What are the Best Skid Boots for Horses on the Market? in 2022

The best skid boots for horses help protect your equine’s hind fetlocks and pasterns from injury in sliding stops or other exercises.

Events such as cutting events and Western reining are popular places where you will find horses with skid boots.

Generally, any event/action that requires horses to make quick stops and fast turns requires skid boots for safety.

Best Skid Boots for Horses on the Market

Brand NameWhere to Buy
Classic Equine Leather Skid BootsCHECK PRICE HERE
Classic Equine Neoprene Skid BootSEE PRICE HERE
Professionals Choice Leather Skid Boots CHECK PRICE HERE
Best Western Horseback Riding Boots
Best Skid Boots for Horses

Classic Equine Leather Skid Boots

The Classic Equine Leather skid boots are amongst the top choices of professional horse riders.

NFR Champion Brent Lewis and PRCA World Champion Joe Beaver certify this product. It is both comfortable and long-lasting.

It is sold in pairs! So, the maximum value for the money and safety of your horse is guaranteed.


Perfect fit and prevention of shifting thanks to its No-turn rolls design

Made with Neolite, it still stands its ground under the most brutal ground conditions

It boasts stainless steel buckles.

It is made with chap and latigo leather for durability and comfort. Softer than ever!

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Classic Equine Neoprene Skid Boot

Voted #1 by 24 Time AQHA World Champion JD Yates, this skid boot for hoses is both clean, fit, close, and comfortable for horses.


The neolite skid cup can withstand the harshest of ground conditions

The skid cup is surrounded by top grain chap leather for extra protection and the life of the boot.

Three hook-and-loop straps make this an easy boot to put on and take off.

It is Standard size.

Professsonals Choice Leather Skid Boots

The professional choice leather skid boots are both soft and a good fit. It is simple to use and performs a fine job as described.

  • Classic Equine Performance Velcro Skid Boots

Well made and features easy Velcro straps. It is durable with a “hook and loop” for easy ON/OFF! It is no doubt a great skid boot.

  • Professional’s Choice VenTECH Elite SMB & Slide-Tec Skid Boot Combo Pack

This combo pack comes with VenTech Elite Sports Medicine boots for the front legs and VenTech slude-Tec Skid Boots for the rear legs.

Both are breathable and prevent overheating while still offering all-around protection.


The front leg ligaments and tendons of your horse are protected.

The rear VenTECH reaches the bulb of the heel and stops dirt from entering the boot and leading to burns during sliding stops.

The padded leather patch won’t suffer from wear.

Hook fasteners for both pairs of boots adjust to fit any horse.

Classic Equine Performance Skid Boots

Preferred by AQHA Champion Carol Rose and NRHA Champion Todd Sommers, these unique skid boots are designed for reining horses, with great protection for any discipline.

It is lined with foam and constructed of soft chap leather to ensure maximum comfort.

It fits close to the horse’s ankle, stopping any rubbing or shifting while giving ultimate protection to hard-stopping horses.

It is of heavy quality. I would recommend these!!