10 Best Saddle for Short Backed Horses [Saddle Pads too]

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Not all saddles can be used for short-backed horses. If a saddle is too long for a horse’s conformation then they can become uncomfortable when being ridden, or may experience issues with the saddle skirt and haunches.

We recommend picking from the list of the best saddles for short-backed horses below.

The general rule of thumb is to pick a saddle that is shorter in length and/or has a round saddle skirt.

EDITOR’S PICK: The Circle Y Omaha Flex2 Trail Riding Saddle is a popular choice among short-necked horses owners for western, dressage, and endurance including trail riders. It has a round, 26″ length skirt.

Best Saddle for Short Backed Horses

If you find yourself searching for:

  • Best Western saddle for short backed horse
  • Best Dressage saddle for short backed horse
  • Best Endurance for short backed horse

Then we recommend going through our table below. This table will help you find the best trail saddle for short backed horse.

These saddle are either shorter in length than what is commonly found in other saddles, have round saddle skirts, or both.

Here are the top saddles for horses with short backs

SaddleWeightCantleSkirt ShapeSkirt LengthTree
Abetta Beach Ride174″Round R, W
Abetta Brushpopper184.5″ regular tree, 5.5″ wide treeSquare15″ seat – 24.5″
16″ seat – 25″
17″ seat – 26″
R, W
Circle Y Omaha294″Round26″R,W,EW
Circle Y Walnut Grove265″Round14″ seat – 24″
Other seats – 26″
R, W (Wade)
Circle Y Wind River323.5″Round27″R, W
Tucker Big Bend294.5″Full or Round26″
Full or Round
Tucker Cheyenne Frontier283.5″Full or Round25″
Full or Round
Tucker High Plains265.5″Full or Round24″
Full or Round
Tucker Horizon Trail Head314″Full26″M,W,EW
Tucker Pine Ridge – Mule285″Semi-round26″M, W (Mule)

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 Meaning of Terms used in the Table

  • Wt. – Weight in pounds. All weights shown are approximate.
  • Skirt – Saddle skirt shape.
  • Cantle – Cantle height in inches.
  • Tree – Saddle tree widths:
    • R – Regular
    • M – Medium
    • W – Wide
    • EW – Extra wide
    • FB M – An “FB medium” tree as: “For a flatter barrel, or slab sided, conformation typical in gaited horses.”
Best Saddle for Short Backed Horse

What Is A Short Backed Horse?

A short-coupled horse is one that has a relatively short back compared to the rest of its conformation.

Generally, when a horse is viewed from the side the length of the shoulder, back, and hip should all be equal.

Put another way, the length of the back should be 1/3 of the horse’s overall body length (excluding the neck).

A horse whose back is shorter than this is usually considered to be a short-backed horse.

How to Pick a Trail Riding Saddle for A Short Backed Horse

Short-back horses are common in the riding industry. So, if you are looking for a saddle then this is good news!

There are a couple of things to remember and they are:

  • A round Saddle Skirt: Some short backed horses do well with a round saddle skirt.

Why use a round skirt?

The round skirt will get rid of the back of the saddle from extending too far down the horse’s back, and from interfering with the hip.

  • Need more than that: If a short round saddle skirt doesn’t work for you then you might have some look with one of the trail riding saddles with shorter skirts in the table above.

Best Saddle Pad for Short Backed Horse

First, we recommend measuring your saddle to find out what dimensions you need.

For example, a Diamond endurance pad can easily hang over the top of the pad around where the rear rigging is if your saddle is a little too round.

My Experience & Recommendation – Best short-backed horse saddle pads!

I recommend Diamonds –  They are affordable, nice, and good working quality pad.

I also use and recommend 5 Star pads on my horses.

I have the 30”. Last night, I actually measured the pad I had, and it is 29 1/2″ long (front to back) and 29″ wide. I have the square pad.

They do make rounded pads too. 5 Star Barrel Saddle Pad 28″L x 30″ D *free gift*

And endurance “round” pads 5 Star Endurance/Trail Round Pad 28″L x 35″ D *free gift*

And treeless pads 5 Star Treeless Saddle Pad 28″L x 38″ D *free gift*

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