Best Western Saddle Pad Liner in 2022

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So, you already own a saddle, a saddle pad but still want more comfort?

Why not pick one of our recommended top-performing Paddle Liners for Western Saddle?

Best Western Saddle Pad Liner

With no further ado, let’s get right to it:

Diamond Wool Felt Pad Liner 32X32

The Diamond Wool Pad has been amazing on our two rescued horses.

One came into our sanctuary with some scars gained from saddle bruising his sensitive back in abusive homes.

To keep their backs well-padded and comfortable alongside breathability, we use Diamond Wool Pads.

My other one used to buck a lot, we tried the new diamond wool pad liner 32″x32″ size,

and it made his sensitive back super comfortable while still fitting really well under my show blanket.

That solved the bucking issue, just like that. There are different sizes you can buy too.

In the end, the Diamond Wool Pool is both comfy for both horse and rider.

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Best Western Saddle Pad Liner

Mustang Contoured Wool Pad Liner

The Mustang Contoured Wool Pad Liner 1/2” wool comes with a reinforced contoured backbone and cinches buckle cutouts with a kidney-shaped insert for extra protection under the bars.

The specs include: Size: 30″ x 30″ x 1/2″ with approximate 1″ insert

NRS 5 Star 1/4 32 x 32 Pad Liner

This isn’t my favorite on the list but is “okay”.

When I had my product delivered, it was full of burs and stickers. I took out some time to pick all of the debris out of the pad and now that I tried it, it was just okay.

I wonder why it wasn’t cleaned before it was delivered. If you want better options, go for the first two on the list. A cheaper alternative is this third option.

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