Best Saddle for Mutton Withered Horse

Best Saddle for Mutton Withered Horse

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Do you own a gelding that is 100% mutton wither or darn close and need a top rated saddle from withered horse?

You’re in the right place! We’d be sharing with our list of best saddle for mutton withered horse alongside some of the best saddle pad for mutton withered horses.

You set? Let’s go!

Best Saddle for Mutton Withered Horses

  • Cactus Saddlery Charmayne James Barrel Saddle

The Cactus Saddlery Charmayne James Barrel Saddle with an 8” Gullet that has fit my wide backed horses and even some of my high withered horses with a good pad.


The beauty of this Recordbreaker is beyond imagination and is primarily crafted for wide horses like your wide mutton withered horse.


  • It has a dropped rigging
  • It’s short round skirts which is nice for keeping horses cooler during summer time
  • The stirrups are balanced (which is a good thing).
  • Top premium quality.
  • It fits wide mutton withered QH well (even with Thick Impact Gel Pad).

Best Saddle for Mutton Withered Horse

  • Martin Crown C – Best saddle for mutton withers

The Martin Crown C saddles is mean’t for champions! This is designed by an Olympian and two-time world champion barrel racer, Sherry Cervi, this Crown C barrel saddle is crafted to give you and your lovely horsey a competitive edge in a sport where getting the win is determined in hundredths of a second.


Martin’s exclusive AXIS tree is built to allow your horse enjoy better freedom. This let’s your horsey muscle development – the greater flare at the tips allows it.

Designed for the muscular quarter horse and coated with fiberglass for durability and strength.

Rider stability and position are at the center of this saddle design. Forward hung stirrups lets the rider to get her feet forward and a shortened seat jockey lets you for increased stability.

Crown C Special Features (model: mr97MDS)

  • It features adjustable position rigging system
  • 2” engraved aluminum stirrups
  • Forward hung stirrups are designed to let offer you a full range of motion
  • Vertically straight horn with shaped cap for balance and stability
  • 1/2 Mountain Daisy & Snowflake hand tooling with camo border

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  • Circle Y Model 1539 wide – Best English Saddle for Mutton Withered Horse

Now, known as Flex 2 this saddle is designed to let you and your horse work in synergy.


The tree makes this possible – with its rigid ground seat for rider support, a high density bar that disperses rider weight, and low density bar which is against the horse and provides give for freedom of movement.

This lightweight saddle will never get wider over time, overflex to create pressure points, or flex in half if properly fitted.


  • Has a wide tree
  • 5” Cantel Height
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable
  • Custom Order Conchos
  • Fleece added on underside
  • Matching Flank cinch set
  • Lightweight design at approximately 21 lbs
  • Martin Saddlery FX3 Barrel Racing Saddle

This FX3 has been designed with Martin’s AXIS tree – providing a wider gullet and greater bar flare for maximum freedom of movement, allowing your horse to grow and develop larger muscles (and faster times!).

You see why this made our list of best saddle for a mutton withered horse?

With this saddle on your horse, you can perform forward hung stirrups, ground seat and leg cut work well while being in a comfortable and secure position.



  • Perfect for wide mutton withered horses.
  • It is a barrel saddle
  • Built for short, muscular quarter horse in mind
  • It’s adjustable rigging lets you enjoy multiple rigging options for the perfect fit.
  • Fits easily in your hands
  • Prominent Leg cuts and Swell that lets you remain in position even in the hardest drops.
  • It boasts of Martin’s domed cap.

Best Saddle Pad for Mutton Withered Horse

Let’s check out some of the best mutton withered horse saddle pads for sale:

  • Basic Thinline – Best Western Saddle Pad for Mutton Withered Horse

The basic line is non-slip saddle pad that generally imporved the comforyt and stability of you and your horse.


We recommend a BASIC ThinLine,  or any ThinLine pad without shims.  All styles of basic thinline will work well for mutton withered horses.

  • Thin Tacky Too pad – Best Saddle Pad for Mutton Withers

The Thin tacky pad is a wonderful saddle pad for mutton withered horses too. We love just how it fits over the withers, stays in place and keeps soil off the saddle pad.


We also getting a Reinsman Neoprene Roper Cinch with this pad. It works like a charm!

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