HOW Can Horses Eat Pears, it’s Seeds, Core & More – SEE HERE!

Healthy horse can safely eat pears as far as you feed in moderation!

However, horses with HYPP (or Hyperkalemic periodic paralysis) should stay away from pears as treats.\

Note: Never feed pears too much or incorrectly.

Are Pears Safe for Horses?

As natural foods, Pears aid digestion and are packed with nutrients for horses. So, you horses can enjoy a healthy treat of pears. But, you should always feed sparingly, in moderation of course.

In small amounts, pears are safe and do not have any ill effect on the digestive system of horses.

Big chunks can pose as choking threats to horses, so ensure you always feed pear fruit in small, easy to swallow pieces, especially for quick eaters.

How Healthy Are Pears for Horses?

Unlike processed horse treats, sugar cubes or factory processed equine treats, pears (being natural) are safer treats that comes packed with various nutrients.

For starters, pear comes along with antioxidant, calcium, potassium, and magnesium!

The Antioxidant contained in pears work best for boosting the immune system of equine’s that eats them. Need I add that it contains fiber to keep your horse’s digestive system in top working order?

Can Horses Eat Raw Pears?

Horses can be fed raw, uncooked pears, in moderation of course. Raw pears are perfect and safe for horses to eat as a treat.
Pears does not require cooking or boiling before they can be served to horses.

Can Horses eat Whole Pears?

Whole pears should never be fed to horses. Instead, get a knife and cut up the pear into smaller pieces before feeding it to your horse.

Can Horses eat Unripe Pears?

Yeah, but in small amounts only.

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Can Horses Eat Pear Seeds?

Although a large number of people from the horse community would tell you to avoid feeding pear seeds to horses, I would recommend feeding only a few to them.

That is because pear seeds have substances that can produce small amounts of natural cyanide, an harmful substance that in larger amount can be harmful to all humans and animals.

Note: For it to pose any threat, it would take a larger amount of pear seeds, but to avoid the danger altogether, you can avoid feeding them to your wild babies.

Can Horses Eat Pears

Is a Pear Core Safe for Horses to Eat?

No, it is not. The core of a pear is hard to chew, digest and pose as a choking hazard to horses.

Are Pear Tree Leaves Safe for Horses?

Although harmless when consumed in small amounts, pear trees and leaves have been proven to cause gastric distress in horses and even lead to colic, a potentially fatal digestive illness in horses.

Can Horses Eat Cooked Pears?

Sure, you can feed them cooked pears (when it is cooled) and sugar has not been added. Pears, naturally contain high amounts of sugar, they really need not get more.

Can Horses eat Canned Pears?

While they can eat canned pears, horses would be safer and healthier eating uncanned horse treats. Canned pears typically contain sugar and preservatives that aren’t best for horses.

Are Pears Good for All Horses?

Pears is safe for all horses except those that suffer from insulin-resistance disorders. If you have a horse that suffers from this, you should take it off your list of acceptable treat options.