Buddy Seats for Horses Review – Is it Safe?

Buddy Seats for Horses Review

Buddy Seats for Horses Review – Is it Safe? 

Buddy seats for horses are fairly new to the scene and today we’d be reviewing one – The Ride Along 9″ Buddy Seat Kid Saddle Western Saddle Attachment!

Quick Features of the Buddy Seat for Horse Riding Attachment

It is perfect for your kids

It is really comfortable for little ones too

It is sturdy and your kids will love it!

Simple to take on and off

Note: Ensure your horse will/can accept weight further back. As soon as you put it on a horse and tightened the straps, it will last the whole trail ride without even moving or shifting.

This horse riding buddy seat is what you’re looking for! It is simple to saddle for even your youngest kid to ride along with you.

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The handle keeps he/she steady and the stirrups are simple to adjust. THE SADDLE will fur them room to grow until they can ride solo.

Buddy Seats for Horses

How To Attach A Buddy Seat To A Saddle

The “Buddy Saddle” fits nicely behind the cantle at the back of the adult-sized saddle and is intended to allow a child to ride with an adult.

The synthetic saddle seat is deep and it allows the child to be secured behind an adult.

This saddle is said to be controversial and the producer has placed a warning with the product.

Ensure the horse is totally accustomed to the sensations of the saddle and the child’s weight behind the regular saddle, as this area is highly sensitive for many horses.

Ensure you use proper desensitization techniques with the buddy saddle for horses.

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Sudden pressure, unbalanced weight (from a shifting/wriggling child), and high-pitched or loud noises made by the child may scare the horse and result in injuries.

Be aware of horse and child behavior and the inherent risk of riding.

  • Before saddling, check the cleanliness of tack and saddle; objects or dirt under the buddy saddle may lead the horse to handle it dangerously. Check the soundness of tack being used and reply damaged ones. Saddle the equine as normal before attaching the buddy saddle.
  • Check the cleanliness of horse and tack before saddling; dirt or objects under the buddy saddle may cause the horse to react dangerously. Check the repair and soundness of all tack being employed. Saddle the horse as usual before attaching the buddy saddle.
  • Next, set the swell (pommel) of the buddy saddle against the western saddle cantle. Draw the front straps of the buddy seat through the corresponding cinch end rings and through the buckle clips of the buddy saddle straps.
  • Check by making sure the buddy saddle’s position is evenly balanced as any common saddle. Also, check the tightness of the straps.

Note: You should only use this saddle with a horse that is both calm and seasoned. Only riders with experience should use this equipment, as a result of their ability to read the horse and act in quick response to emergency situations. Many states make it a law that children under the age of 18 must wear a safety helmet when mounted.


The Buddy seats for horses do not guarantee the safety of a child that is not a well-balanced rider and who is not mature enough to protect himself in a fall.

As the saddle position is behind an adult, the rider cannot catch or hold a child before he/she falls.

A lot of children will not make an attempt to protect or save themselves from falling and can cause loud noises which may scare the horse even further. The child may fall in spook and could be trampled or kicked by a scared horse.

Over to you, what do you think of Buddy’s seat for horses? Do you think Buddy seats for horses are a great invention?