5 Best Saddle Pad for High Withered Horses

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Many people who own high-withered horses often find themselves searching for things like:

We totally understand your struggle and we are here to help! A saddle pad is great for cushioning the horse and relieving it from any discomfort/soreness.

Each pad recommended here go underneath your actual addle and will help you provide the right level of comfort to your horse as you ride it.

Let’s check the reviews of the best saddle pad for high withers and why you should consider them.

Top 5 Best Saddle Pad for Sore Withers Comparison Table

Image Pad Sizes Available Price
BUY ON AMAZON 1. Southwestern Equine OrthoRide

Editors Choice

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CHECK ON AMAZON 2. Kavallerie Saddle Pad 1 Check Current Price on Amazon
CHECK ON AMAZON 3. ECP All Purpose Diamond Quilted Cotton 1 Check Current Price on Amazon
CHECK ON AMAZON 4. Classic Equine BioFit 2 Check Current Price on Amazon
CHECK ON AMAZON 5. The Montana 100% Extra Fine 5 Check Current Price on Amazon

The Best Saddle Pads for High Withered Horses Review

  • Southwestern Equine OrthoRideBest Saddle Pad for Older Horse & Young Horse both

This is a brand that puts your horse first. Their impact gel saddle pad for high withers is made from a combination of orthopedic material, and it uses parts of PoronXRD, that is used in professional athletic padding, as well as a memory foam that bridges a large gap between the saddle and the horses back.


The pad comes in a range of colors and comes in two sizes: 31×30 or 31×32, and weighs in at 5.5+ lbs.

The reason I placed this as first on my list is because of the quality of material used in the pad is high class and the comfort it provides for withered horse is really high.

The orthopedic material used to build this saddle pad for horses is one of the best grades out here and is hard to beat.

It is perfect for shock absorption and the impact that the rider or horse experiences. The memory foam in it also helps the pad contour easily and fill any void that generally appears when a saddle does not fit the back of the horses properly.

The RXD material, as stated, is basically used in the professional sports field and is ideal for the reduction of any shock.

Some users have complained that this saddle pad may slip or may not sit properly in some saddles. It is quite costly too as it has expensive foams in it. However, the comfort and quality you pay for is what you get.


  • You enjoy excellent comfort
  • It wicks away sweat
  • It is great for picking impact and shock
  • It is produced in the USA.
  • Fantastic for sore or sensitive withers


  • It is quite costly
  • Pad can sometimes slip with some saddles

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  • Kavallerie Saddle PadBest Saddle Pad for Horses

Second on the list of the best saddle pad for high withers is the Kavallerie.

Available in four unique designs (front riser, middle riser, rear riser, and seat saver) you can pick from, this saddle gel pad will meet the needs of any high wither horse!


Feel free to check out all 4 pads to discover which works and fits your horse best. Each Kalvallerie gel pad measures in at 25.6 x 20 x 1.5 inches and weighs somewhere from 3.6 to 4.5 pounds depending on what style you pick.

The Kalvallerie impact gel saddle pad for high wither horses is also great for reducing any sweat that happens as it is breathable and sports over 100 holes for even better ventilation, reducing the chance of any sores, irritation or sores for the horse significantly.

Lastly, you can also use this gel pad as an additional protective layer for yourself and the horse by using it beneath another saddle pad, and then placing your saddle on top of that.

Verdict: Plenty of styles available for different sized horses


  • Does an amazing job at reducing sores and sweat
  • Comes in four unique styles for different sized horses
  • It is comfortable enough being directly placed on the horse.


  • May need another saddle pad on top of to bridge any gaps
  • A bit costly

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  • ECP All Purpose Diamond Quilted Cotton EnglishBest English Saddle Pads for High Withered Horses

The ECP is one of the cheapest picks when it comes to saddle pad for withers. It is designed with quilted cotton half saddle pad but is made with foam memory (breathable) that conforms to your horse’s back. The pad sits in at 23.5 x 3 x 11 inches, weighs 1 pound and is created to fit saddles up to 18.5 inches, as well as having the option of picking from 11 various colors.


This is a wonderful pick for the money. It is one of the less expensive horse saddle pads for high withers on the market today, but the quality is great too. It has potential that can compete with other high-end models.

The memory foam supports you and your horse with the level of comfort you need. An awesome budget pick for any rider!

An affordable choice no doubt but the cotton material used in this pad isn’t as durable as the other expensive models. The size is also smaller and may not be as large as you expect it to be.

Verdict: Great budget pick


  • Budget-friendly
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Ideal contouring with memory foam
  • 11 Unique colors to choose from


  • Not as sturdy and large as other higher-end pads

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Best Saddle Pad for High Withered Horses

  • Classic Equine BioFitBest High Withered Horse Saddle Pad

The Classic Equine premium saddle pad is designed with Orthopedic grade felt and 100% virgin wool fleece that will wick away any moisture or sweat, as well as filling in any voids that happens on your hoses back.


It is only available in a brown color, has 2 sizes to choose from, which are 30”x 30” or 31” x 32”.

The pad has a wonderful fit and is great for supporting saddles and sorting out any voids or gaps that are evident on the horse. The felt material is long lasting, and you can tell it is built to stand the test of time, with the stitching also being quite hard and difficult to rip apart.

This saddle is one of the heavier picks on this saddle for high withers review, although that may not be a bad thing considering the stability it offers. However, it may be a little too heavy for some horses, and they may not like it.

Lastly, it is on the expensive end


  • Excellent fit to it
  • Built with stiches and materials that stands the test of time
  • Breathable and wicks away sweat easily


  • A bit heavy
  • It is costly

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  • The Montana 100% Extra Fine WoolBest Southern saddle for high withered horses

My #2 pick from SouthWestern Equine is their Montana 100% Fine Wool saddle pad that is made in the USA, and is completely designed with wool to offers you and your horse the highest comfort available while reducing shocks too.


There are five unique sizes to pick from, with two different thickness that you can get – 1” or ¾” thickness, and 3 colors to choose from.

It is a great looking and comfortable choice to pick from. It has lots of rooms too and will fit almost any high wither horse.

This best saddle pad for high withered horse contours to the spine of your horse perfectly and is designed to be breathable making it perfect for summer time.

It comes at a reasonable price too!

Although the wool quality is durable and fantastic, the leather and its stitching is beauty to the eyes. The leather and stitching won’t last as long as it should but will give you good years.


  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Good price for premium pad
  • It is super comfortable
  • Many sizes to pick from
  • Can handle warmer weather easily


  • Light, flimsy plastic
  • Some battery + charger issues

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Final Word

Have you gone through my picks of the best saddle pad for high withered horses? What do you think of it?

Most models are pricey as you can see but I only went for saddle pads that sport quality material and built to last as opposed to cheaper alternatives that aren’t worth the value.

As always though, I encourage you to do some extra research to ensure that you get the best fit for your horse’s needs.


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