Best Horse Wormer for Spring

Best Horse Wormer for Spring 2024: Top Options for Effective Parasite Control

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Horse wormers play a crucial role in maintaining a horse’s health by eliminating internal parasites. As the weather changes, various parasite species become more active, causing a higher risk of infection in horses. Spring is a particularly crucial time to address worm infestations, as this is when many horses graze on fresh pasture, exposing them to different types of worms.

Choosing the right horse wormer for spring ensures that your horse remains healthy and parasite-free. The best horse wormers target a wide range of parasites, are easy to administer, and cause minimal discomfort to the horse. They should also be chosen based on the horse’s age, weight, and known parasite issues to provide comprehensive protection.

When selecting a horse wormer, it’s important to consider factors such as the active ingredients, the mode of action, and any possible side effects or drug resistance. Rotating or alternating between different wormers throughout the year can be beneficial in reducing the risk of resistance and ensuring effective parasite control.

We have dedicated numerous hours of research and testing to identify the most effective horse wormers for spring, focusing on those that offer comprehensive protection against various parasites and are suitable for all types of horses. In the following sections, we present our findings to help you make an informed decision for your equine friend.

Best Horse Wormer for Spring

As the season shifts to spring, it’s time to consider safeguarding your horse’s health. Below is a carefully curated list of the best horse wormers on the market to protect your equine friend from internal parasites this season.

Merial Zimecterin Gold Dewormer Paste

Merial Zimecterin Gold

Merial Zimecterin Gold Dewormer Paste effectively treats and controls various parasites in horses, making it an ideal choice for spring worming.


  • Effectively treats a wide range of parasites
  • Suitable for horses up to 1,250 lbs body weight
  • Easy oral administration


  • Possible unpleasant taste for horses
  • May require assistance for administration
  • Pricier than other dewormers

The Merial Zimecterin Gold Dewormer Paste is a well-formulated solution that targets various parasites, such as tapeworms, roundworms, and bots. It is designed for oral use in horses, and a single dose is enough to treat and control pests in horses weighing up to 1,250 lbs. Being a horse owner myself, I find this product particularly effective during the spring season to keep my horses healthy and worm-free.

However, it is essential to note that some horses may find the paste’s taste unappealing, which can make the administration process slightly challenging. In my experience, I needed an extra pair of hands to ensure my horse ingested the paste properly. Moreover, Merial Zimecterin Gold can be more expensive than other dewormers available in the market, but it offers comprehensive coverage that justifies the price.

In conclusion, the Merial Zimecterin Gold Dewormer Paste is an excellent investment for horse owners who are looking for an effective and reliable spring worming solution. Although it may require a bit of effort and is pricier than alternatives, the wide range of parasites it treats and easy oral administration make it worth the expense.

Tuzhbik Merial Zimecterin Gold Paste Horse Wormer

Merial Zimecterin Gold Paste Horse Wormer

Tuzhbik’s Merial Zimecterin Gold Paste Horse Wormer effectively controls various parasites, ensuring the well-being of your beloved horses.


  • Controls 47 species and stages of parasites
  • Treats up to 1,250 lbs body weight with each syringe
  • Suitable for foals at least 2 months old


  • Difficult to adjust the weight ring
  • Flavor may not be appealing to horses
  • More expensive than some other brands

This horse wormer from Tuzhbik is designed to efficiently take care of numerous parasites in horses of various life stages. Its powerful formula contains 1.55% ivermectin and 7.75% praziquantel, ensuring protection against common parasites like tapeworms, pinworms, and lungworms.

Although the product claims to treat horses of all sizes, its weight ring adjustment can be a challenge when calculating the appropriate dosage for your horse. Make sure to carefully measure and provide the correct amount to avoid any complications.

Some customers mentioned that their horses were not fans of the product’s flavor. It is essential to make sure that your horse consumes the wormer entirely for it to be effective.

Despite its higher price compared to other brands, Tuzhbik’s Merial Zimecterin Gold Paste Horse Wormer’s effectiveness and extensive parasite protection make it a reliable choice for maintaining the health of your horses. Having been a customer myself, I can confirm that it has successfully protected my horses and donkey from parasites multiple times.

Quest Plus Gel Horse Dewormer

Quest Plus Gel Horse Dewormer

Quest Plus Gel is a reliable choice for spring horse deworming with its effective and easy-to-use formula.


  • Broad-spectrum dewormer recommended by experts
  • Unique gel formula dissolves on the tongue for easy administration
  • Sure-Dial syringe ensures accurate dosing


  • Palatability might be an issue for some horses
  • Only approved for foals 6 months and older
  • 84-day suppression period could be too long for some

Quest Plus Gel (moxidectin/praziquantel) Horse Dewormer is designed for easy use during the early grazing season. Its active ingredients are widely recommended by leading parasite experts at the American Association of Equine Practitioners. Quest Plus Gel tackles a range of equine parasites, making it a great choice for comprehensive deworming in the spring.

The innovative gel formula is administered orally, dissolving on the horse’s tongue, which makes it less likely to be spat out compared to traditional pastes. This can help reduce waste and dosing errors, ensuring your horse receives the proper treatment. The patented Sure-Dial syringe features 50 lb increments up to 1,500 lbs, allowing you to dose your horse accurately according to their weight.

Quest Plus Gel is safe for use on horses, ponies, and foals 6 months or older. It effectively suppresses small strongyle egg production for 84 days and is approved for use in breeding stallions and pregnant/nursing mares. If you’re in need of a reliable horse dewormer for the spring season, Quest Plus Gel is a top contender for keeping your equine friends healthy and parasite-free.

Zoetis Quest Gel Moxidectin Horse Dewormer

Quest Gel Moxidectin Horse Dewormer

An excellent choice for deworming early in the grazing season, offering broad-spectrum treatment with a convenient and easy-to-use gel formula.


  • Effective on a wide range of parasites
  • Unique gel formula for easy administration
  • Sure-Dial syringe for accurate dosing


  • May cause temporary side effects in some horses
  • Price might be higher compared to other dewormers
  • Not suitable for young foals under 6 months

The Zoetis Quest Gel Moxidectin Horse Dewormer is a highly recommended product for treating various parasites in horses, ponies, and foals above six months of age. It effectively targets encysted small strongyle larvae, bots, large strongyles, roundworms, pinworms, hairworms, and stomach worms, making it an ideal treatment according to the American Association of Equine Practitioners.

The unique gel formula, designed to dissolve on the horse’s tongue, ensures easy and hassle-free administration. This, combined with the patented ready-to-use Sure-Dial syringe calibrated in 50lb increments up to 1,500lbs, helps in providing the accurate dosage based on your horse’s weight.

After using the Zoetis Quest Gel Moxidectin Horse Dewormer on my own horses, I found that it effectively suppressed the production of small strongyle eggs for 84 days. It’s also approved for use in breeding stallions and pregnant or nursing mares. However, it’s essential to be cautious with horses that might be sensitive to the product, as it may cause temporary side effects like shivering in some cases.

In conclusion, the Zoetis Quest Gel Moxidectin Horse Dewormer is a reliable and effective choice for early grazing season deworming. Its broad-spectrum treatment, easy administration, and accurate dosing make it a go-to product for horse owners and equine professionals alike.

Durvet Pyrantel Paste Dewormer – 1200 lbs

Durvet Pyrantel Paste Dewormer

Durvet Pyrantel Paste Dewormer is an effective and easy-to-administer horse wormer suitable for both horses and ponies.


  • Apple flavor that horses love
  • Suitable for various types of worms
  • Can be used on foals as young as 2 months


  • Some horses may not like the flavor
  • Pregnant mares need special attention
  • Maximum weight limit of 1,200 lbs

Durvet Pyrantel Paste Dewormer is a convenient solution for controlling and removing infections caused by large strongyles, small strongyles, pinworms, and large roundworms in horses and ponies. The apple flavor is designed to be appealing to horses, making it easier to administer the treatment without much hassle or resistance.

The paste is safe for foals as young as two months old and can also be given to nursing mares 10 days after foaling. However, pregnant mares should only receive the treatment one month prior to their anticipated foaling date, so make sure to keep track of your mare’s pregnancy and adjust the administration time accordingly.

One drawback of the Durvet Pyrantel Paste Dewormer is that it treats horses up to a maximum weight limit of 1,200 lbs. If your horse is heavier than that, you may need to find an alternative wormer or administer multiple syringes. Overall, with its effectiveness, ease of use, and horse-friendly flavor, the Durvet Pyrantel Paste Dewormer is a reliable choice for keeping your equine friends healthy this spring.

Buying Guide

When selecting the best horse wormer for spring, there are several factors to consider. Each horse has unique requirements, and various wormers are designed to combat specific parasites. The following guide outlines the key features to look for when choosing the best product for your horse.

Active Ingredients

It is essential to find a wormer that contains the appropriate active ingredients to effectively target the parasites prevalent in your area. These ingredients are responsible for killing the worms and may include:

  • Ivermectin
  • Moxidectin
  • Fenbendazole
  • Pyrantel

Becoming familiar with the commonly used active ingredients will help you make an informed decision when selecting a wormer that will best meet your horse’s needs.

Horse’s Age and Size

Ensure the wormer you choose is appropriate for your horse’s age and size. Some wormers may not be suitable for foals, pregnant mares, or senior horses. Carefully check the product label to confirm that the wormer is suitable for your horse’s specific needs.

Dosage and Administration

Effective worming requires precise dosage and ease of administration. Look for a product with clear dosage instructions and an easy-to-use applicator. This ensures that your horse receives the correct amount and helps minimize waste.

Resistance and Rotation

Parasite resistance can develop if the same wormer is used repeatedly. To prevent this, it’s recommended to rotate the wormers you use each season. Make sure to choose a product that targets the specific parasites you’re aiming to treat during the spring season. This rotation should also take into account the active ingredients, as rotating between products with the same ingredient will not provide the desired effect.

By considering the factors above, you’ll be well-equipped to select the best horse wormer for spring. Always consult with your veterinarian for guidance on the most effective worming strategy for your horses.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most effective spring dewormer for horses?

The most effective spring dewormer for horses depends on the specific parasites prevalent in your region and your horse’s individual needs. A fecal egg count test is a helpful tool to determine the appropriate dewormer, which can range from a broad-spectrum product to a more targeted one.

How often should horses be dewormed in spring?

Horses should be dewormed according to a carefully planned schedule tailored to their needs and environment. Generally, a spring deworming treatment should be given as the weather begins to warm up, potentially followed by additional treatments throughout the season. Your veterinarian can help you design a schedule that fits your horse’s requirements.

Which horse wormer is best for dealing with tapeworms?

A dewormer containing praziquantel or a combination of pyrantel and praziquantel is effective against tapeworms. These products can eliminate tapeworm infestations and help protect your horse’s digestive system from associated risks.

Is ivermectin the right choice for spring deworming?

Ivermectin is a broad-spectrum antiparasitic drug that is effective against a variety of parasitic worms and bots. While it may be suited for spring deworming in some cases, it’s essential to consult your veterinarian to determine the best options for your horse based on their diet, environment, and individual needs.

What wormer works best for bots during springtime?

To target bots during springtime, a dewormer containing ivermectin or moxidectin can be an effective choice. These products work against bot larvae and can help maintain your horse’s gastrointestinal health.

How does a horse deworming schedule vary by region?

A horse’s deworming schedule can vary significantly depending on factors such as climate, geography, and parasite prevalence within a region. Warmer regions with longer grazing seasons may require more frequent deworming treatments, while colder areas might have shorter periods of parasite activity. It’s important to work closely with your veterinarian to establish a deworming schedule that addresses the unique needs of your horse and its environment.

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