5 Best Western Saddle Pad for Sore Back that WORKS!

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A sore back is no fun at all, even to humans. Your equine performance potential may be negatively affected. But, thanks to a wide range of paddling options, you can beat down the stress on your horses’ backs.

We’ve decided to list our 5 favorite saddle pads that prevent and repair back issues while you ride!

Best Western Saddle Pad for Sore Back

Fleeceworks Perfect Balance Halfpad

Many a time, a sore back can be linked to an incorrect saddle fit managed for long usage, as many do not have the budget to purchase a custom saddle for each horse.

I found myself in these shoes last week when I turned to the Fleeceworks Perfect Balance Half pad to help me out.

Not only does the full fleece lining help push pressure off my horse’s back, but the removable inserts will aid in the correction of the fit of many saddles; providing your horse with a customized feel for a fraction of the cost of a new saddle.

Fleeceworks comes with different options you can pick from. That means no matter your horse type, you will get a perfect fix!

I opted for the full fleece with rolled edges in white with memory foam inserts, but wool inserts are available as well.

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Acavallo Withers Free Gel & Memory Foam Half Pad

This Acavallo’s withers-free pad with its signature gel and memory foam composition prevents wither rubs.

The signature gel and memory foam composition make this saddle pad very comfortable and encourage the cushion of a half pad.

The Acavallo’s therapeutic soft gel not only helps to keep your keep saddle in place but also aids in the alleviation of the impact stress on your equine’s back.

The memory foam in this pad aids in evenly distributing pressure throughout your horse’s back during your ride.

And with so many options available out there, you can always get one that suits your needs.

Ecogold’s Coolfit Pad

This Coolfit pad helps keep your horse cool in the heat of the summer. The following options are available – jumper, dressage, hunter, and cross country options.

This pad features Ecogold’s smart textiles that react in your hoses back and aids in the reduction of overall temperature, causing a comfortable ride for your horse.

Ecogold’s material absorbs shock and allows for airflow. This pad is a must-have if you want to ride in the long, hot summer days.

It features the brand’s frictionless and secure systems to keep your saddle in the right position.

Best Western Saddle Pad for Sore Back

Thinline Hunter Sheepskin Edge Saddle Pad

Finding the best western saddle pad for sore back provides maximum comfort for you and your horse.

The shimmable pad makes adjusting saddle fit a breeze and with its shaped wither profile and spine free channel, your horse’s back will be free to move as it needs.

This pad Ultra Thinline panels provide 95% shock absorption and a non-slip saddle fit. With the sheepskin edge, you get the look of a full sheepskin pad but without the bulk, maintenance, and high price tag.

Draper Equine Therapy Saddle Pad

This pad comes in all-purpose, jumping, dressage options and aids in the regulation temperatures and wicks away moisture from your horse’s back while at work.

The pillowy soft material is the perfect saddle pad for horses with sensitive skin and provides you some peace of mind knowing that your horse can remain comfy all through the ride.

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