5 Best Winter Horse Riding Gloves [Fingerless & Thermal included]

Best Winter Horse Riding Gloves

Thermal horse riding gloves will keep your hands well warm, while also allowing your palms to breathe so you can avoid sweaty situations.

Also, whichever best winter horse riding gloves are picked should sufficiently grip and feel good on the reins irrespective of the weather.

An advantage of buying fingerless horse riding gloves is that they are mostly good fits and most are waterproof.

It’s not a must to pick waterproof horse riding gloves but it certainly is a bonus!

Best Winter Horse Riding Gloves

We have spoken to some professional horse riders, trainers, and yards to put a range of products to the test in a busy yard environment, and here are the results:

Uvex Sportstyle Winter riding gloves – Best Waterproof Horse Riding Gloves

These gloves are super comfy and did not feel bulky to ride in, even with winter lining.

They offer lots of protection from cold weather, the wind and keep your hands extremely warm.

It is safe to say that the thermal feature of this winter riding glove for horses is rated 9/10.

However, they do come up a bit on the small side.

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Just Chaps all-purpose riding gloves – Best Stylish winter Riding Gloves for Horses

The gloves looked really good and I think they’re a steal at the price they come at.

I love the stylish design as compared to the typical winter gloves that are either too thick or way puffy for my taste.

Being one of the best winter riding gloves for horses means it stood up to regular wear really well and still looks smart.

Mountain Horse Comfy gloves – Best Thermal Horse Riding Gloves

The Mountain Horse Comfortable fits you perfectly and is extremely comfortable.

Personally, I found no problem wearing them all day around the yard and lungeing.

However, at times, they may prove too chunky to ride in if you’re aren’t used to heavy shoes.

My friend had to take hers off for a while so she could do something quickly.

They are amazing at keeping hands warm.

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Ariat Insulated Tek Grip gloves – Best Winter Riding Gloves for Riding Gloves

The Ariat Gloves fits really nice and has been made to fit closest to your normal size.

They do feel quite thick at times, and are super comfortable and fitted very well.

They’re comfortable in the colder weather and they keep off the cold when working/riding in the wind.

Best Winter Horse Riding Gloves

Hy5 Storm Breaker thermal gloves – Best Fingerless Horse Riding Gloves

These thermal horse riding gloves are comfortable to slip on and fit nicely.

Depending on your taste, you might find them too bulky to ride in as it was hard to get an effective grip on the lens.

But, they were great for wearing on the yard and you can use a touch-screen phone without taking the gloves off.

Equetech Aurora winter riding gloves – Best Winter Horse Riding Gloves

The Equetech Aurora winter riding gloves are thin enough to keep your riding smooth while still being comfortable to wear.

Plus, they keep the wind out while being waterproof (in some cases).

You can wear them for riding, lungeing, and general yard duties.