Can A Horse Carry A 300 Pound Person? – The Truth!

Can A Horse Carry A 300 Pound Person? Well, Speaking about horse riding, you tend to find it fascinating and eventful if you are above 250 pounds.

Your safety as a rider and that of your horse is paramount. Therefore, it is advised you follow the 20 rule, your horse should comfortably work with you if you’re just 20% of his actual weight.

As most horse riders and owners consider their weight before purchasing or riding a horse, riding position and balance are two important factors to consider before you purchase your next horse; most especially when you are heavyweight.

Is 300 Pound Person Heavy To Ride A Horse?

A 300-pound person might not be heavy to ride a horse if he is 20% of his total weight.

That a specific horse breed is built to carry heavy-weight riders doesn’t mean that all horses in his type will be capable of the same tax.

The horse breeds that perfect dice with heavyweight riders are Shire horse, Irish Draught, Percheron, American Quarter Horse, and the Highland Pony.

To know if a horse is ideal for a ride, considering your weight and position, ensure he is seven times larger than your weight.

The height has nothing to do with the capability, another thing to note is the strength encrypted in his legs, this is quite important.

A few horses could perform amazingly well than the way they seem to look. Hence, you will need to have intimate communication with your trainer to have a definite conclusion.

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Can A Horse Carry A 300 Pound Person

Best Horse Breeds For Heavy Riders

Horses with large sizing will be preferable for heavyweight riders. This will create an amazing comfort system for both the rider and the horse himself.

Consider a large horse if you weigh more than 250lbs. A long-legged horse does not necessarily mean it is ideal for you as a heavyweight, sturdiness is the key.

Below are the horse breeds that suit your weight:


This horse range between 16-18 hands, ideal for large riders, for pleasure and show sake they’ve become more famous than “NAME.”

Clydesdales got a calm temperament that makes it nice for horse riding of any sort.

Weighing around1600-1800 pounds, a rider within 320 pounds with 40-pound saddle weight inclusive will find it ideal.


Not only are Shires large in size, but they are also incredibly powerful, and extremely calm.

Not so known for riding, but they are excellent as a friend for your saddle.

With an estimated weight of 1,700 or 2,000 pounds, they can comfortably cater for a 340-pound rider (as your saddle takes the tens on it).

Shires are good for both amateur and professional riders.


Popularly known for their powerful, graced, beautiful, and excellent features, a total of 1360 pounds do make up their weight.

Hence, ensure you are 230 pounds with a 20-pound saddle for an amazing experience.

Friesians are ideal for driving division, hunt seat, dressage, western, saddle seat- their versatility is extremely obvious here.

Conclusively, not all horse breeds can comfortably ride with 300 pounds, because weight, balance, and directions, are important aspects to consider before you set your saddle on a horse.

In Summary

The 20 thumb rule is essential to be considered in this case.

Ensure, you’re just 20% of the total weight of your horse, and asides from this, there are specific horse breeds ideal for heavyweight riders,

do a sort to them for an excellent experience. I trust you find this helpful, right?