6 Best Western Saddle For Arabian Horse

Best Western Saddle For Arabian Horse

Since Arabian horses have different body shapes, we have compiled a good selection of Western trail saddles to fit your Arabian.

Arabian horse’s skirts are shorter with wider gullets and a bit more curve, just as your horse was designed.

Best Western Saddle For Arabian Horse

Arabian Trail Saddle 1931

You should try this gorgeous new Arabian saddle by South Bend Saddle Co if your horse needs a full withered fit.

It’s aesthetic to the eyes and is completely functional with its fiberglass reinforced wood tree. The flower and border tooling will look great on your horse.


15″ 15.5″ 16″ Dakota Arabian Horse Saddle 5319

This is yet another classic Arabian saddle from Dakota – this 5319 will keep your horse, you, and your finance happy in the long run!

This quality piece regardless of price features a traditional black Arabian-designed saddle with a short round skirt and fiberglass-covered Arabian tree.


What makes this more unique is the silver trim and laced cantle binding add some extra character to this saddle.

The suede seat adds additional security while a laced Cheyenne roll 3” cantle adds the additional pop we love to see on our saddles!

15″ 16″ American Saddlery Austin Arabian II Saddle 921

The Austin Arabian II is a durable and comfortable saddle that boasts brass spots, a padded seat, and a shining deep finish.

This saddle is available in 15” or 16” seats, make sure you get a good look at this American Saddlery winner.


Best Western Saddle For Arabian Horse

15″ 16″ American Saddlery The Antar Arabian Saddle 915 916

This traditional yet classic American Saddlery Arabian Saddle lets you enjoy comfort and flexibility.

This 4” cantle provides a deep seat that gets you the level of security you need.

Available in chestnut or medium oil, this hand-stamped border tooled saddle is for you!

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5″ 16.5″ Big Horn Synthetic Arabian Saddle 115 116 283

Borne out of the need to ride the best western saddle for Arabian horse – shorter skirt, wither clearance, and less twist in the bars.

For extra strength, this saddle is covered in fiberglass.

The short, rounded skirt makes this saddle a good choice for the shorter-backed horse.