5 Best Saddle Pad for Gaited Horses In 2023

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If you’re on the search for the best saddle pad for gaited horses, then here is our trusted list of the best saddle pads for gaited horses.

Gaited horses are one of the best horses for long rides. Compare them with non-gaited breeds and you’d notice a big difference – gaited equines don’t even bounce yet you enjoy a smooth-riding experience.

To enjoy better safety and non-slipping experience, we recommend getting one of the saddle pads we have listed here.

Highlighted below is the quick list of top saddle pads for a gaited horse:

Best Saddle Pads For Gaited Horses

Classic Equine BioFit Correction Saddle PadVIEW ON AMAZON
Intrepid International Comfort Plus Western Bareback PadCHECK ON AMAZON
Best Friend Western Style Bareback Saddle PadCHECK ON AMAZON

Classic Equine BioFit Correction Saddle Pad- Best Quality Saddle Pad

This is our first choice and most loved gaited horse saddle pad. This premium saddle is available to buy at online stores too.

The saddle pad is produced from 100% virgin wool allows for easy washing and usability.

Aside from this, these wool saddle pads are best to dissipate or reduce heat. Therefore, if you constantly ride then this is your ideal choice.

Additionally, the 7” wool quality is so excellent that it can absorb shocks and provide top protection during the riding course.

The orthopedic elements let this saddle pad absorbs impact during riding (quick or slow).

Are you afraid of falling during your gaited horse ride?

This saddle pad is best and non-slippery too. Plus, if you have high withers horse, this Biofit Correction saddle pad is also great for that.

In the end, this overall best saddle pad for gaited horses and high-wither horses will serve you well.

Intrepid International Comfort Plus Western Bareback Pad- Best For Jumping Horse Riders

Your search for the best-gaited horse saddle pad for jumping horses ends here. This perfect saddle offers you premium comfort while jumping or riding.

Suitable for casual trail riders, this saddle for the gaited horses will provide you with plenty of benefits.

It is light in weight and is produced from high-quality breathable synthetic suede fabric.

The high-density foam patting of this saddle pad offers extra cushioning in the withers area.

Another top thing to note about this saddle pad is that it stays in place during rough and normal riding too. The saddle pad boasts of non-slip bottom and girth.

So, if you are looking for the best comfortable saddle pad for gaited horse riding, this is your go-to!

Best Friend Western Style Bareback Saddle Pad- Best Rated Saddle Pad

This is no doubt the best-rated saddle pad for gaited horses on the market.

It is manufactured from high-quality materials that have high density filled foam for impact-free riding and comfortable ones too.

This is one saddle I recommend for gaited horse riding.

This Western-style saddle pad is non-slippery and offers better gripping during riding.

This horse saddle pad for gaited horses fits well with almost every horse.

There is a saddle available at the flaps, pommel, and cantle. It helps keep your seat and leg comfortably in right place.

Perhaps, the feature that got people talking is the Water bottle holder! The water bottle holder of this saddle pad is large enough to fit most standard-size water bottles.

Plus, there is a pocket available to keep supplies like aid kits and hook pick in place.

Lastly, cleaning is super simple to do for this saddle pad as it is a washable saddle pad.

If you are searching for a top-rated saddle pad for gaited horses that allows for a comfortable ride then this can be your choice.

Weaver Leather 35-9307-H37 Contoured Saddle Pad- Best Looking Saddle Pad

Weaver saddle pad for gaited horses is available in over 5 designs and colors.

The colors are bright and can attract you on first look! Plus, the design of this saddle pad is quite good too.

The saddle pad is produced from merino Wool too. This provides you with comfort and quality riding.

Lastly, the merino wool adds moisture-wicking and cushioning action for better performance and comfort too.

This saddle pad is big and can be used on older or new reining saddles over this pad. If you have a swayback horse then this is best for you and IT.

Best Saddle Pad for Gaited Horses

Diamond Wool Contour Felt Ranch Pad- Best For Heavy Rider

This Saddle Pad from Diamond Wool Brand is made from wool and reinforced with distressed leather.

The 1” thick wool offers additional comfort during riding a gaited horse. If you ride more than 5 days a week then this saddle pad is your thing!

It is non-heavy and light too. It goes easy on your hose and keeps the horse cooler while reducing sweat too.

Lastly, it keeps the tack in position and can be used for roping, riding rough terrain, and ranch work!

Since this saddle pad for horses that are gaited is made from the best design and material, it will last longer!

The pricing is quite affordable too.

Weaver Leather Synergy Contoured Performance Saddle Pad- Best Durable Saddle Pad

This is the last one in this top 6 best saddle pad for gaited horse review from Weaver leather again.

This saddle pad is produced from New Zealand wool.

The New Zealand Wool takes away sweat from your horseback so, it keeps your horse cooler during riding.

The Eva Foam of this horse saddle pad is created to sustain or absorb shock during rough riding.

Lastly, if your horse is High Withered then this saddle also fits well for that! No matter your horse type, this pad will work well.

No doubt, this is one of our most rated saddle pads for gaited horses for the money.

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