2 Best Saddle Pad For Swayback Horses

Best Saddle Pad For Swayback Horses

Let’s check out some of the best saddle pads for swayback horses that helped my old boy, Roger.

2 years ago, my chubby swaybacked 12H pony got chubbier and I began to look for a way to make his saddle stay put much better. Last month, I finally found two products that works after several trial and errors.

These two products are what I am going to share with you.

Best Saddle Pad For Swayback Horse

  • Reinsman Tacky Too Contour Swayback Square 30 x 30 x 3/4in Pad

The Reinsman Tacky Too Contour is constructed to assist in fitting a saddle to a horse who has issues bridging across their back due to the lower than a typical curve.

A swaybacked horse can be short-coupled, young and underdeveloped, or an older horse.

You can fit in the gap between the horse’s back saddle with this pad to create a better fit and level the saddle from front to rear in all voids.


The material of this pad is a non-slip material that allows for easy ventilation, is deceptively tough, and is long-lasting which helps reduce saddle roll and sore backs.

Engineered for maximum back relief, this saddle will correct and relieve your horse’s bad back.

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Best Saddle Pad For Swayback Horses

Cashel Swayback English Cushion Pad

This saddle pad worked better than any gel pad, yoga knee pads that I have bought in the past.

However, a little setback is that it is huge.

I got it to stay in place by strapping my bottom pad over it, then tightening the girth – that makes it stay still even on hills.

In the end, I am rating this saddle pad 4 stars for utility; minus 1 for sheer ugliness and bulkiness.