Best Tendon Boots for Horses In 2022

Best Tendon Boots for Horses

Getting the best tendon boots on the market right now shows that you care for your hose forelegs.

Tendon boots are uniquely crafted to provide protection and support to the back of your horse forelegs.

Each boot once strapped, keeps your horse foot safe from strikes and blows that occur when friction happens.

Without a tendon boot, your hose hind hooves and legs clashing might result in an injury to the ligaments and tendons that run down the back of the leg.

A good tendon boot is typically flexible, sits comfortably, prevents heat build-up, doesn’t restrict your horse movements or cause rubbing, and is lightweight too.

What are the Best Tendon Support Boots for Horses?

Some people often pair horse tendon boots with fetlock boots on the hindlegs and often buy pairs that match.

Here’s a selection of the top-recommended tendon boots on the market right now…

Best Tendon Boots for Horses

Kavallerie Classic Tendon Boots

Impact-Absorbing Material, Breathable & Evenly Distribute Pressure, Protect Tendon and Ligaments, Anti-Slip, Anti- Sore and Moisture Repellant Show Jumping Boots

This breathable yet durable tendon boots protect your horse fetlock, canon, and tendon.

My horse likes to swing his hooves in at a trot, the result of this is him scraping the side of his fetlock or cannon while moving.

These boots have 100% gotten rid of the problem. I recommend getting two pairs!

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Derby House Pro tendon and fetlock boots

The elastic material of this boot makes it fasten to your hose legs nicely.

The reinforced strike pads provide additional protection and the soft neoprene lining stops any rubbing.

The tendon boots come with fetlock boots for a complete set.

Eskadron Pro Flex Sport tendon boots

Made from a TPU shell with reinforced protection zones and a soft absorbing neoprene lining,

these tendon equine boots are lightweight and fasten with wide elasticated straps and adjustable metal closures.

Kavallerie Horse Tendon Boots Pro-K 3D Air-Mesh Horse Boots.

Showjumping, Horse Jumping Boots, Lightweight with Breathable Soft Padding for Less Sweat and Rubs

They fit perfectly and are true to size!

They absorb shock and impact well, are lightweight and breathable, and have an anti-slip design.

If you aren’t satisfied with your order, you can return within the first 90 days.

Classic Equine Legacy2 Aqua Blue Horse SMB Medicine Tendon Boots

It is available in medium, large and extra-large. Made out of 100% virgin neoprene that offers a 4-wat stretch for the highest flexibility, this boot aligns with your horse legs.

The new hook-and-loop closures allow for unmatchable durability and grip. It helps prevent wear and tear.

The all Exclusive Cradle Fetlock System provides maximum support to the fetlockNew Tough, elastic exterior fabric extends to the base of the boot to ensure a close, comfortable fitBound edges help keep dirt and debris out.

The Legacy2 Fetlock Cradle System provides maximum support and protection to the fetlock and lower portion of the leg.