TOP 3 Best Mineral Block for Donkeys

Some of the best mineral blocks for donkeys include salt. But, wait a minute, do not just run and purchase any salt for your herd.

Did you know that salt blocks were originally created for cattle? Cattle tongues are rough and can lick the block.

Mini Donkeys, horses, and mules, on the other hand, have smoother tongues than a cow and may not actually get their required amount of salt from a block. That is why we recommend loose (granular) salt.

If you feed them salt blacks, they may end up biting the block in an attempt to get more, which can lead to jaw and teeth or tooth issues.

Feeding Hay Cubes vs. Hay Flakes

Note: Any equine that is deficient in salt will attempt to chew or lick on objects or try to lick or eat dirt.

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Best Mineral Black for Donkeys

Personally, my experience with salt blocks has been nasty (one time a newcomer ate it like crazy while the rest didn’t show any interest).

That is why I decided to try REDMOND Rock crushed loose mineral salt and I haven’t regretted it.

With Redmond Crush Loose Mineral Salt, I add a little amount to their supplement feeding once every 24 hours.

It has been helpful and has encouraged them to drink lots of water which helps keep the hay moving.

I use this salt when I cannot find the one above in stores.

This one is safe for both donkeys and humans. It tastes good too.

In the past, I have tried Himalayan salt for some time but after a bit of research,

and trial I left it for Celtic sea salt and both my donkeys and I have been really happy about this.

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This salt is super fine and it comes in a nice bag.

Compared to the Himalayan salt it kind of feels like it has a bit of moisture still but it works super great.

Best Mineral Block for Donkeys

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Does My Donkey need Mineral Block?

This is how to test and find out how much selenium is in your hay:

Hay for donkeys should lack alfalfa. So, test 10% or lower in protein and sugar.

If you lack selenium in your donkey hay, then you can buy one of those mineral salt to equine salt with selenium.

If your hay has selenium purchase salt with no selenium.

No worries about your donkeys overfeeding on salt.

Simply give a little at night or place it in a separate container. Whichever one works for you best.