What are the Best Raspberry Leaves For Horses

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Raspberry leaf is good for horses. Several horse products got a reasonable amount of it in their produce. It is one of the best calming supplements for horses. Raspberry leaf is ideal for female horses; it steps up their fertility. Cramps reduction, and the regulation of menstrual cycle, are other benefits of this plant.

Amazingly, it doesn’t help the fertility in female horses alone, it also helps the fertility in human too. Containing vital nutrients like potassium, calcium, iron (all in high quantity), and Vitamin A, E, and C. Raspberry also help in improving mare’s general health. As it increases the flow of blood to the uterus, through a known component, fragrine.

Fragrine helps to lessen miscarriages, it helps the uterine wall, by enhancing the embryo attached to it. For a healthy pregnancy, this plant fosters some important hormones in the female horse, like the progesterone.

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Best Raspberry Leaves For Horses

Rubus idaeus, popularly known as Raspberry leave helps to keep mares’ hormones in an optimum level and condition. It enhances able muscles and GI tracts for a calmness and exclusive comfort.

There are several supplements in the market with an inclusion of raspberry leave, we have spent days to get to your reach, the top rated and best raspberry producers. Note that all supplements contain almost the same thing, but made in distinct ways. As some have more demand than others

  • Mare Magic Calming Horse Supplement

This products support calmness and peak comfort of horses, it is meant to be used in line with other horse feed for your boy. Made with total naturally-sourced ingredients, it helps during the heat cycles of your horse. Ideal for male horses, mares, and geldings. Produced with body enriching fragrance that keeps your horse in top most feeling.

Ensure you keep it out of children’s reach, and store in a cool and dry environment for effectiveness. Do consult a veterinarian if situation worsens, and withhold feeding of the supplement, until the vet gives a proper procedure.


Raspberry leaf (active ingredient)

  • Nature’s Way Raspberry Supplement

All packed with natural ingredients, Nature’s Way helps to support childbirth, it could serve as uterine tonic, and lessen diarrhea. It is majorly for pregnant women, but horses can use it as well. Ensure you consult your veterinarian for further details.


  • Raspberry
  • Magnesium stearate
  • Silica
  • Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose

Others are with same ingredients as the aforementioned with deep approach to comfort by additional magnesium, vitamins, inositol, tryptaphan, for unfocused, spooky, and anxious horses. They include: SmartCalm supplement, Quiessence, Magnesium, Smart & Simple, Leg up, Total Calm & Focus Supplement.

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Best Raspberry Leaves For Horses

 Best Calming Supplement For Horses

Raspberry leaf, one of the best calming supplements for horses, can also be traditionally applied to serve the purpose of uterine tonic, which great for toning and strengthening of muscles around the uterine. It contains a natural content of magnesium, which helps to keep mares in the most comfortable state, help during fluctuating and breathe-taking cycles, less moody and cranky experience.

Other available nutrients are niacin, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B3, selenium, and iron, which helps to quicken the availability of the red blood cells, enriched in tannins, and antioxidants, helps inflammatory response.

This amazing product also prevent infections, as it has anti-viral and anti-bacterial components.  Raspberry reduces loose tools diarrhea, and other health issues. Importantly, it is worthy to note that an excess ingestion of this plant can lead to severe health issues. Due to the selenium component, therein.

Hence, it is safe to check the amount of selenium in any of the supplements provided here. Do not overfeed your horse. And note that raspberry must not be individually fed to your horse, it ought to be mixed with grains, or be one of the existing ingredients in a supplement. It can’t be served to your horse alone, else, death is will judge on the playground.

Ensure you slowly feed your horse with any new diet, you need to make the digestive system adapt to it, and this can only happen gradually.  Additionally, check up on any reaction whatsoever, to know if it’s good or not.

Raspberry leaf, which is a kind of horse herb can be mixed with water, left for at least 5 minutes, before adding the mash in liquid form, with his grain ration. Beet pulp is also a good mix with horse herbs.

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