3 HIGH RATED Western Saddle Pad Brands in 2022

To help simplify your search, I’ve reviewed the three best Western Saddle Pad brands.

Everyone on own the horse voted for these three brands for western saddle pads:

Weaver LeatherWeaver Leather Contour Pad$151.15 – $276.18Best Overall
Diamond WoolDiamond Wool Contour Felt Ranch Pad$109.95 – $136.72Best Value
ECP Equine ComfortECP Western Saddle Pad$69.95Best Features

Best Western Saddle Pads Brands

Each of these saddle pads offers the needed comfort and support that your horse saddles require when they become sweaty from staying on your horses’ back for some time.

5 Best Western Saddle Makers

Weaver Leather Contour Pad

The Weaver remains one of the most popular western saddle pads. This saddle pad is produced from fleece wool.

Although fleece is wool-like and offers better performance and aeration, this one is built for quality.

It supports better performance and aeration. Plus, has moisture-wicking qualities that make breathability better.

The pad’s material is herculon and improves durability and resists mold and mildew.

It takes almost no effort to clean and it dries out fast. The pad is 32”x16” and 1-inch thick that absorbs impacts and shocks.

It’s a rectangular-shaped pad that is best suited for working activities, aggressive riding, and average riding.

Best Western Saddle Pad Brands


Cleaning is simple

Mildew and mold resistant

Material wicks away moisture

Herculon material ensures durability for long days on the trail.

Overall Impression

Suitable for all forms of horse riding activities, the Weaver Leather Contour Pad offers quality and longevity.

This is one standard saddle pad you can count and rely on.

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Diamond Wool Contour Felt Ranch Pad

The Diamond Wool Contour Felt Ranch Pad is a cheaper alternative to people on a tighter budget but still looking for a breathable saddle pad.

This saddle pad makes use of thick wool for cushioning that ensures high-level shock absorption.

The thickness takes the pressure off your horse, allowing the horse to reach its full potential.

Thick wool also supports breathability. Besides, wool features a high resilience and elasticity, as it is a super-strong fiber.

It easily meshes with your horse’s hair and prevents slippage in any case.

Other features include a wither relief notch, distressed leather, and a contoured spine.

You won’t be disappointed if you buy this Diamond saddle pad.


The price range is affordable

It reduces slippage

It has wither relief features

Has high-level shock absorption

Overall Impression

The Diamond Wool Contour Felt Ranch Pad is the solution for people searching for a breathable pad at an amazing price.

ECP Western Saddle Pad

If you need a saddle pad that is great with some contour correction features, then ECP Western Saddle Pad is the no.1 choice.

The contour correction features of this saddle pad enhance your horse’s health.

It has memory foam that is shock-absorbing and is super effective. This foam keeps your horse’s back protected from damage when riding, especially in barrel racing and trail rides.

The foam material utilized in this soft yet breathable saddle provides the moisture-wicking ability.

The pads’ edges are smooth and round and will help prevent rubbing against your horse’s hindquarters leading to irritation.


Its memory foam contracts and expands were needed to fit your horse’s shape

It boasts of Moisture-wicking ability

Highly shock absorbent

Rounded pad suitable for short horses

Overall Impression

The ECP Western Saddle Pad boasts many features that keep your horse protected from any irritation and damage.

High-Quality Equestrian Saddles


Irrespective of the horse riding activity type that you choose to do, having a good saddle pad for your horse is important.

Your horse can only reach its greatest potential when it is comfortable.