7 Best Saddles for Arabians [English, Dressage, Western etc]

Arabian horses are versatile and have high value as riding equines. However, not all saddles are a great fit for the Arabian breed of horse.

Their riding prowess doesn’t mean they were built for the trappings of riding and this is why Arabians top the list of the most difficult horse breed to saddle.

If you’re in need of the best saddles for Arabians, chances are you’re familiar with these challenges.

That is why we have taken it upon ourselves to share the best saddles for Arabian horses with your today!

Best Saddles for Arabians

So, here are some of the best saddle brands for Arabs:

15″ 16″ American Saddlery Austin Arabian II Saddle 921

This saddle is no doubt well made and one of the top-ranking Arabian saddles in the world.

It is beautiful and is just a nice all-around training and trail saddle.


When I bought this saddle, I strapped it on my 15.2 Arabian geldings and boy was it comfortable and good looking, for both of us.

If you need premium comfort at affordable pricing, this durable saddle is the way to go. This beauty boasts brass spots, a padded seat, and a shining deep finish.

15″ 16″ American Saddlery The Antar Arabian Saddle 915 916

After I got my saddle, I and my friend, Jenna began to talk and I convinced her to try this brand.


She came back with good news. In her words “I purchased the American Saddlery Antar some weeks back for a small Arabian who is sort of round with a short back.

It fits her excellently; is light, sturdy yet super comfortable”

Boasting a classic yet traditional look, this saddle promises comfort and flexibility.

Its 4” cantle provides a deep seat that provides you with maximum comfort.

Available in medium oil or chestnut, this hand-stamped border tooled saddle is the perfect saddle you’re looking for.

It is very well made and the Steele tree is perfect for Arabs. You’re bound to feel very balanced and secure too.

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5″ 16.5″ Big Horn Synthetic Arabian Saddle 115 116 283

I was opportune to test this saddle out when it first came out.

The saddle felt nice for both me and my horse; I could tell by the way she handled it without resistance.


It is very lightweight yet well balanced and stays in place on the horse, very comfortable for both rider and horse.

I love this saddle and would recommend it to anyone who has a short-backed Arab horse or pony.

It will also work for hard-to-fit, short-backed, high withered Arab though you might need to add in a bridge pad and use the Circle Y felt saddle pad with gel bar to guarantee a better fit.


  • The cloth fenders are very soft and comfortable against your leg.
  • The saddle is EXTREMELY light, especially for riders with shoulder issues or horses with back issues.
  • You don’t worry about going through rain, trees, mud, or whatever the trail has in store as it seems they can’t really damage it too much.
  • It is secure, even when your horse spooks.
Best Saddles for Arabians

15″ to 16″ Dakota Arabian Trail Saddle 5320

This saddle will fit your Arabian effortlessly. The delivery is quite fast too.

The saddle is comfortable for the rider and brings excellent quality for the price you’re paying for.

I recommend this saddle for Arabian horses that are hard to fit. Their customer service is excellent too.

The only thing I wish it has been a roughout seat. You can fix that by ordering a seat cover, other than that, this saddle is perfect!

You should allow the grain out seat some time to mold to your unique conformation for a comfortable, secure ride on the trail.


  • Durable and built for a long service life
  • Engineered to fit the unique conformation of most Arabian horses, so you and your horse enjoy a safe, comfortable time on the trail.

15″ 15.5″ 16″ Dakota Arabian Horse Saddle 5319

This horse saddle for Arabs is very well constructed and should last a very long time.

The only con is that the leather comes in very dry; it will take almost 32 oz of oil to soften this baby up.

The tree will fit your Arab very well and will provide you with comfortability too.

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High-Quality Equestrian Saddles

15″ 16″ 17″ South Bend Saddle Co Arabian Trail Saddle 1915

Perfect for Arab horses who require a full withered fit, this gorgeous Arab saddle is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

The fiberglass wood tree is amazing, alongside its border tooling. Do not be discouraged because this saddle border tooling will look great on your horse.