

We recommend picking one with a night vision as you will in most cases transport your hose in the dark.

A lot of trailers lack much light in them, so having this feature, you can always monitor your horse.

  • Warranty

Warranty is important. Pick one that has a long one so the manufacturer can help replace or resolve it if there are any issues.

How Do I Care for My Horse Trailer Camera?

Road debris and dust will often find their way to your camera, you should clean it often. 

You need to check the electricity frequently too, especially after a long trip.

The best horse trailer camera system helps you give the best attention to your horse while traveling.

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