TOP 10 Best Wellies for Wide Calves & Extra-wide Calves

Looking for the perfect pair of wide-riding wellies? Finding the perfect boot to size your calves without it being too big or too small that it will be digging into your skin can be a hassle and also a damper to your riding hobby.

Best Wellies for Wide Calves

Listed below are some of the best wellies you can purchase for wide calves.

  • Muck Boot Men’s Derwent Li Rain Boots:

They are a sturdy brand that puts first the user’s comfort; they are warm to use most especially in the winter period.

They are very affordable and of excellent quality.

Has waterproof that keeps your feet protected, keep your feet warm, comfortable. And the boots are very flexible, have adjustability features that them very adjustable for wild calves. They are also long-lasting.

  • Dublin Water Proofs River Boots:

It is very durable and sturdy, has a breathable material that won’t make your feet sweat during summer, helps with back and leg support by providing heel and arch support.

  • Hunters Women Original:

These are a stylish and comfortable boot that ensures going on long walks with your dog is not a problem for you.

They are helpful in muddy and very slippery areas.

They can also fit those with wider calf because it is adjustable.

  • Le Chameau Chasseur:

These boots style and comfort all in one swoop.

They are warm and very comfortable; they come in 10 different adjustable calf sizes,

are reliable and durable, easy to put on and remove; the only downside is that this boot is quite expensive.

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Best Wellies for Wide Calves
High-Quality Wellies for Wide Calves

Best Wellies for Kids

Most kids love splashing in puddles and waddling in the mud with reckless abandon, which is why it is of necessity to get them clothes that are suitable for the weather.

Before going for the wellies, something’s you need to consider are the comfortability, how easy it is to clean, and the lining you want in it.

The best rain protection boots to keep your kid’s tiny feet warm and protected from the mud include:

Hunter Big Kids Giant Wellington Boots:

Best for walking, running, or jumping into puddles, they are comfortable, sturdy, and can last for a very long time.

Frugi Puddle Buster Wellington Boots

They are comfortable, fashionable with their prints, and they are made from rubber and boost a soft cotton lining.

Fleece Lined Wellies:

This boot is known for keeping your kid’s feet warm without an additional need for socks.

Kidly Rain Boots

These boots are light, easy to walk and run around in.

Cosy Lined Drawstring Top Wellies:

These are also good in keeping your kid’s feet very warm and snug.

Best Wellies for Men

Stylish wellies these days can be worn to any outdoor, and splashing some cash on a good wellie is not a waste of resources.

Wellies are majorly designed for keeping your feet warm, cozy, and comfortable.

You should use wellies around muddy places, ride, or go for a long trek.

For the year 2021, some of the best wellies for men include:

Barbour Bede Wellington Boots:

You can use Barbour Wede boots all around and for any purpose; they have a solid build quality, are practical, and are very durable to use.

They are very comfortable to wear, keep your toes warm even when you stand in them for an extended period;

Barbour Bede boots even have a kick spur feature, which helps you wear and take off the boot quickly without any form of hassle.

This boot is very affordable and can be bought directly from Amazon.

The only drawback of the boot is that its insoles cannot be removed for drying/airing, and it can be a little expensive, but do know it is worth the money.

Dunlop Short Leg Half-Height Wellies:

This is a budget-friendly boot for men, best suited for big calves. You can use it when walking in and around muddy places, for walking your dogs, etc.

Although they are budget-friendly, they are still waterproof and have a 3cm heel to help you cushion the effects of walking on very shaky grounds.

Some pros for you to purchase these boots include wide fit and not expensive, and the con is that it has an essential quality and design. You can also purchase these boots from Amazon.

Hunter Wellington Boots For Original Tall Men:

This boot is best for use in muddy terrains; no matter how it rains, these boots will keep your feet’s dry and nicely warmed up.

The pros are that it is best for when you are at risk of getting into really muddy places, you can use it comfortably for everyday wear,

and it has a long length that offers you maximum protection from real muddy places and deep puddles.

The only drawback is that it can be pretty pricey.

Muck Boot Apex Zip Short Boots:

These boots are ankle-high-length boots specifically designed for people who generally do not like wellies.

They are more like hiking boots; they are mainly designed to be used on low and soft grounds, making them perfect boots to use in soggy conditions.

If you want to engage in every activity without getting your feet damped, then these boots are most preferred for you.

To prevent internal clinginess, the boot is built with breathability features; these boots are best for speed and endurance,

it has an incredible grip, and it is highly unique; the only drawback is that it is always having zipper problem.

Aigle Parcours 2 Wellies:

These boots are mainly anti-fatigue hunting; it is the ideal boots to use in long-distance trek during the cold period.

It is a very quality built to give you comfort and designed to last for quite a while.

It is best for walking for long days outdoors; it has some density shock absorbing outsoles, has excellent stability, and is costly.

Best Wellies for Women

Women tend to love styles and don’t mind splashing a few dollars to look fancy.

What if we tell you that their wellies are both fashionable and functional at the same time?.

Whatever you need, wellies, either if it is to walk your dog or if it is to protect your dainty feet from cold, muddy splashes, these wellies will have you covered.

Listed below are some of the best wellies for women, and the best part is that it is budget-friendly.

Muck Boots Hale Wellies:

The best thing about this boot is that it has a self-cleaning feature on the boot that does not allow mud to stick to it;

additionally, you also have the option to either customize it by adding rubber or neoprene to the top half of the boot.

The prices range from 52.99 to 100.00 Euros.

These boots offer maximum mood protection when gardening, taking your dog on a walk, etc.

Barbour Bede Wellington Boot:

These pair of boots are classy, fashionable, and also very comfortable.

These boots are made from vulcanized rubber, and durable none slip soles that you support when walking on rugged, uneven terrain.

They also have a kick spur that helps you in getting off the boots very quickly; this comes in especially handy when your boots are covered in mud.

The price ranges from 52.00 to 65.00 euros.

Joules Women’s Wellibob Wellington Boots:

These boots can be worn when walking your dogs, on the farm, and in a real muddy environment.

These boots are comfortable, but it is like ankle boots; it is just slightly above your ankles, which makes them fashionable.

They are the best when it comes to keeping your feet warm, dry, and comfortable, and they last very long.

The rice starts from 90.00 to 95.00 Euros.

Rockfish Women Wellies:

These boots are suitable for everyone, including vegans, as no animals ingredients were used in the making of the shoe.

You can get these wellies for 43.32 euros.

Best Wellies for Extra Wide Calves

Some ideal wellies for people with extra-wide calf are:

  1. Extra-wide calf wellies black spot regular fit in feet and ankles
  2. Extra-wide calf hard wearing navy blue wellies regular fit in feet and ankles
  3. Extra-wide black wellies with Rear Gusset
  4. Extra-wide calf Green Neoprene Wellies
  5. Extra-wide calf wellies Navy with sky blue trim Regular fit in feet and ankles
  6. Extra-wide calf wellies black with Teal Trim Regular fit in feet and ankles
  7. Extra-wide calf Polka Dot wellies
  8. Extra-wide calf Black wellies
  9. Extra-wide calf Green wellies
  10. Ankle wellies Teal with White Spots.

How to Choose Wellington Boots

Knowing how to choose wellington boots for yourself and your family will save you a lot of stress and resources.

It won’t do good to choose and purchase any boots that won’t be useful to you in the long run.

Check out our guide written below on how to choose wellington boots.

Outer material: this is important because it will determine the kind of use the wellies will be used for.

Are they going to be your everyday go-to wear? Or will you be making use of them occasionally?

The outer material; are of two main types natural rubber and plastic polymer. But the best among them is the natural rubber; they are highly durable and would fit in your feet nicely and snugly.

Inner lining: go for linings that will be warm and very durable and still give room for your feet to breathe, e.g., leather lining.

Get the best fit for your feet. You can achieve this by knowing the size of your calf; the goal is to get something that will fit nice and snug on you and make you warm and comfortable at the same time.

Get boots with unique sole designs that will give you sure footing in any terrain you find yourself, either uneven or muddy.

Are Barbour Wellies good for Wide Calves?

Yes.  Barbour wellies are practical, stylish, and are generally made for any outdoor mess of any kind.

With the way the boots are built, they offer protection for your feet, keep them very warm during winter periods, and their outsoles are designed to move comfortably in any terrain.

All in all, Barbour wellies provide both practicality and style simultaneously.

Should Wellies Be Loose Around The Calf?

No. but it should not be tight either; it should be snug around your calf;

use the strap on your wellies to make them as loose or as tight as you would most likely feel comfortable with.

Is Hunter Wellies Good For Big Calves?

Yes. Hunter wellies are suitable for big calves. Hunter wellies do not come small by any means, they are always in big sizes, and their sizes often tend to be accurate.

Hunter boot wellies have been known to fit very comfortably, even people with big calves with no hindrances whatsoever.

Opt for wellies that have an adjustable strap around the back. If you do not fancy wellies, that will it snug on you so that you can adjust the straps to the fittings of your liking.

How to Clean Your Wellies Properly

Wellies should be cleaned regularly and immediately after using them. Usually, cleaning them with just water and a cloth should be enough,

but if they are too muddy, you can consider using hot soapy water, a soft bristle brush, or a toothbrush to get rid adequately of the mud from your boots.

How to Dry Your Wellies Properly

Wellies should be air-dried, do not dry your wellies directly under sunlight as this can cause the color to fade and damage the rubber of your wellies.

Another of soaking up water from your wellies after air-drying it, which is a bit wet,

is to stuff newspaper into them; this will soak up any moisture left behind in your wellies.

Wellies for Wide Calves

How Should Wellies Be Styled?

If you have got wellies and you are looking for ways to have them styled with your clothing, then search no further.

You can either wear jeans or a skirt and tights with your wellies, ensure your jeans are long enough to your ankles, then rock your boot with them.