Can Horses Eat Bread Rolls? [White, Brown, Ryte, Brown]

Can horses eat bread rolls? Yes, horses can eat plain bread but not other bread types (lie garlic bread, poppy seeds bread and chocolate bread).

Plain bread is bread that is produced from 4 simple ingredients – what flour, yeast, salt, and water. It is safe because none of these ingredients will cause discomfort to equines.

You can feed plain breads on occasions or only as treats because it does not have high nutritional value. This is why it should not be substituted for a large part of their daily feed.

Can dogs eat Yorkshire pudding?

There’s no way bread can replace commercially formulated grain.

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Can You Feed Your Horse Bread?

Sure! As far as the bread is made with water, wheat flour, yeast, and salt. None of these elements will harm your horse, and It can largely contribute to caloric intake if fed in large quantities.

In Australia for example, feeding horses slices of bread is a common treat. For a lot of people, it is common as giving apples and carrots.

With that in mind, a horse may get “snack amounts” i.e one or two slices or up to 6 slices as a treat and, usually, no more in a day. The amount of bread is so little compared to the grain intake of horses being hand fed grain.

I feed my horses one litre scoops of grain daily (in spate meals). Put into that perspective, the grain in bread is negligible.

Can horses eat bread

Is it Safe to Feed My Horse Bread?

If fed in small amounts, yes. However, when fed in large amounts could results in problems.

The high starch content in bread may not be “the best” when fed in large quantities.

Note: It is not a custom to feed wheat grain to horses because of the high gluten content. The issue with wheat gluten balling up in the intestinal tract or in the stomach and leading to colic (blockage) is not an issue with feeding bread because the heat of baking and yeast have changed the gluten starch.

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The caution with plain bread, as with any feed for horse, chaff, hay, is mould. DO NOT FEED HORSES MOULDY BREAD, this can get them extremely ill and be life-threatening.

Personally, I like to give bread when my horses obey. I do this once or twice a week and so far, there has been no harm to their health and I know a lot of other people who do the same.

There are no health concerns for feedings snack amounts of multigrain, whole meal or white bread for equines. It’s not something that should form the primary basis of a diet, and neither should carrots or apples either.

Can Horses Eat Moldy Bread?

No! Never feed your horse mouldy bread. Horses cannot digest mycotoxins or mold that the mold contains.

If horses ingest mold, they encounter illnesses and disorders.

Can Horses Eat Raisin Bread?

Like other fruits safe for horses, feed raisins only in small quantities and ensure they are seedless. If you are unsure if the raisins in the bread are missing or present, DO NOT FEED IT TO YOUR HORSES.


Because horses cannot properly digest raisin seeds. The end result is abdominal pain.

We have answered – Can horses eat bread, let’s see if horses can eat whole wheat bread.

Can Horses Eat Whole Wheat Bread?

Yes! They can be fed wheat bread due to the alteration to the gluten-starch by the heat of baking and yeast. This is why it is better than whole grains,

Without this alteration, there would be an high chance the wheat grain could ball up in the intestinal tract and trigger blockages.

How Much Bread Should Be Given To Your Horses?

From research, experience and publications, it is not wise to treat horses with a high amount of bread regularly or as treats.


Your horses can be fed bread offered in little or infrequent serve.

Says, 1 or 2 slices of bread is the perfect number.

In conclusion

Yet “Yes” is a great answer to the question “Can Horses eat bread?”, only as treats in small quantities (fed once or twice a week).