Can Horses Eat Popcorn? Find Out

Can Horses Eat Popcorn

To find out if your horse can eat popcorn or not, read on below.

Can Horses Eat Popcorn? 

Yes, horses can eat popcorn but only in small quantities; as treats. My sister’s horse loved the smart loves the smart food popcorn but she doesn’t feed them a lot of it.

Note: Horses digestive tracts aren’t mean’t to deal with people food. So, go easy on them.

 Can Horses Eat Popcorn Kernels?

I would not recommend feeding popcorn kernels to your horse in general.

Corn is extremely high in NSC and is not a good feed for horses at all. But, as a little treat, especially well processed (as I would class popped).

Corn kernels in small quantities would not hurt your horse unless it is highly sensitive, Normally, it wouldn’t be an issue at all, whether flavored or not.

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Can Horses Eat Popcorn

Can Horses Eat Popped Popcorn?

Yes, some horses do eat popcorn.

But, popped corn’s starch become gelatinized that boosts absorption in the small intestine. This makes it better than feeding regular corn.

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Can Horses Eat Unpopped Popcorn

Do you mean popped corn, right? A handful or two fed as a treat will do no harm. However, like any form of treat, avoid overdoing it.

Unpopped corn isn’t bad for them, but the preservatives and salt might not be so good, that is why you shouldn’t give them a lot.

Can Horses Eat Popcorn with Froot Loops?

Hahaha, froot loops? Yes, you can feed in tiny quantities, there’s likely no danger and likely no worse than giving them any other hose type cookies, junk foods or other sweet food. If you’re in the habit of using treats consistently for training, or such, I’d advise you use a healthy horse treat though.

I feed mine their pelleted ration balancer as training treats, with the odd diced carrot as a special.

So, can horses eat popcorn? Yes, but only in small quantities.