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calico horse trailers reviews

Calico horse trailers no doubt are one of the most affordable horse trailers you can get for your horse this year.

Personally, I own a 3G Gooseneck and they are really affordable (almost half the price of an aluminium) and have many custom options. Mine is extra wide and tall and it fits 3 TB’s comfortably and still has a big dressing/tack room which I have camped out of on several periods.

Calico Horse Trailers Reviews

Customer 1: Mine has got windows on the horse head side and the regular open slays on the butt side, which works nice for great air flow while still having the option of closing the windows on the horse’s head during cold/rainy weather.

I recommend you to get it.

Customer 2: So far, it has held up well and it pulls fine. However, it should get the option of rubber mats on the walls.


Customer 3: I am very satisfied with my calico stock trailer. It is simple, nothing I cannot handle and never faced an issue with it.

As expected, being a steel trauler, it will rust but there is a trick to slow this down or even totally avoid it.

The primary agent responsible for Calico horse trailer rust while compiling this Calico horse trailer reviews is the paint.

The paints seem to rather fade too soon. Back in 1999, my parents ordered one as a good basic starter trailer. Fast forward to 2003, it needed to be repainted, so instead of spending that money, they decided to upgrade to an aluminium trailer. It was gray colored so it was quite glaring that it is rusting.

Customer 4: A good trailer and as regards the rusting, all steel trailers will eventually rust. If anyone tells you that their steel trailer cannot rust they are telling a false statement. The level of rust on steel hugely depends on the owner of the trailer.

A guy that drives 25 M.P.H wit mud flaps on his truck will have lesser rust than the guy that drives 50 M.P.H down a gravel road without mid flaps on his truck. The secret is treating your Calico steel trailer as well as you treat your truck, so that it can last longer or as long as your truck.

calico horse trailers reviews

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Customer 5: For those complaining about paint. The truth is that you need to look at the modern Calico and not the “ancient ones”. They have greatly improved their product since early 2000 and I am a testimony of that product.

Part of their additions include : 10 ply radial tires, additional seam sealer, window guards, improved windows, embossed aluminium diamond plate gravel guards, 6″ radius roof, new oval tail lights sealed inside heavy upright post, and several other items.

Customer 6: From experience, I believe they have the best trailer on the market for the money. Yes, there are more prettier trailers out there, but they cost several hundred to more thousand in price.

Customer 7: I sold my Calico three-horse slant last year May. The primary reason it was sold was because it turned into an oven when the temperature outside rose anywhere near 90 degrees *or* if I hauled all three horses.

Summers in Kansas can be brutal. As the other posters have said, the slant load was a bit narrow, even for my Arabians.

Other than that, it was a good trailer.

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Customer 8: We used Calico for 8 years after we bought it new. It was fine – no maintenance problem or other issues. However, we only used it lightly. We did notice the difference in our horse’s attitudes and reaction when we finally switched to our dream Sundowner. I can say that the ride in the Calico was not nearly as smooth as we originally thought. They are much more willing to load, are relaxed and are less anxious on the Sundowner.

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