5 Best Winter Riding Boot for Horses [UK, US, Canada]

5 Best Winter Riding Boot for Horses

You can ride all year long – including winter! Getting the best winter riding boot for horses is the first step to achieving this.

Many of the best winter riding boots for horseback riding are insulated and waterproof, providing you with additional protection for wet and cold climates.

Don’t let cold winter weather keep you from riding! You can ride all winter long with some additional preparation and gear, including winter riding boots designed specifically for the season.

The best winter riding boots are a waterproof and insulated version of your everyday riding boot, offering extra protection for cold and wet climates.

Here is what you want to look for in a quality boot and some great options we highly recommend.

Best Winter Riding Boot for Horses

Best Winter Riding Boot for Horses

Whatever horseriding winter boots need to meet the standard horse-riding boot requirements and provide extra protection for winter riding.

The Thermal winter riding boots here rise to the challenge:

Ariat Bromont Pro Tall Waterproof Insulated Tall Riding Boot – Best Winter Horse Riding Boot

This is rated #1 amongst the class of winter boots because of the thermal insole and great waterproofing.

Have you tried the Ariat Bromont H20? This is a newer and improved version of it. They are supportive, hard enough to take on the roughest cold-weather conditions, and are stylish as well.

The Ariat Bromont Pro boots are created to guarantee comfort and stability with all safety you’d expect in any horse-riding boot.

The Primal Loft Insulation will provide warmth to your toes while still being nice on them.

Ariat features a great line of tall all-weather boots and paddock boots.

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Ariat Women’s Windermere II H2O BootsBest Elderly Winter Riding Horse Boot

This is yet another great boot from the Ariat line. The Windermere country boot is a solid multi-purpose offering.

This top leather boot offers a waterproof and breathable membrane that keeps your feet comfortable and dry too.

They lack a lining, but they are great for early or late-winter or more temperate winter climates and provide an attractive price point.

Mountain Horse® Devonshire Tall Boot – Best Mountain Horse Winter Boots

The Mountain Horse Devonshire Tall Boot is a 100% waterproof boot that keeps you dry during the majority of wet conditions you face.

This boot is made with a leather barn boot that is waterproof and is built for comfort too.

The Devonshire boot is aesthetically pleasing and has a tech insole that guarantees super comfort whilst still absorbing shock.

Women’s Terrain H20 Insulated Boot – Best Women Winter Riding Boot for Horses

The Ariat Women’s Terrain H2O Insulated Boot is a paddock boot that withstands harsh winter conditions and is great for riding as well.

These boots perform well and are the perfect all-terrain boots. They are moisture-wicking and come with Thinsulate insulation for warmth with less weight.

These top winter riding boots for horseback riding will provide your feet warm and keep them dry, even in the coldest of winters.

Ariat Women’s Keswick Waterproof Boot – Best Winter Riding Womens Boots for Horses

The Ariat Women’s Keswick Waterproof Boot has proven to withstand whatever the weather throws at it.

The acid-resisting and breathable waterproof membrane construction guarantee it can withstand harsh environments.

This boot is pretty to look at and is crafted from complete-grain leather and nubuck 4LRT technology that provides high-class cushioning and support.

Ariat Men’s Terrain Waterproof Boot – Best Winter Riding Boot for Horseback Riding

Leading in the class of best men’s horseriding boots for winter is the Ariat Men’s Terrain Waterproof boots offers the best wear resistance and water protection that we have seen.

These are built for endurance riding and can take on any terrain. They are made for stability and all-day comfort with all of the safety features included.

TuffRider Child’s Lexington Waterproof Tall Boots Best Children Winter HorseRiding Boots

The TuffRider Child’s Lexington Waterproof Tall Boots are a perfect fit for younger equestrians. They also serve as the perfect barn boots for kids!

These boots offer complete waterproofing at a fair price point, keeping your kids safe from all weather conditions.

They are beautiful and come with a comfortable rubber sole and a drawstring top.

The TiffRider Lexington boot is also available for men and women. No matter what your size is, this horse boot has a fit for you.

Picking a Good Boot Will Increase Your Riding Enjoyment

Riding in the winter has its own dangers and risks, but you can ride in whatever weather as far as you and you’re equine are well prepared with the correct gear.

This means getting amazing pair of winter riding boots is a must.

We have tried our best in supplying you with winter riding boots for horse’s review.

You should feel free to ask your questions about any of these products.

What to Look for in Winter Riding Boots

Winter riding boots are specifically made to keep your feet warm and dry in the face of colder winter temperatures.

They also include the regular safety features the typical boots provide, including a sturdy toe and a small heel to keep your feet safe from sliding through the stirrup.

You should ensure they fit well and are comfortable too.

In summary

Winter riding boots come with a bunch of different materials, such as synthetic leather, leather, and rubber.

Although they may be water-resistant or waterproof, they also need to be breathable and just as comfortable as any other boot.